Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Wyll Build Guide

Wyll is a companion in Baldur's Gate 3 that you can recruit early on, so knowing about its best build is essential for you as he can help you from the start.

You must recruit Wyll by completing Baldur’s Gate 3 Blade of Frontiers quest before you can move toward his best build. Wyll is one of the most potent companions you can have in BG3. He is also known as the Blade of Frontiers hero, and his preferences are also to spread good and crush evil.

Wyll is from the Warlock class with the Human race, which makes him quite versatile. You will find him at the start of Act 1. When you see him, he will only have a Rapier, Leather Boots, and Padded Armor. We will now see which subclass you should use and what equipment is best for Wyll build in BG3.

Best subclass for Wyll in BG3

When you have completed the companion quest for Wyll, you will find that his class will be Warlock, with the subclass being the Fiend. Other than the Fiend subclass and build, the warlock class has the Archfey and The Great Old One.

Of the three subclasses, the Fiend subclass is the best for Wyll build in Baldur’s Gate 3. This subclass focuses on dealing as much damage as possible. It also provides more resistance and immunities so you can take a beating without worries.

The Fiend also has the Dark One’s Blessing, giving you additional health points when you kill an enemy. You will also get the Eldrich Blast, the primary source of damage dealt.

You can choose the Archfey and The Great Old One subclass besides this subclass. The Archfey subclass and the build around it in Baldur’s Gate 3 is mainly focused on deception and trickery. You will have spells that deal distraction among the enemies.


This subclass also comes in handy by providing bonuses in persuasion and intimidation rolls. Finally, the Great Old One subclass deals in Mind controlling spells. This subclass will have spells that can turn enemies onto each other, and during conversations, you can easily read minds in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Best equipment for Wyll in Baldur’s Gate 3

Wyll is a Warlock with the Fiend subclass, which deals fire damage. You will find that the Warlock class deals a lot of damage through spells. Some spells, such as the Eldrich Blast, are potent and will be frequently used.

He also has high Charisma, Constitution, and Dexterity. All of this makes him an ideal spell caster. However, you will need some armor for him to survive the fights and emerge victorious.

Melee Weapons

At the start of BG3, you should look for the Staff of Crones. This uncommon Magic weapon will give you a Ray of Sickness. This spell will cause the recipient to get damaged by poison.

You can also find the Infernal Rapier in Baldur’s Gate 3. This is a powerful weapon that does piercing damage to enemies. This weapon is made for spellcasters, adding spellcasting proficiency instead of dexterity to your attacks.

Finally, you can choose the Rapier +1, the improved version of the current Rapier version. This also deals piercing damage, just like the Rapier, but you can deal more damage with it.

If you are in the end-game stage and are looking for a weapon for Wyll, you can choose the Markoheshkir. This weapon has the Arcane Enchantment, which provides a bonus on Spell attacks and saves during combat. You will also get the Arcane Battery. The Arcane Battery will help you cast the next spell for free.

You can also find and use the Halberd of Vigilance. This Halberd provides an advantage on perception checks and bonuses on initiative rolls. You also get a gift when you attack roll as a reaction.

Finally, you can choose the Incandescent Staff, which provides bludgeoning damage to enemies and grants you resistance to fire damage; you will also get the Firebolt and Fireball spells. The Fire bolt deals 1 to 10 fire damage while the Fireball deals 8 to 48 Fire damage.

In the end, if you haven’t found any weapon for build till level 3 of Wyll in BG3, you can use the Pact of the Blade, which lets you use any weapon by first summoning them through magic.

Ranged Weapons

Wyll is a spell caster, and given the class you have, you can cast spells that deal ranged damage to enemies. Some spells, such as the Eldrich Blast, a Fiend-specific spell, can send out a fire bolt that deals fire damage in a large area.

You also get the Fire bolt, or Fireball spell if you have the Incandescent staff. These spells also deal heavy fire damage to enemies. Besides this, you have simple weapon Proficiency, including ranged weapons such as Dart, light crossbow, short crossbow, and sling.

If you want to find a ranged weapon for Wyll, select the Darkfire shortbow. This shortbow will increase your resistance to Cold and fire damage. This shortbow also allows the shooter to apply Haste and gain another action that can change the tide of war.


Now the essential part of the gear is the armor because you get simple protection from damage and modifiers and resistances to elemental damages. The following are the best armor pieces for Wyll build in BG3.

Head: Helldusk Helmet

BG3 Helldusk armor will help you see through all darknesses with a 12m range. You cannot be blinded, and neither can enemies get a critical attack on you. You will get a bonus on Saving Throws against spells.

Cape: Cloak of the Weave

This cape will offer a bonus on attack rolls, and Spell saves. When on short rest, you can also absorb elemental damage; the next elemental attack will deal half the damage. Finally, you will deal additional damage when you use the same elemental attack on the enemy.

Chest: Potent Robe

The Potent Robe chest piece is excellent for Wyll build in BG3 as it will increase your Cantrips damage depending on your charisma modifier. You will also get additional health depending on your charisma.

Gloves: Quickspell Gloves

The Quickspell Gloves provide the Quickspell Flinger. Those Cantrip spells that cost action will cost a bonus action instead. Now you can also use other spells after using this one. You can use this effect after every short rest.

Boots: Disintegration Night Walkers

Disintegration Night Walkers will cancel all movement limiters such as Enwebbed, Entangled, or Ensnared. You will also not slip on grease or ice and get Misty Step once per short rest.

Amulets: Amulet of Greater Health

The Amulet of Greater Heath will increase the constitution to 23, increasing health.

Rings: Killer’s Sweetheart and Shifting Corpus Ring

These two are the best Rings for Wyll build in Baldur’s Gate 3. When you kill an enemy, you can land a critical hit on the next one. This effect can be reused after a long rest. When you equip the Shifting Corpus Ring, you will get access to invisibility spells and Blur Spells.

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