How To Get Ghost Walk Amulet In Lies of P

Walk through deadly attacks as if they are nothing.

Ghost Walk Amulet is one of those special amulets that can only be obtained after you defeat specific enemy bosses in Lies of P. Once you are successful in doing that, you can use the boss Ergo and exchange it for special items from Alidoro or Explorer Hugo’s shop.

The Ghost Walk Amulet allows you to evade an enemy’s Fury attacks in Lies of P, and this can be really resourceful for your build. These Fury attacks can be identified with their Red aura and are powerful, extremely delayed, and not telegraphed at all. This means that you would need to memorize every boss’s fury attack to time your Perfect Guard in order to survive boss fights in Lies of P.

Luckily, the Ghost Walk Amulet saves you that hassle, as it can make your job easier by avoiding such fury attacks if you are struggling with their timing.

Lies of P Ghost Walk Amulet location

The Ghost Walk Amulet can be exchanged for the Puppet Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo in Lies of P. So you will need to defeat the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster first. You will encounter this boss fight in Chapter 8 near the Barren Swamp Bridge.

How To Get Ghost Walk Amulet In Lies of P

Keep in mind that the Green Monster of the Swamp boss fight won’t be easy, and it will be split into two phases. At the start of the fight, you will need to maintain your distance and use ranged attacks to inflict damage on the Green Monster of the Swamp.

Once the fight enters the second phase, this enemy boss will lunge at you and use a variety of deadly attacks at you. So let the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster finish its attack, and then you can time your counterattack to inflict a nice chunk of damage onto this enemy boss in Lies of P. Eventually, you will be able to bring down Green Monster’s health significantly.


So once you have struck the final blow onto the Green Monster of the Swamp, you can collect its Ergo is Lies of P. After that, you will need to meet with Alidoro or Explorer Hugo at Hotel Krat and check his inventory.

You can exchange Puppet Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo for either the Ghost Walk Amulet or Two Dragon’s Sword. If you are struggling with fury attacks, I will suggest ignoring Two Dragon’s Sword and buying Ghost Walk Amulet. You can get the sword later while doing an NG+ run of Lies of P.

How to use Ghost Walk Amulet in Lies of P

After you have purchased the Ghost Walk Amulet in Lies of P, you can then select it and place it in one of the amulet slots. Once equipped, the amulet will work passively, and you won’t need to press any button to activate it.

Since, by default, Fury Attacks can’t be dodged, you need to rely on Perfect Guard or Parry. But now that you have the Ghost Walk Amulet equipped, a simply press of the dodge key will allow you to evade an enemy’s red fury attack without worrying about the parry timings.

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