Lies Of P Laxasia, The Complete Boss Guide

Laxasia, The Complete is a nightmare of a boss in Lies of P that can turn your day really bad.

Laxasia, The Complete in Lies of P is actually the first boss you encounter in the Arche Abbey. Talking about the overall game, she is placed quite farther at the end. Laxasia, The Complete, serves as the bodyguard of Simon Manus, Awakened God. He is another boss you will encounter later on. She is a humanoid figure wearing a steel cage.

She stands tall, with a shield on her back, and wields a giant sword that can summon Electric Shocks. This guide will cover everything you need to do to defeat Laxasia in the game.

Lies of P Laxasia, The Complete location

Laxasia is present in an open field close to the Arche Abbey Prayer Room. Go through the prayer room and then activate the Stargazer. There will be an elevator there in the prayer. Get inside and activate it to ascend.

Once you reach the end, the Stargazer will be on your left. The door leading to Laxasia will be right in front of you. 

How to defeat Laxasia, The Complete in Lies of P

Laxasia’s battle is split up into two phases. The first will comprise of her being in the protection of her armor. For the second phase, she will shed her armor and become more aggressive and agile.  

Phase 1

During the first stage, Laxasia, the Complete will be slow in Lies of P, but her hits will be way more damaging. Steer clear of her sword’s path, as it can ruin your day quickly. Laxasia’s moveset is a decent list so you will be watching out for anything lethal.


One thing to look out for is her habit of combining moves. She will take brief pauses between them to snake out an attack from you. Watch out for this, as her combo will only end once she places her sword on her shoulder to catch her breath. 

Laxasia also possesses some AoE attacks. One move, in particular, is her favorite, where she darts towards you while dragging her sword behind and then swings it. The line created by her sword will be charged with electricity. Even after her move has ended, the line will still spew electric sparks.

The way to dodge this attack is to swiftly move to the side. Keep moving out of her way until her combo reaches its end. After the slash, you can choose to continue your attack but beware of the sparks.

Additionally, she will swing her sword once, but it will create an effect on the ground. There will be multiple charged bolts coming your way. To dodge them, simply backing away is the safest option. There will be some area between each charge where you can stand to avoid getting hit but backing up anyway is the safest option we have. 

Find an opening between her attacks and get as many hits in as you can. But do not get greedy and be ready to move away.

Phase 2

Laxasia, The Complete will now shed her armor in Lies of P and raise her shield up. You can actually break this shield in phase 1. In doing so, she will not be able to use it in Phase 2. She compensates by using her agility and unlocking the full electric potential inside her.

She will be faster and more deadly. Your best bet will be to block these attacks. But you need to nail the timing down to the second.

As Phase 2 starts, Laxasia will release multiple Aerial Ranged Electric Attacks. She will fly up and hurl multiple balls of lightning your way. If you Perfect Guard or parry a lightning bolt, it will return to her instead and damage her. You can easily eat up to 25% of her health bar without any big effort. 

Her Fury attacks are always the one to watch out for. She will use her Fury more frequently than other bosses in the game. Once you think the chain has gone way longer in the first phase, it will be your sign to back up as the Fury attack will be en route.

She will go on a blind rage during the sword-slashing part, which will be the perfect time to back up. We have noticed that she commonly uses her Fury attack right after her first lightning ball shower. After successfully deflecting the lightning bolts towards her, get some distance so you can know what move she has planned next.

Lies of P Laxasia Rewards

After defeating Laxasia, you will be granted access to the next Stargazer on the Ascension Bridge. The drops will be comprised of Sad Zealot’s Ergo and 16,550 Ergo. 

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