How To Disable The Steel Watch In Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur's Gate 3, Disable the Steel Watch is a quest that will see you liberate some slave Gnodians and retrieve the only friendly mind flayer in the process.

During Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will find yourself doing Disable the Steel Watch quest. This quest is a part of much larger “Get Gortash’s Netherstones” quest in the game. This quest will pit you against one of the three main antagonist of the game, Lord Enver Gortash and his army of Steelwatchers.

In this guide, we will look at all the ways you can start Disable the Steel watch quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. This is a very difficult quest which requires both finesse and strength. Before starting this quest, we recommend that you have party members with haste, portal and misty step spells.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Disable the Steel Watch walkthrough

First thing first. How you can actually start this quest. There are basically three ways to complete this quest. Accepting Orin’s offer to side with her against Gortash, siding with Wulbren against gondian and finally just stumble across the Steel Watch on your own. In all three cases, you need to find Steel watch.

Create Runepowder bombs

If you decide to side with Wulbren by following his quest line through previous acts, you can simply approach him and ask for help. He now lives in Rivington and is the leader of Ironhead Deep gnomes. He will welcome you gladly and upon proper persuasion will offer Runepowder bomb, enough to destroy Steel Watch.

First, you need to find Steel Watch Foundry in BG3. You may use the Grey Harbour docks waypoint to help you reach the Foundry. Then you may lockpick the main Gate and advance further into the premises.

You will encounter the Steel watchers surrounding the Foundry in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can defeat them or try sneaking past them to the Gate by using invisibility potion. A cutscene will start showing Gondian Lowa asking for relaxation in her work at the Steel Foundry.


Find and talk to Zanner Toobin

To get to Zanner Toobin, first you need to defeat the first wave of Bane Cultists. Once defeated, they drop a device known as Motivator. You need to disable this device, or it will end up killing all gondians inside the Steel watch by detonating their collars. Then take a left into the Steel Watch Foundry until you reach the Security office. You have to lockpick it by successfully passing the checks.

Navigate the area, and you will find Zanner Toobin close by. He is a blind gondian and will brief you about gondian families held captive by Lord Enver Gortash. You can offer him a helping hand by taking the right options in the conversation; in return, he will you that he’ll help destroy this place.

After that, you will unlock another quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 named “Save the Gondians.” Your objective will be to find the prison and free the prisoners from there.

Find the Underwater Prison and save Gondians

After that, take the staircase leading you below in the security office towards the Lab level, where a short battle takes place where you have to kill the second wave of Bane Cultists aka Steelwatchers.

Afterward, locate a “Vessel Identified” document that will clue you into finding the prison. The document lies on a shelf, and you can find by climbing the ladder near Control Centre Antechamber. Then travel back to Flymm Cargo and kill the enemies that are present there.

After that, enter the Cargo and proceed left, and you will find the basement entrance. Get into the basement. Go straight ahead until you find yourself a submersible. Talk to the guard and persuade him to take you to the prison, also known as the Iron Throne.

After taking the submersible, a cutscene will show Lord Gortash warning about the repercussions if we ever go near the Iron Throne in Baldur’s Gate 3. After getting into the Iron Throne, you must save as many hostages as possible by locating and exploring the location, unlocking the doors, and enabling the hostages to dash straight toward the submersible.

However, it is not easy, as multiple Sahuagins will spawn in your attempts to carry the hostages to rescue. They will fight and hinder your cause. You also have to save Duke Ulder Ravenguard in this quest. You will get only 6 turns to save everyone inside Iron Throne prison. We recommend that you save Duke Ravenguard and Omeluum on priority basis. Save as many Gondians as you can. If you are having difficulty, change the difficulty to explorer to get 8 turns and tone down enemies a bit.

After saving as many as possible, you can depart from the Iron Throne. Later a cutscene will play that showing Iron Throne getting destroyed. You may talk to the survivors as well.

Disable the Steel Watch

Move back to the Steel Watch Foundry with your team and the saved Gondians. You will find yourself in another battle as the Gondians rebel against their masters. Make sure to disable all the Motivators that Steelwatchers drop once defeated. After defeating the opponents talk to Zanner Toobin. He will inform you about the Neurocitor and tell you to lead him there to disable the Steel watch in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Go to the Steel watch chamber by taking the staircase in the Security Office. At the Lab Level, locate Hahns Rives, retrieve the control lever key from his dead body, and unlock the Control Centre Antechamber. If you have the runepowder bomb at your disposal, you can simply use it at this point.

Guarding the Chamber is another giant boss known as The Titan. he is another Steelwatcher and has massive HP and attack power. Brace yourself to fight him until he is dead. Defeating him might take a while, but it is achievable. After that, talk to Zanner Toobin once more.

Then a cutscene showcasing the destruction of the Steel Watch Foundry will be shown, and you will know that the watch is destroyed. Once you go outside, you will notice Wulbren standing there with his gnome army and wanting to kill the remaining Gondians that you saved. You can broker a peace treaty at this point, but you can only recruit either Gnodians or Gnomes during Gather your Allies quest in the end.

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