Lies of P Parade Master Boss Guide 

The Parade Master will be the first boss you take down in Lies of P. This enemy will set the tone for battles in the game.

Lies of P features some difficult boss fights that test your mettle as you progress through the game such as the one against the Parade Master. This is the first boss fight in the game. The boss wields a cage on his back with glowing red eyes and a long pointed top hat.

You will face him in the opening minutes of the game. If you are not well-versed with the intricacies of souls-like combat, you will struggle. Thankfully, this is one of the easier boss battles in the game.  

Lies of P Parade Master Location  

The path to the Parade Master is quite straightforward, and, in most cases, you will find him naturally as you play the game. Since the Parade Master is the first boss in the game, you will face him very early on in the game.

Make your way to the Ceransani Alley in the Krat Station area. This area contains the game’s second Stargazer. Directly in front of the stargazer are a series of stairs. Use them to go up until you come upon a locked metal gate. Beyond the gate, you should see decorations for a parade. Open the gate to start the boss fight.  

How to Defeat Parade Master in Lies of P 

The Parade Master in Lies of P is a giant hulking parade puppet with a cage on his back and a rotund red mechanical body that has gone corrupt. His most common attacks include a ground slam and a grab attack. Both of these attacks cause significant amounts of damage.

The Parade Master boss fight has two distinct phases. The second phase switches up his attacks quite a bit as he acquires a new weapon that gives him more range and increases his damage output quite significantly.  


Phase 1 

Like most bosses in the game, the Parade Master follows a pattern in how he attacks you. During phase 1, his attacks include grabbing, slamming, and belly-flopping. He will then perform a rush attack followed by a sideways swipe. During the first phase, your best course of action is to dodge and attack.

The Puppet Master recovers very fast after each of his attacks, so you do not have a very large window to attack. Every time he does either a grab, slam, or rush attack; dodge him and hit him with a quick attack. If you try to go in for a second slash, chances are he will be able to damage you.

Simply attack and dodge. He takes a bit more to recover after the belly flop. So prioritize that as your main window to attack.  

Phase 2 

The Parade Master in Lies of P enters his second phase when he slams down the cage present on his back. Be careful when he does this because this inflicts massive damage. Afterward, he will rip his head off to use it as a melee weapon, and his body starts filling with fire.

You can land a few blows on him as he is transitioning because he is completely vulnerable at this point. The attack pattern changes slightly during phase 2, but he gains a lot more range. The Parade Master has three main attacks in this phase; an overhead attack, a sweeping attack, and a grab attack.

His belly-flop attack returns in this phase as well. You will generally be following the same guidelines as in Phase 1. But you have to account for his increased range and damage output. Playing defensive once again is the right thing to do here.  

Repeat what you did in Phase 1, and eventually, the Parade Master will go down.

Lies of P Parade Master Rewards 

The Parade Master drops a few valuable items. Upon defeating him, you get 1852 Ergo. Additionally, you also get Quartz and Parade Leader’s Ergo. The latter can be used to gain an additional 5000 Ergo, while the former can be used later to acquire new abilities.  

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