Lies of P Elysion Boulevard Walkthrough

Elysion Boulevard is the first main area you enter in Lies of P after completing the prologue and reaching Hotel Krat to find Geppetto.

After meeting Sophia and others in Hotel Krat in Lies of P, you are tasked with finding Geppetto, your creator. The residents of Hotel Krat will tell you that he went towards Elysion Boulevard and now you must follow in his steps to reach him. Take the Lies of P Elysion Boulevard entrance key from Sophia and start your journey across the land.

How to complete Lies of P Elysion Boulevard

Exit from the Krat Hotel and you will find yourself on a bridge. Head on straight and you can get the Elysion Boulevard Entrance Stargazer on your way. you will see a railcar hanging and falling, but it won’t crash on you so head on freely.

From the stargazer, jump down the railing on the left and take out the two enemies here. You can also find a Throwing Cell here. Climb the stairs and continue ahead.  There will be a few more enemies on your way.

After you pass under the arch, turn left towards the wagon. There is an enemy on the wagon who will jump down and attack you. Defeat the enemy and pick up the Vivid Ergo Fragment. The gate here is a shortcut you will unlock later on in the game, so just go back to the intersection and head towards the right path.

In the alleyway ahead, you will meet your first ranged puppet, who will be shooting at you and is backed up by a dog and two basic puppets. These ranged attacks do deal high damage so avoid them at all costs. Since you have the Puppet String Legion arm, you can just pull this one puppet and kill it quickly.

At the end of the alley, you can find a chest, the first chest of the game, right next to the stairs, and open it to get the LADA F150 Frame. This item can be equipped to increase your physical defense.


As you get up the stair set, you will find a dead end. To proceed, you need to head into the small corner with the giant light on it and climb the ladder.

Elysion Boulevard Rooftops

On the scaffolding right in front of you, there is a puppet right at the corner. Defeat the puppet, and keep an eye out for the pesky ranged puppet here across the street. After you defeat this second puppet, proceed to the end of the scaffolding and collect Gemini’s Emergency Protection.

Next to the ranged puppet, you can find a Sawtoothed Wheel and a mechanism to drop a ladder to unlock a basic shortcut from the stargazer.

Now head to the other end of the scaffolding and you will come face to face with one of the game’s mini-bosses. Even though the puppet is just a mini-boss and you will face a number of those in your game, this early on it is a major threat and you should take it as one.

You can either use this interaction to practice perfect parries, something that will be immensely useful or just defeat it the regular way. Defeat this Hotel Manager puppet and proceed. Defeating the mini-boss gets you a Star Fragment and a Throwing Cell.

Head inside the house from which the puppet just came out of and a single puppet will be standing with it’s back turned towards you. This is a ruse to make you feel safe. There are two other puppets in the room so stay vigilant. From the door here, there is another puppet that will attack if you get too close so keep your distance.

The door leads you to a small platform, made of planks connecting the two buildings. There is a single melee puppet here and a ranged puppet on the other side. Defeat both of them. Behind the ranged puppet, head into the dead end and pick up the Sharp Pipe, another throwable object, but tread carefully as a headless puppet is there to ambush you.

Now, look back at the building you just came from to spot an item on the thin scaffolding, the Electric Blitz Abrasive. You can run and get it before we proceed.

Lies of P Elysion Boulevard

Instead of going on, climb down the ladder next to the platform. Follow the street and defeat the lonely puppet here, and open the shortcut. Here, you can also find a Hidden Moonstone which can be used to upgrade your weapons. This is the shortcut that takes you back to the wagon, near the stargazer.

After the shortcut is unlocked, climb the ladder again, and on the roof, climb the small ladder onto the series of the roof ahead.

Here, there are some ranged puppets that will be throwing Electric Cells at you while you have to deal with melee enemies around you. If these electric cells fall on you, you will be inflicted with the first status ailment of the game you face, Electric Shock and if the bar is filled, you will take a shock and all attacks will deal additional damage, along with the damage you get from the infliction of the ailment.

These roofs will lead you around the buildings and lead to another building. From here, climb the ladder and onto the roof and take revenge on all those puppets who threw Electric Cells on you. On the roof, you can spot an item, but there is a hole in front of it so be careful.

Go around the hole and collect the Vivid Ergo Fragment, and then you can fall down the platforms and use a plunging attack on the clueless puppet here.

From here, head up the balcony and turn left to the other side of the building. Here, you can collect the Frozen Man’s Letter. There are also a few puppets here, but you can ignore them if you want to.

Now, you want to cross the balcony and face off against the mini-boss. The puppet is guarding a chest. Again, the mini-boss is not to be underestimated, as it can punch the life of you. Defeat the puppet and open the chest to get the Life Amulet. The Life Amulet will increase your total HP as long as it is equipped.

The next building will bring you to the House on Elysion Boulevard stargazer.

Lies of P House on Elysion Boulevard walkthrough

In the room next to the stargazer is a Wandering Merchant. This one is important as he sells you the Electric Coil Stick weapon, which deals electric damage and is perfect for all the puppets early on. From Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard stargazer, head out onto the balcony. However, don’t cross over to the other side just yet as we are going to find an easter egg for Sherlock Holmes here, his house 221b.

From the hole you just left through, turn right and walk over the plank to reach the rooftops on the other side. Elysion Boulevard House 221b in Lies of P will be on your right side once you cross over. However, you can’t seem to enter it just yet. For that, you will need to head to St Frangelico’s Cathedral to pick up a photograph.

Now back to the stargazer, head out the door and follow the path. Here, there is a single puppet looking over the balcony, and another puppet hiding there ready to ambush you. Defeat them and continue onto the blue roof. Here, you can rotate around the small attic and kill the electric cell puppet. Get down the attic and look over the building.

Lies of P Elysion Boulevard

Here, descend the ladder and interact with the window to talk to Toma. Toma will tell you he misses a friendly cop puppet. This activates Toma’s Faded Whistle side quest. Explore this lower area and collect all the items. Nothing major; you will only find some basic Ergo items and some cells. Nothing more.

The only major item you get here is the Workshop Union Standard Insulation Converter, which increases your damage resistance across the board.

Here, you will also see the traps for the first time. There are mannequin bodies on metal ovals. If you hit them, they will break and release an electric blast while the released electricity lingers around the trap for a while, dealing damage to both you and the other puppets. The only gate out of this area is locked, and it’s basically a shortcut that you will unlock later on.

After you have explored the streets, climb the ladder back up and from the room, and cross to the other side by a connection pathway. Here, you will see your first Dimensional Butterfly. Kill the butterfly to get useful items, in this case Star Fragment.

After you kill the butterfly, head into the room, and instead of climbing down the ladder, jump down on the small platform to the right and interact with the woman in the window. Now after you have talked to her, jump down and prepare to find a pain-in-the-ass puppet, the police-puppet mini-boss.

This is another difficult fight. This mini-boss’s attacks are fast and difficult to read. Defeating this boss will be a challenge, but defeating this mini-boss gets you the Police Baton weapon.

After you defeat the police puppet, head out of the compound onto the street, and turn left at the intersection to unlock the gate leading to the area we explored previously. From the gate, turn around and defeat the puppets.

As soon as you move, two more sword-wielding basic police puppets will bust out a door. Defeat these puppets and head inside the building these two puppets came from to unlock the elevator. This elevator takes you back to the Inside the House stargazer with the merchant still there.

Mad Donkey boss on Alchemist Bridge

Heal and level yourself up at the stargazer. After you are done, head back down the elevator and continue along on the Alchemist Bridge to start the Mad Donkey boss fight, marking the end of the Elysion Boulevard area in Lies of P. There are no other items to collect on the bridge, so you can just focus on the boss.

Roll around a lot during the Mad Donkey fight and make sure to dodge his flurry attacks. I actually found the Puppet Master to be a lot more challenging than Mad Donkey, so hopefully, you can defeat him with ease. Defeating the Mad Donkey will reward you with an extra Pulse Cell charge and Enigma Assembly Tool, as well as Mad Donkey’s outfit.

Once the Mad Donkey has been defeated, talk to Gepetto, and he will give you the Krat City Hall Courtyard Key in Lies of P. Using this key you can enter the next area, Krat City Hall.

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