Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock Class Guide 

Warlocks in Baldur's Gate 3 are a unique bunch who get their powers via a patron. They also can recover spell slots on short rests.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Warlocks are powerful damage-dealing characters that harness the magical power granted to them by their patron. Unlike sorcerers with their innate ability and wizards with their intellect, warlocks get their power via their pact with powerful entities.

Warlocks use Charisma as their primary spell-casting ability like Paladins do. As such, they have an advantage in skills related to dialog and speech. What’s more, is that they can recover spell slots with a short rest so they can reset quickly.

Warlock hit points  

Hit points are essentially how many points of damage you can take before you die. The Warlock’s hit die in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a 1d8. At level 1, the maximum health they can have is 8 plus a bonus granted to them from their Constitution modifier. At each subsequent level, they can get 4 hit points per level plus their Constitution bonus.

Warlock class action 

Warlock only has 1 unique action known as Eldritch Blast cantrip. It is unique to the Warlock but other classes can get it depending on how they are built.

Warlock fighting style 

A class’ fighting style comes from their training and practice with martial arts after which they develop their own style. This is the case with the Fighter, Ranger, and Paladin classes. However, since Warlocks gain their power via their pact from their patron, they don’t develop their fighting style. They typically take on the role of an offensive caster in a party.

Warlock Proficiency  

Proficiency in Baldur’s Gate 3 means equipment, skills, and saving throws a class is good at. Mechanically, it means they will be able to properly use these things and have a bonus in them. The Warlock class can wear light armor, wield simple weapons, and choose their proficiencies from a list of skills.

Armor: Light Armor

Weapons: Simple Weapons

Saving throws: Wisdom, Charisma

Skill Proficiencies: Choose any 2 of the following  

  • Arcana  
  • Deception 
  • History 
  • Intimidation  
  • Investigation  
  • Nature  
  • Religion 

Warlock Sub-classes  

Sub-Classes are further specializations that a particular class can have to further hone their abilities and power. The Warlock class has a total of 3 subclasses available to choose from at the start of the game. Basically this means what kind of creature you struck a pact with. These 3 classes are different from each other in their utility and gameplay.

The Fiend

In ‘The Fiend’ Sub-class, you have struck a pact with a powerful hellish creature. This gives you power over destruction. This sub-class gives you spell abilities that deal massive damage. You will also receive a Blessing known as the “Dark One’s Blessing”. This grants temporary hitpoints when you defeat a creature.  

If you are using the Fiend sub-class and build in BG3 you will have access to 2 exclusive spells. 

  • Burning hands 
  • Command  

The Great Old One  

The Great Old One sub-class, shrouded in mystery, you have made a pact with an entity that lives in a different realm. The true magnitude of power that this deity holds is unknown, and you have only managed to borrow some of it.  

These strange power give you command over the thoughts and the mind of other beings. A power, like its owner, shrouded in mystery. 

By playing as this subclass, you also gain “The Mortal Reminder” feature. Any enemies that fail their save throws against you become frightened. This makes them skip a turn and run away. This is very useful and powerful for crowd control. 

The Archfey  

You have struck a deal with species that are the precursors of the mortal race. They are called Fey, also called fairies in modern terminologies. They are powerful beings that have control over nature. You have made a pact to the lord or a lady of these species. 

While using the Archhey sub-class you gain an exclusive action named the “Fey Presence”. This ability charms or terrifies nearby foes.  

While using the Archfey build and sub-class, you unlock 2 exclusive spells 

  • Faery Fire 
  • Sleep 
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