Lies of P Hotel Krat Walkthrough

Hotel Krat is a hub area in Lies of P that provides temporary respite to the players in addition to some unique NPCs that allow you to upgrade your stats and weapons.

Hotel Krat in Lies of P serves as the central hub, and this is the location where the game really starts. Hotel Krat is also home to humans and some friendly faces in the game. From the beginning of the game in Krat Central Station, the mysterious voice keeps guiding us towards Krat Hotel. This famous hotel is owned by Antonia, who is also an acquaintance of Geppetto, Pinnochio’s creator. 

In this guide, we will briefly look at all the NPCs you will encounter in Hotel Krat and what kind of services they offer. There are some crucial things inside the hotel that you simply can’t miss. It is inside Hotel Krat that you will unlock fast traveling for the first time in Lies of P. So, make sure you follow this 100% complete guide of ours regarding Hotel Krat.

Entering Lies of P Hotel Krat

To reach Hotel Krat, you first need to defeat the Parade Master boss in Cerasani Alley, at the end of Krat Central Station Plaza. The next thing you need to do is lie at the door of the hotel that you are a human to gain entry. Once you enter Hotel Krat, an unknown but friendly face will greet you. She is Sophia, the same person guiding us the whole time.

Once you talk to her, she will fix Gemini the cricket and help you use ergo to upgrade your stats. Sophia will also let you know the last known location of Geppetto, Elysium Boulevard. Make sure to receive Moonphase Pocket Watch from her to travel back to the last visited Stargazer without losing your ergo.

Interact with the main Stargazer inside the hotel lobby to unlock fast travel. This allows you to instantly travel to any stargazer that you have fixed so far (you will be needing it a lot, trust me). Hotel Krat is strictly a non-hostile area in the game, so you won’t be able to wield your weapon here. There are 3 more NPCs in this hotel, and we will be covering them all in our guide.


The next NPC of Hotel Krat in Lies of P is inside the same hall. His name is Polendina and is a butler to the owner of the hotel, Lady Antonia. Polendina is basically a merchant who sells a few items in exchange for Ergo. He also buys things from you for Ergo in case you are running short on the currency. The items he offers are. 

  • Fable Catalyst (400 ergo) 
  • Legion Magazine (200 ergo) 
  • Sawtoothed Wheel (100 ergo) 

We strictly recommend against buying anything right now as all these items are abundantly available in the next section of the game. You will be needing those precious ergo.

Lady Antonia

From the main hall, turn left to find an old lady sitting in a wheelchair in front of a grand portrait. She is the owner of Hotel Krat and an old acquaintance of Geppetto. Apparently, the father of Pinocchio trusts her so much to leave a few belongings in her possession. After a couple of dialogues, she will offer you the following items. 

  • Someone’s Memory (Black Attire) 
  • Show Off Clothes (Gesture) 

Search the area to find Venigni’s Krat Landmark Guide 1 on a table.


The final NPC of Hotel Krat in Lies of P is a weaponsmith and a technician, Eugenie. She will hand over your first Legion arm attachment, Puppet String. This attachment can be used to pull enemies towards you from a distance and requires a Legion magazine once its charge is depleted. Eugenie also offers two more important services in exchange for unique items and ergo. 

  • Upgrade Weapons. Requires hidden moonstone and you should already have one from outside the Hotel Krat entrance.
  • Alter Handle. Requires Eugenie cranks and allows you to customize your weapons for different builds

Go outside into the court near Eugenie’s workshop to find two practice dummies. There are two locked doors on the upper floor that can’t be unlocked at this point in the game. Pass through the main door to enter Elysion Boulevard.

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