Where To Find Alidoro In Lies of P

Alidoro the hound doesn't like putting down roots.

Alidoro is a merchant wearing a hound mask in Lies of P. Unlike some other merchants in the game, Alidoro not only has a direct tie-in to the game’s story but is also quite unique since he is the one players need to visit to purchase boss weapons.

Due to his importance, it becomes important to find Alidoro in Lies of P and keep track of his whereabouts, whether to talk to him about different events or simply to buy unique boss weapons from him.

Lies of P Alidoro’s locations

Depending on where you are in the main story of Lies of P and other questlines, Alidoro’s location will keep changing. Lucky for you, we have mentioned all the locations where you can find Treasure Hunter Alidoro.

Meeting Alidoro for the first time

The first location Alidoro can be found is within St. Frangelico Cathedral. Start from the Stargazer in St Frangelico Cathedral Library, and go to the up-left corner into the hallway. As soon as you turn, you’ll notice a block on the ground. Avoid it, as it is a trap and will harm you with arrows.

Next, go past the hall into the stairs at the very end of the opening. Go straight ahead until you reach the bridge, where you’ll turn left. Go down the stairs and towards the left side. You’ll find a broken wall, so pass through this opening.

From here, go up the stairs again. And you’ll come out in the hall with a red carpet. Once there, look for an elevator and use it to go up. Once there, you’ll find Treasure Hunter Alidoro in Lies of P.


Talk to him, and during the conversation, he will ask you about Hotel Krat’s location. If you tell him the location, he will move to Hotel Krat. Otherwise, Alidoro can be found in Venigni Works.

Hotel Krat Location

If you choose to tell him the truth about safe refuge in Hotel Krat, he will be now found there. If you want to visit him, go to Hotel Krat and turn left into the small hallway. At wit’s end on your right, you’ll see him standing there.

Where to find Alidoro in Venigni Works

If you choose to lie, he will choose to go to the Workshop Union Entrance. Just as you come in, you’ll see stairs just beside the Stargazer. Go up and turn left into the room. He would be here in front of the boxes.

Once here, he would be upset when you talk to him as he’ll know you lied. You can now either tell him the truth or lie to him again. At this point, even if you lie or tell him the truth, it doesn’t matter, as he will still go to Hotel Krat.

Alidoro’s location after defeating Champion Victor

If you are unable to find Alidoro in Hotel Krat after completing the Grand Exhibition, this means he has moved to a new spot. This will be his third location, and only if you revealed the location of Hotel Krat earlier.

After defeating Champion Victor, go to the Barren Swamp Entrance. Once there, go straight ahead, and you’ll find Alidoro in the open. It’s an open area, so he is easy to spot.

Relic of Trismegistus

After the attack on Hotel Krat and the defeat of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, the second time in chapter 10, go to Relic of Trismegistus. Keep going down the path, and you will see Alidoro standing by the boxes and crying.

This is the last location where you will see Alidoro in Lies of P. You can talk to him here and purchase boss weapons and amulets from him. Talking to Alidoro will reveal his part in the attack on the Hotel. Once you know everything he did, you can choose to kill Alidoro or let him live to conclude his questline in Lies of P.

Should you kill or spare Alidoro?

After confronting Alidoro and learning about his betrayal, you’ll get the option of attacking him. Whether you want to attack and kill him or not is up to you. While there are no major consequences for attacking and killing Alidoro, his death is important to complete Eugenie’s questline: Story of a Stranger Girl.

Spare Alidoro

If you choose to spare Alidoro, he will continue to serve as a special weapons merchant. You can meet him again at Hotel Krat and purchase goods like normal. Unfortunately, this will also take away the chance of you completing Eugenie’s questline and dealing with a traitor who caused the death of Lady Antonia.

Kill Alidoro

If you decide to kill Alidoro, you’ll get humanity points. After his death, you’ll get Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel. Decode the vessel, and you will find out that the real Alidoro was actually Eugenie’s brother, and this person you killed was an impostor.

Don’t worry, though, because even if you do kill Alidoro, you can still purchase boss weapons. Go to the same place where Alidoro used to be in Hotel Krat, and in his place, you will see Explorer Hugo, who will have the same inventory.

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