Lies Of P Venigni Works Walkthrough

Venigni Works is the final section of Workshop Union where you will find an important NPC and recruit him to help you aid through the journey.

Venigni is an eccentric playboy aristocrat who also happens to own Workshop Union in the game. He is the creator of legion arm technology and has been missing for some time now. Geppetto wants you to locate his friend from the depths of Venigni Works factory in Lies of P and return him to Hotel Krat.

We will help you locate Venigni in Lies of P and make him leave Venigni Works before he gets into more trouble. He is standing beside the last Stargazer of Venigni Works, inside the control room, and will only leave this place once you defeat the final boss of the area.

How to complete Lies of P Venigni Works

Once you have assembled the Venigni Works Control Room Stargazer in Lies of P, step ahead and interact with Venigni. This will help you learn about the boss currently ruling the area. Listening to all his concerns will also make you feel fear of the foe in the area. Venigni will also mention that his butler Pulcinella is missing and you must find him.

Venigni Works Control room

Once the discussion concludes, step outside the room and beside the stairs going downwards, you will find the large machine beam structure, preparing the green chemical poison. Step over the beam and continue to explore for collectibles on this frame.

Some beams are also connected to raised metal platforms where you have to encounter the puppets as well. You can find Gemini’s Iron Protection, Technique Crank, Descartes’s Note, Dim Ergo Fragment, and Attribute Purification Ampoule in this area of Venigni Factory in Lies of P.

While encountering the puppets and finding the collectibles on the machine frame inside Venigni Works in Lies of P, be aware of the mini-boss on the ground floor guarding the green chemical pool. With its ranged attack, he is capable of throwing you down from the machine frame.

One way or the other, you must defeat this mini-boss in order to get your hands over the Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter. So, encountering him at the first priority is recommended.

Another important precautionary measure here is to stay away and avoid getting contact with the green poison. It will eat out your health and you have to start again from the recently activated Venigni factory Stargazer.

After dealing with all the enemies in the green chemical room, it is time to pay a visit to the giant boss. On the backside of the green chemical pool, you will find an opening with a long ramp. This leads you to a small room with a big, locked door in front with a siren and flashing red light.

Once you enter through the door, you will see the boss named King’s Flame Fuoco resting at the opposite end of the room. Eventually, Fuoco stands up on his feet and the main boss fight of Venigni factory in Lies of P begins.

How to defeat King’s Flame Fuoco in Venigni Works

The final boss of Venigni Works factory, King’s Flame Fuoco, is one of the toughest bosses in Lies of P. Although the giant foe is slow his capabilities of attacking with multiple attacks make him stand among the top ones. He can freely rotate his upper body which allows him to attack the protagonist standing behind him.

Further, King’s Flame Fuoco in Lies of P has a Fury or red attack in which he charges towards the protagonist destroying everything coming in its way. On top of that, he can throw oil packets in the area which he lights up on the fire using the hot flaming projectile launched from its body. Additionally, Fuoco uses the molten metal stored in the container attached to his legs to spread out the fire as well.

The best way to defeat Fuoco in Venigni Factory in Lies of P is by using the Electric Blitz Abrasive. This will help you charge up your sword with some electricity to deal more damage. Before entering the chamber of this foe, the games provide you an option to call a specter for Star Fragments.

Doing so will help you a lot during the boss fight. Once the Fuoco is defeated in Venigni Works factory you will be rewarded with the High-Powered Flame Amplifier, King’s Flame Ergo, and Flame Grindstone. You will also find Pulcinella lying on the ground where the boss was resting before the fight. Pick up Pulcinella and return to Venigni in the control room to complete the area.

Now you are free to return to Hotel Krat where Venigni will have set up shop.

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