Lies of P Quartz Locations Guide

Getting the Extreme Potential trophy is a difficult task as it requires you to collect all possible Quartz in Lies of P.

Quartz is one of the many materials used in Lies of P. You will be able to upgrade both your active and passive P-Organ abilities and also change them with Quartz. There are 5 phases in your skill tree, each requiring using Quartz.

So, it’s important that you have enough of it in your inventory. Plus, you will be rewarded with the Extreme Potential trophy or achievement if you can find all the Quartz in the game.

Where to find all Quartz in Lies of P?

This is one of the hidden materials that are the essential parts of your journey. You cannot farm quartz, and neither can you get it as drops. Instead, it is found as dropped items by particular bosses. Below, we have given all Quartz you can find in Lies of P:

Quartz#1: Krat Central Station

You will find the first Quartz during chapter 1 of Lies of P. To acquire it, you must reach the Krat Central Station and defeat the Parade Master boss. He is the first boss you will face, so take him out and pick some Quartz up.

Quartz#2: Krat City Hall

You can find this Quartz after heading to the Krat City Hall during chapter 2 of Lies of P. Once at the location, you will encounter the Scrapped Watchman. Defeating it rewards you with your second Quartz.

Quartz#3: Workshop Union Culvert 

The Workshop Union Culvert is a location in Lies of P that holds all Venigni Works. You can access it from its main Union entrance. This is the same area where you will find the Black Cat and Red Fox duo. Once inside the culvert, head east into the tunnel-like passage.


Head into the opening on the right mid-way of the tunnel and walk through the entrance at the end. Head to the eastmost part of the area and come across a door you can unlock using the Trinity keys. Once inside the room, find a safe on the right. Break the safe and collect the Quartz.

Quartz#4: Workshop Union Culvert 

You can get some more Quartz from the Workshop Union Culvert by defeating the Puppet of the Future boss.

Make your way east of the earlier area while avoiding the large balls thrown in your way. Enter through the opening on the right and find the Puppet of the Future below.

Quartz#5: St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

You will visit the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel during chapter 4 of Lies of P. Once you have located the chapel, defeat the Elite Enemy to acquire the material. You will find the boss inside the chapel. Head upstairs into the broken area and follow the path below the chapel floor.

Head east of the area and use the ladder to head underground. Use the ladders in the area to reach the opposite side of the large wheels above. This will help you reach the opening above. Head west and up the slide with the large ball dropping onto you.

Use the western entrance to head upstairs into a room on the right. Use the stairs ahead to come across another wheelroom. Cross the section to the opposite side and find the Elite Enemy waiting for your arrival.

Quartz#6: Malum District

The next Quartz is found in the Malum District. You will visit this location during chapter 5 in Lies of P. This is the same area where you will find the Black Cat and Red Fox duo and join their team in search of the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

Head west from where you found the duo and go to the fireplace area. There’s a barn near the fireplace with a chest inside. Loot the chest to acquire another Quartz in Lies of P.

Quartz#7: Malum District Hall Town

You will come to the Malum District Hall Town during chapter 5 in Lies of P. Once at the location, head inside the hideout after defeating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit. You will find the Quartz inside a chest at the back of the counter with a set of bookshelves around it.

Quartz#8: Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

This Quartz is found during chapter 6 of Lies of P. Use the ladder to drop down into the sewage system at the location. Then, use the pipeline on the right to reach another hole to drop into. Follow the path upward that leads you to a staircase. Head upstairs and find a chest on the right with the Quartz inside.

Quartz#9: Estella Opera House Entrance

When you reach Chapter 6, you must head over to the entrance of the Estella Opera House. Here, you will find the Mad Clown Puppet boss. Defeat the mini-boss to acquire the Quartz as a reward in Lies of P.

Quartz#10: Estella Opera House 

After defeating the Mad Clown Puppet at the entrance, head inside the house and use the stairs to reach the room ahead with a broken floor. Drop down the area and unlock the door below with the Trinity Keys. Head inside and break the safe at the end to collect the Quartz at the Estella Opera House.

You will visit the Grand Exhibition Gallery during chapter 6. Head over to the rooftop using the path to the east. Climb down the ladder on the left and find a chest at the far end of the area. Loot the chest and acquire the Quartz.

Quartz#12/13/14: Barren Swamp

During chapter 8, you will come to the Barren Swamp in Lies of P. Here, you must use the 2 puppets of the future to acquire two Quartz materials. Head over to the location to find the duo at the wasteland ahead.

Another Quartz can be found at the Barren Swamp. However, you must talk to the Broken Puppet and show him the four gestures: Happiness, Anger, Sadness, and Clap to get rewarded with a Quartz.

Quartz#15: Krat Central Station

Make your way to the Krat Central Station during chapter 9 in Lies of P. Head over to the platform area and find a chest resting at the track signs ahead. Loot the chest to acquire the Quartz.

Quartz#16: Cersani Alley

In chapter 9, you must head to the Cersani Alley and find the Corrupted Parade Master. Defeat the boss to acquire this Quartz in Lies of P.

Quartz#17: Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field

Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field is one of the late-game locations you will unlock in Lies of P. Head over to the location during chapter 9 and fight the Black Rabbit Brotherhood to acquire the Quartz as a dropped item.

Quartz#18: Arche Abbey Outer Wall

Once in chapter 11, you will come to an Alchemist’s Isle called the Arche Abbey. Its outer wall consists of several collectibles, including a Quartz. Therefore, head to the location after acquiring the Trinity Keys from the Krat Central Station Street Stargazer.

Furthermore, head inside and reach the bottom-most area, where you will find the Trinity Sanctum. Head inside, talk to King of Riddle and solve his puzzle by choosing “Puppet” as your answer. This will reward you with a Quartz in Lies of P.

Quartz#19/20: Arche Abbey Broken Rift

Head over to the Broken Rift during chapter 11 and find the Elite Enemy at the bottom floor of the area. Defeat him to acquire a Quartz in Lies of P as a reward. Additionally, you will find another Quartz in this location.

Head to the topmost part of the area and go through the trap with slashes falling from the sealing. This required perfect timing so you pass the platform and reach the end to the chest. Loot it to acquire a Quartz.

Quartz#21/22: Arche Abbey Upper Part

Head inside and use the circular stairs to reach the area with shelves of dusty chests. Make your way through the area and reach the section with stretchers and several corpses. Loot the chest on the western all to collect another Quartz at the Arche Abbey.

While on the upper part, head over to the Internal Bridge. Here, you will come across an Elite Enemy to fight. You will find him at the main bridge section. Defeat the boss to collect a Quartz.

Quartz#23/24: Hotel Krat

Hotel Krat is home to an NPC called Polendina. You can purchase this Quartz from him in exchange for providing him the 2x Krat Supply Boxes. This will most likely occur during your search to unlock the Hermit’s Cave. Additionally, if you provide 3x Krat Supply Boxes, you can purchase another Quartz from him at the Krat Hotel.

Quartz#25: Elysion Boulevard

Head to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel Stargazer and complete the Crafted Cryptic Vessel. It is one of the six vessels you will acquire in Lies of P. Furthermore, provide the vessel to Venigni at the Krat Hotel and receive the Decryption.

Next, head over to the House of the Elysion Boulevard stargazer and fight the puppet to move onto the Elysion Boulevard 221b. Inside the house, you will find a safe with a Quartz inside.

Quartz#26: Hermit’s Cave

After unlocking the Hermit’s Cave, head inside the cave and head left of the area. Make your way down the stairs and into an opening area. Drop down the platform on the left and follow the wooden path to the bottom west of the area.

Once you reach an area with a corrupted parade master, reach the far end of the section to find a safe. Break it to collect a Quartz.

Quartz#27: Wandering Merchant

As a bonus Quartz, you can complete the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel and talk to the Wandering Merchant. He is mostly found in locations such as the Krat Central Station Plaza. Talk to him and get rewarded with a Quartz in Lies of P.

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