Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Karlach Build Guide

Making the best build for companions like Karlach in Baldur's Gate 3 can always be tough if you don't know the best combinations.

Baldur’s Gate 3 features a lot of companions to choose from during the game’s storyline, and Karlach is one of them. Karlach proficiencies lie in the frontline close-range combat.

This is due to his relation to the Barbarian class, which gives him decent damage-resisting abilities. If you just want to fight enemies, choosing the right build for Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3 is your best choice.

Best subclass for Karlach in BG3

While progressing through the companion storyline in Baldur’s Gate 3, once you reach level 3 in Karlach, you will then get an option to choose your subclass from the following:

  • Wildheart
  • Berserker
  • Wild Magic

The best subclass to choose for the Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Berserker. Before we tell you why this subclass is the best for Karlach, let me give you a little background on the Race of Karlach.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Karlach belongs to the Zariel Tiefling race, and one of the features of this race is Hellish Resistance. This means that their blood provides high resistance to various damage such as Fire and Abyssal.

This damage resistance alone makes them a good fighter in Baldur’s Gate 3. As Berserker is, a class focused mainly on close-range fights, choosing this for Karlach will improve more of his abilities.


Due to Enrage ability of Berserker, Karlach will get a +2 damage increase on top of normal damage for 60 seconds.

While fighting big bosses in Baldur’s Gate 3, they will sometimes put a status effect on you, which can devastate overall HP. Karlach can get away with that due to the Berserker’s immunity to various status effects such as fear, hold, maze, and sleep.

Talking of short-range melee Proficiency, they also have pro skills in weapons such as daggers, hammers, and axes. Summing up, choosing Berserker for Karlach will make him a better fighter.

Best equipment for Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, choosing a weapon and armor for Karlach will make a massive difference in how you fight. Also, selecting the weapon while looking at your subclass proficiencies will make a lot of difference in overall damage.

Melee Weapons  

In Baldur’s Gate 3, choosing the best melee weapon for Karlach will significantly benefit his build in BG3. Due to his close-range damage-resisting abilities, Karlach can make a lot from the following weapons.

  • Greataxe
  • Greatclubs

Greataxe is best for BG3 Karlach build as it allows him to rage very quickly and also allows him to deal good damage to enemies. While in rage, Karlach can avoid getting inflicted by the status effects, and deal double the damage.

Another good weapon choice for the Karlach is the Greatclubs because they deal good close-range damage. Greatclubs also provide agility due to their low weight, meaning you can permanently damage the enemies.

Ranged Weapons

If you have chosen the Berserker subclass for Karlach in BG3, you cannot benefit significantly from the Ranged weapon. You can deal damage if you fire these weapons but cannot benefit from the additional resistance from incoming attacks. The best-ranged weapon for Karlach is:

  • Heavy Crossbow

The only reason for choosing Heavy Crossbow for Karlach build in Baldur’s Gate 3 is that its projectile will not only deal damage but also enrage enemies at the same time. This means you can maintain distance and take advantage of all the damage resistance from enraging enemies.


As Karlach belongs to the Barbarian class in Baldur’s Gate 3, they can take advantage of additional damage if you don’t wear any armor. This is due to their Unarmored Defense ability, which will not work if you wear heavy armor as it hampers rage.

You can get away with light and medium armor if you still want to wear armor. As for the best armor for Karlach build in Baldur’s Gate 3, the following are the best ones.

  • Half Plate Armor

Aside from protecting against all incoming attacks, the best part of choosing Half Plate Armor is its agility. As a melee fighter, you can still move freely and have the necessary protection. Also, this armor does not hamper the rage needed for additional damage resistance.

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