Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard Class Guide 

The Wizard class in Baldur's Gate 3 revolves around wielding Arcane abilities to perform wondrous things. They spend countless hours...

The Wizard class in Baldur’s Gate 3 revolves around wielding Arcane abilities to perform wondrous things.

They spend countless hours gaining knowledge about the arcane and wielding powerful magic spells. Spells that can quickly turn their enemies to dust. And support their allies if need be. A wizard’s main ability score is Intelligence.

The wizard class differs from sorcerers and warlocks. Unlike them, who either have an innate magical ability or use borrowed power, wizards use their sharp and cunning intelligence to use the powers of the arcane. This makes the arsenal of a wizard’s magical prowess formidable and reliable.

However, wizards are squishy and cannot take much punishment. They are better suited to sticking toward the rear of the party and supporting the front liners with their spells.

Wizards Class hit points 

Hit points are, essentially, how many points of damage you can take. The Wizard, being a caster class, can’t take much punishment in Baldur’s Gate 3. As such, their hit die is a 1d6. They start off with 6 hit points plus the bonus from their constitution modifier. At each subsequent level, they’ll gain 4 hit points plus their constitution modifier bonus.

Wizard Class Action

Wizards have the Arcane Recovery class action that allows them to recover Baldur’s Gate 3 spell slots while out of combat. You cannot recover spell slots above level 5. And you’ll need to long rest after using it to recharge.

Wizard fighting style 

A Wizard is the main offensive caster of the party. As such, their fighting style will always be the spells they can wield. Compared to Fighters, Paladins, or Rangers that spend time learning how to fight and developing their own style, Wizards study the arcane arts. As such, they do not get to choose a fighting style.

Wizard Proficiencies

You can consider proficiency as what items you equip and use for your character. Different classes have different proficiencies. This means you can not equip your character with something they are not proficient in. 

There is also something known as skill proficiency. This refers to skills your character will be good in and will receive a bonus whenever there is a check. 

These are the particular proficiencies of the Wizard Class. 

Armor: None 

Weapons: Daggers, Quarterstaffs, and Light Crossbows 

Saving throws: Intelligence, Wisdom

Skills: You can choose any 2 skills from the following: 

  • Arcana  
  • History  
  • Insight  
  • Investigation  
  • Medicine  
  • Religion  

Wizard Sub-classes 

Sub-Classes are further specializations that a particular class can have. Sub-classes are unlocked in Baldur’s Gate 3 by leveling your character up.


The Transmutation school teaches you how to modify things like energy and matter, by the use of spells. By using transmutation, you’ll be able to modify physical objects around you.

Your chosen spells will reflect this as well since you’ll be able to wield the ones that deal with modifying things around you.

There are 2 sub-class features in transmutation  

  • Transmutation savant  
  • Experimental alchemy  


Conjuration is a school that teaches you how to conjure, beings and and objects out of nothing. By using this sub-class, you will be able to summon creatures to fight on your behalf.

As you level up, you’ll be able to teleport yourself in the blink of an eye. Or, you could blind your enemies making them unable to strike. 

This sub-class has 1 subclass feature and 1 action feature: 

  • Conjuration Savant 
  • Minor conjuration: Create Water 


Abjuration is a school that focuses on banishing evil and protecting the weak. This subclass assists in you becoming a support. You can counter spells and give powerful protection shields that heal allies. This subclass works best alongside a cleric or a paladin.

This sub-class has 2 features 

  • Abjuration Savant  
  • Arcance Ward 


Divination is the ability to tell prophecies. To look into a person’s past and future, and to tell them of the inevitable. The school of divination focuses on its students being able to sculpt time itself.  

The Divination subclass has 2 features:  

  • Divination savant  
  • Portent  


The necromancy school teaches the wizard how to be a master of death in Baldur’s Gate 3. A necromancer controls hordes of undead and manipulates their lifeless corpses to do their bidding. You will be able to use energy to change the essence of life itself.  

From resurrecting fallen foes to enhancing the life of an ally, a necromancer is a powerful force to be reckoned with. 

This subclass has 2 features 

  • Necromancy savant  
  • Grim Harvest  


Using the school of Illisions you’ll be able to cast powerful astral projection. These illusions will confuse your enemy. Using this illusion you’ll be able to distract enemies or cast powerful spells. This subclass works best alongside Rogues, Rangers, and other sneaky type characters.

The illusion subclass has one feature and one cantrip: 

  • Illusion savant 
  • Improved minor illusion  


In the school of evocation, you’ll be taught how to use and manipulate natural elements at your will. You can cast power lighting bolts to stun and damage your opponents. Or, you can cast firebolts that will wreak havoc on them  

Evocation Wizards have the largest arsenal of spells on hand out of all the subclasses. They are a good offensive support to the party.

Evocation has 2 features:  

  • Evocation Savant 
  • Scult spells 


In the school of enchantment, you’ll be taught how to imbue power into simple objects. An enchantment wizard hones their ability to entrance people and monsters alike. They hold powers over minds and hearts and manipulate them for their goals.

Enchantment has one feature and one action 

  • Enchantment Savant  
  • Hypnotic Gaze  
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