Black Ops: How to Get All Perks in Call of the Dead

Perks are special abilities that help you survive in Call of the Dead. There are eight perks in this map, and here's how to get them.

The Call of Duty Zombies maps always offer some perks to help players take down stronger enemies and survive in the long run. Call of the Dead in Black Ops also comes with a number of perks.

While most of the previous maps introduced up to four perks, Call of the Dead changes the game and allows you to acquire all seven perks. Additionally, there is an eighth perk, Deadshot Daiquiri, which removes your scopes while firing and makes taking headshots a lot easier.

How to Get All Perks in Call of the Dead

Most of the CoD maps require you to scour different sections and search for Perk-A-Cola machines for corresponding perks. However, In Call of the Dead, you will have to kill the main George Romero boss to get these for yourself.

George Romero is a ferocious enemy with powerful lightning bolts and hitting abilities. To kill him, you can employ a sickle and flop him to death. It is also possible to take him down using a Scavenger Sniper, Death Machine, and Ray Gun. Each time you kill George Romero, you will receive one perk and a couple of other rewards.

So, you simply have to keep killing the boss until you have earned all the 8 perks in Call of the Dead.


We recommend asking a teammate to take care of the crawlers around you while you are fighting George. Make sure he doesn’t hit you 4 times consecutively, or else you will see yourself downed.

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