Infinite Warfare: How to Turn On Power in Attack of the Radioactive Thing

Turning the power on in Attack of the Radioactive Thing is a crucial step to completing the map’s easter egg. Here's how.

Like earlier iterations of Zombies Mode in Call of Duty, Attack of the Radioactive Thing also involves finding different components to turn on the power. Activating the power early on in your play is necessary because it not only allows you to access all Perk-a-Cola Machines but is also required to complete the map’s elaborative Easter Egg.

The guide below will help you complete all the steps required to restore the power in Infinite Warfare Zombies: Attack of the Radioactive Thing map.

How to Turn on the Power in Attack of the Radioactive Thing

Unlike most of the iterations of the Zombies Mode in COD, the Power Switch isn’t located inside the Spawn Area in Attack of the Radioactive Thing. You will need to head over to the Power Station where you’ll come across the Power Switch. To reach the station, head towards the Diner and head up the hill.

At the power station, you should be able to find the Power Box attached to a shed wall. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to turn on the power yet, as the Power Box is missing a crucial item i.e. the Lever/ Power handle.

Finding the Lever

Having known the spot where the Power Box is situated, it’s time to find its missing lever/ handle. To get to the power handle location, head over to the opposite side of the Spawn Area and head up the hill in the sandy area. While you’re in the area, you should easily be able to spot a half-buried zombie hand in the sand with the lever in its clutches.


On your way, you will have to buy a few doors/ barriers. So, make sure you have the points in your arsenal to avoid any disruption in this journey.

Finally, make your way to the Power Station and attach the lever to the Power Switch. And just like that, you can activate the power in Attack of the Radioactive Thing. 

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