Lies of P Abandoned Apartment Walkthrough

Abandoned Apartment in Lies of P is a desolate place full of monstrosities and petrification spreading crystals. In this guide, we will help you to traverse this dangerous place safely and reach the next checkpoint.

Abandoned Apartment in Lies of P is a part of Krat Central Station once you revisit it in the later game section. Apparently, the whole city is crumbling due to disruption caused by the crystals, and it is up to Pinocchio to make his way to Hotel Krat through this perilous place.

In this guide, we will take you through a brief section of Collapsing Krat, known as Abandoned Apartment in Lies of P. This area is full of carcasses, so we recommend a fire/blunt weapon before you proceed.

How to complete Lies of P Abandoned Apartment in Collapsing Krat

After repairing the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer in Lies of P, turn back and climb the stairs to the right. Enter the room to the left and collect Fairytale of the Three Brothers of the Workshop Tower book from the bar. Talk to the Wandering merchant standing to the left side of the room. He has a lot of items to offer but we recommend Military Shovel Blade/Handle for the weapon enthusiasts.

Open the big red door on the left side to trigger a cutscene. Apparently, the whole city is collapsing in Lies of P alongside the abandoned apartments. Turn right to go down the ramp and then turn right again. Cross the fallen signboard to destroy the crystal causing Disruption.

Make sure to do it as fast as possible. Collect Lover’s Letter from the ledge. Go back and continue your journey to come across another disruption crystal and two more carcasses. One of them will ambush from the right so be careful. Collect Resplendent Ergo Fragment from the closed alley. 

Go back and cross the signboard bridge once more. This time turn left and kill the enemies in your path. Keep going straight along the narrow ledge to the right to obtain Shot Put. Go back and turn right to cross the gap with the help of a fallen tree branch. There are two crystals here and one carcass to defeat.


Opening the Abandoned Apartment shortcut

To proceed through the Abandoned Apartment area in Lies of P, go up the stairs to destroy another crystal before you are attacked by a mini-boss. This carcass with tentacles is difficult to handle and deals a lot of damage if not taken care of early.

This mini-boss drops a Star Fragment that you will need to summon a Specter before boss battles. Keep going up and destroy the remaining disruption crystal.

Open the shortcut gate of Abandoned Apartment in Lies of P to the right before doing anything else. Now, go all the way back down and turn right to find the alley that we skipped on purpose earlier. Kill three disruption-spreading dogs here and collect Resplendent Ergo Fragment from a corpse.

Destroy both crystals in the area to be on the safe side. Go up the ledge and collect Saw Blade and Attribute Resistance Ampoule

Destroy the remaining crystal in the Abandoned Apartment area in Lies of P and collect Radiant Ergo Fragment from the ledge. Now all you need to do in this area is to return to the Shortcut door. There is an alley beside it. Enter the house in the alley and collect Vivid Ergo Fragment. Climb the stairs and go through the door. Destroy some boxes near a house and find Special Purification Ampoule.

Now go down the ramp and enter the next house. There is another mini-boss in the area. Defeat it to obtain an Arch Extra Heavyweight Frame. Also, collect Motivity Crank and Radiant Ergo Fragment. Go up the stairs and repair the Collapsed Street Stargazer. This completes the Abandoned Apartment in Lies of P and you can now proceed to Collapsed Street.

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