How To Solve The Mechanical Cryptic Vessel In Lies of P

An extra quartz in Lies of P never hurts. Well, you can find it by solving Mechanical Cryptic Vessel puzzle by following our detailed guide here. Did we also mention a unique apparel in addition?

Mechanical Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P is a collectible that hides a secret of its own. Just like its sister cryptic vessels in the game, you first need to find the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel, decode it, and then solve its puzzle. This is a three-step process and sounds somewhat confusing. But fret not, we will take you through this cumbersome process with the help of our guide.

Before starting this mechanical Cryptic Vessel treasure hunt in Lies of P, we recommend that you keep Champion Victor’s ergo safe and don’t use it. Only use it to buy the boss weapon from Alidoro, the hound.

Where to find the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P

Mechanic Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P can be found deep within the Arche Abbey area. Start at the Arche Abbey Broken Rift stargazer. Head on the main path from the stargazer and descend the first set of stairs to your right. At the bottom of the stairs, head into the door to your left. Defeat the enemies you find in this room, and again enter the room to the left via an open door.

Here, players can find a ladder along the right wall. Climb this ladder to reach the platform above, and then turn right. Follow the platform to the end and head inside the door to your left.

There are a few enemies here guarding a chest. Defeat them and you can loot the chest to get the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P. Take the cryptic vessel to Venigni at Hotel Krat to decode it and find the hint inside.

How to solve the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel

Mechanical Cryptic Vessel puzzle solution takes you to the Abandoned House stargazer. From the Stargazer, head outside the house and cross the White Sign Bridge. Continue after the bridge and head up the stairs to your right. Again, cross the second White Sign Bridge.


This path leads you straight to the area shown in the picture for Mechanical Cryptic Vessel. Here, look around the area and you can find the Wandering Merchant. Before you interact with this merchant, you need to equip the Frozen Feast boss Weapon that you can exchange for Champion Victor’s ergo. With the weapon equipped, talk to the Wandering Merchant and collect the rewards.

For solving the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel Puzzle, players will get the following rewards:

  • 1x Quartz
  • 1x Red Fox’s Hunting Apparel

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