Lies of P Merchants Locations

Traders of Krat have a variety of wares to sell.

Merchants are important NPC characters that you will get to meet and purchase common and special items from in Lies of P. These can be found at different locations in Krat, and you might stumble across some of these near Stargazers during your missions as well.

However, locating each of the Merchants can be an arduous task, and you may have a hard time finding some merchants that carry the items you require. So read on as I have listed all the Merchants along with their locations in this Lies of P guide

All Merchant locations in Lies of P

The main merchants in Lies of P are within the hub area, Hotel Krat. However, there are also some unique merchants that you can encounter as you explore the other areas of Krat. These include five Wandering Merchants, a Black Market Vendor, Test Subject 826, and possibly Alidoro.

Each of these Merchants will have 2 to 3 common items (like Thermite, etc.) and a large portion of other items that are unique to them. So, if you require that specific item, then you will need to visit that specific merchant in Lies of P. Lucky for you, we have included the inventory of each merchant in Lies of P so you know who sells what.

Wandering Merchant 1 (Cerasani Alley)

You will encounter the first NPC merchant at the Cerasani Alley Stargazer. So before you head over and fight the Parade Master, you can meet with this wandering merchant first. He will appear next to a circus stall and will be wearing a box-type backpack.

Furthermore, this merchant will be holding a lantern so you can approach him and speak with him in Lies of P. You then check his inventory, and he will have some of the following items listed for sale:

  • Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 priced at 248 Ergo
  • Fable Catalyst, priced at 400 Ergo
  • Greatsword of Fate, priced at 300 Ergo
  • Puppet’s Saber priced at 300 Ergo
  • Wintry Rapier priced at 300 Ergo
  • Electric Blitz priced at 250 Ergo

Wandering Merchant 2 (Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard)

You can find another Wandering Merchant by activating the Stargazer at Hotel Krat and using it to travel Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard.

Once you get there, you can go outside the room and find a Wandering Merchant near an old black and white painting. So after you talk with him, you can view the items for sale in Lies of P.  These will include:

  • Quixotic priced at 10,000 Ergo
  • Throwing Cell priced at 280 Ergo
  • Attribute Resistance Ampoule priced at 180 Ergo
  • Electric Blitz Canister priced at 390 Ergo
  • Electric Coil Stick priced at 1200 Ergo
  • Gemini’s Iron protection is priced at 390 Ergo

Malum District Black Market Trader

After you teleport to the Malum District using the Stargazer at Hotel Krat, enter the Red Lobster Inn. Turn right and go towards a large shelf containing some barrels. There, you will find a ladder, so climb it to reach the upper floor.

There, you will find the Black Market Trader next to a bookshelf, so go to him and speak with him. During his conversation, he mentioned that the bosses are really strict and choosy about the people he sells his items to. Moreover, he will also inquire if you are with the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. So you can either

  • Bribe him
  • Find the Smiling Bunny
  • Show him the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Mark

This way, you can view the items the Black Market Trader has for sale. Keep in mind that unlocking this merchant can be resourceful for you as he will have a lot of items for sale compared to the rest of the Wandering merchants you encounter. He can even sell you an infinite amount of certain items like Throwing Cell. Some of these items will include:

  • Sawtoothed Wheel priced at 90 Ergo
  • Someday priced at 3800 Ergo
  • Arc Shock Cartridge +1 priced at 4200 Ergo
  • Bramble Curved Sword Blade + Handle priced at 2000 Ergo
  • Acid Abrasive priced at 620 Ergo
  • Electric Blitz Abrasive priced at 620 Ergo
  • Fire Canister is priced at 550 Ergo
  • Throwing Cell priced at 400 Ergo
  • Carcass Body Fluid Bottle priced at 400 Ergo
  • Shot Put priced at 470 Ergo

Wandering Merchant 3 (Lorenzini Arcade)

Apart from the first two wandering merchants, you will find another one at the Lorenzini Arcade. As usual, if you have activated the Stargazer at Hotel Krat, then you can use it to reach this location with relative ease.

Once you get to the Lorenzini Arcade, you head right and continue to move onward toward the sound of a piano. This way, you will reach an empty fountain and will find the wandering merchant on the right side in Lies of P. Moreover, you will also get the Arcade Underground Passage key at this specific fountain as well.

You can then interact with the merchant and select the purchase option to view the items he has for sale. These will include:

  • Attribute Purification Ampoule priced at 260 Ergo
  • Shadow Flower priced at 10,000 Ergo
  • Indomitable Amulet priced at 2400 Ergo
  • Circular Electric Chainsaw priced at 3200 Ergo
  • Fire Canister priced at 390 Ergo
  • Fire Abrasive priced at 440 Ergo
  • Thermite priced at 280 Ergo

Wandering Merchant 4 (Krat Central Station)

If you travel to the Krat Central Station, then you will discover another wandering merchant there, in Lies of P. However, this specific merchant will be present on the first floor in the Abandoned Apartment, Stargazer.

So, you will need to activate that Stargazer if you want to visit this wandering merchant at any time during your playthrough. This way, you can then take the stairs on your right and enter the room to find the merchant on your left. Once you meet with this NPC character, you select the purchase option and view the following items:

  • Cluster Grenade priced at 297 Ergo
  • Memory of Beach is priced at 9000 Ergo
  • LADA Large Capacity Radiation Converter+1 priced at 5940 Ergo
  • LADA Large Capacity Insulation Converter+1 priced at 5940 Ergo
  • LADA Large Capacity Corrosion Resistance Converter+1 priced at  5940 Ergo
  • Military Shovel priced at 3500 Ergo
  • Legion Caliber priced at 3600 Ergo
  • Acid Canister priced at 351 Ergo

Wandering Merchant 5 (Arche Abbey Broken Rift)

In Lies of P, you will be able to discover a fifth wandering merchant at the Arche Abbey Broken Rift area. So, after reaching this place, you will need to navigate through some enemies and continue onwards until you reach a ladder. Climb onto it and clear the enemies on the upper floor, then continue ahead to find a chest at the end. This particular chest will contain the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel.

Once you have this item, you can talk to Venigni. Once he decrypts the vessel, continue onwards by traveling to the Abandoned Apartment to solve the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel. There, you will come across a wandering merchant wearing a box backpack in Lies of P. Show him the Frozen Feast weapon, and you will receive the following items

  • Red Fox’s Hunting Apparel
  • Quartz

Test Subject 826

You can venture to the Arche Abbey Outer Wall stargazer and climb the ladder next to reach the top floor in Lies of P. Then take the stairs and continue onwards until you reach another ladder. Climb that one as well and proceed towards the right side.

Then, you can access the elevator to reach the upper floor, and once you exit it, go left. Midway, you will find a hooded fellow next to a large brazier of fire. Speak with him, and then you can use the High-Level Alchemist Badge to open the front doors of the Arche Lobby. After that, you will need to defeat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P.

Once you have done that, you can travel to Rosa Isabella Street Entrance and make your way towards the bridge near the Opera House. There, you will meet Test Subject 826 again, but this time, he will be fulfilling his role as a merchant in Lies of P. You can check the items he has listed for sale.

  • Saw Blade priced at 330 Ergo
  • Carcass Crystal Axe priced at 3700 Ergo
  • The White Lady’s Hunting Apparel priced at 5000 Ergo
  • Sawtoothed Wheel priced at 60 Ergo
  • LADA Disruption Cartridge priced at 2300 Ergo

Venigni / Pulcinella

If you travel to the Venigni Works Control Room and meet with Venigni, he will ask you to keep an eye out for his Butler. Defeat Fuoco and bring Pulcinella back to Venigni. After that, they will both return to Hotel Krat.

Return to Hotel Krat, and in the open space opposite Eugenie’s workshop, you can see Venigni and Pulcinella standing around. Interact with him again, and as you saved him earlier, he will reward you with a Grinder Modification Tool.

If you look towards his right, you can meet with his butler, Pulcinella, and he will be the merchant that you are looking for in Lies of P. In his inventory, you will find the following items for sale:

  • Motivity Crank priced at 800 Ergo  
  • Electric Blitz Grindstone priced at 1000 Ergo
  • Balance Crank priced at 800 Ergo
  • Advance Crank priced at 800 Ergo
  • Technique Crank priced at 800 Ergo


You can meet Polendina, who serves as a receptionist and a Merchant as well at Hotel Krat.

  • Fable Catalyst priced at 400 Ergo
  • Legion Magazine priced at 250 Ergo
  • Attribute Purification Ampoule priced at 480 Ergo
  • Special Purification Ampoule priced at 420 Ergo
  • Attribute Resistance Ampoule priced at 400 Ergo
  • Special Resistance Ampoule priced at 360 Ergo
  • Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant priced at 3120 Ergo

Alidoro/Explorer Hugo

Alidoro is one of the major NPC merchants that you will interact with quite often in the game. This specific merchant can be found on the top floor of the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library in Lies of P. So take the elevator to reach that floor and after meeting him you can suggest he stay at either Hotel Krat or Venigni Works. Later on, as you progress, Alidoro’s location keeps changing.

Where he is, you can bring him the Boss Ergo that you will obtain after defeating enemy bosses in Lies of P. In exchange for the Boss Ergo, you will be able to gain a special item in the form of a weapon or amulet. etc.

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