How To Get Extreme Modification Amulet In Lies of P

Supercharge your damage by increasing Fable slots.

The Extreme Modification Amulet is amongst the best Amulets in Lies of P, and its versatility can be judged by the fact that it is useful for pretty much every Dex/Technique build in the game, especially if your build revolves around extra Fable Art slots.

Being a special amulet, the Extreme Modification Amulet can only be acquired by exchanging a rare boss ergo, with one of the merchants in Lies of P.

If you use your Fable Arts during most of your battles, then the Extreme Modification Amulet is the right choice for your build. This way, its effects will boost your damage output significantly and make you more dominant in your fights in Lies of P.

Lies of P Extreme Modification Amulet location

In order to get the Extreme Modification Amulet in Lies of P, you need to defeat the Scrapped Watchman Boss in Krat City Hall Courtyard during Chapter 3.

lies of p extreme modification amulet

The giant policeman puppet is extremely deadly with lightning-based attacks. So you will need to be careful while fighting the Scrapped Watchman. Make sure to dodge its attack and wait for the right opportunity to strike back. This way, you will be able to take down Scrapped Watchman boss and collect the Broken Hero’s Ergo in Lies of P.

Keep the ergo in your inventory until you meet Alidoro at the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. Talk to him there and send him to Hotel Krat or Venigni Works. Defeat Fallen Archibishop Andreus and then go to the place where you sent Alidoro, and you will see him waiting there.


Talk to Alidoro, and you will be able to give him the Broken Hero’s Ergo and, in exchange, either buy the Extreme Modification Amulet or the Etiquette boss weapon. Personally, I will recommend getting the Extreme Modification Amulet in Lies of P instead of Etiquette, as the dagger has low damage and is only useful if you are using a Technique build.

How to use Extreme Modification Amulet

The Extreme Modification Amulet works similarly to most of the special amulets by actually boosting your weapon attack damage. However, this effect only kicks in with every Fable slot that you have actually charged in Lies of P.

So, in terms of stats, this results in +5% Weapon Damage per Fable Charge. This damage is pretty decent as you will have three to four charge slots, and that totals 15 to 20% weapon attack damage.

However, the most efficient way to utilize the effects of the Extreme Modification Amulet in Lies of P would be to keep spamming your Fable charges over and over again. This way, you can exert a nice chunk of attack damage on all kinds of enemies that you face in Lies of P.

Lastly, if you end up spacing into more Fable charges via your P-Organ upgrades, you can get up to 25% more attack damage just passively by having it equipped in your build. So, ultimately, getting the Extreme Modification Amulet will totally be worth it for you.

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