Lies of P Malum District Walkthrough

District Malum in Lies of P is a grim reminder of what greed and hatred can do to people. In this guide, we will help you defeat the notorious gang who has ruined this once prosperous city.

Malum District is a stronghold of Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P. This rundown town is run by four siblings who are against puppets and are using carcasses as their shield. Going through this area will also reveal a major mystery regarding the Hotel Krat

In this guide, we will take you through the muddy and well-trodden streets of Malum District to find the hideout of Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P. Before starting this journey, we recommend carrying a fire-based weapon or applying fire gear to your grindstone to take down the carcasses easily.

How to complete Lies of P Malum District

Malum District is at the very end of Path of the Pilgrim and is connected to the back of Hotel Krat. Once you activate its Stargazer, turn right to find Red Fox and Black Cat standing near the alley. You met them earlier in Venigni Works. These siblings will offer their services to aid you in taking down the brotherhood for good. I accepted their offer to see how things would turn out.

Road to central plaza

Malum District is mostly a linear area and doesn’t offer a lot of secrets in Lies of P. Proceed forward and take down carcasses in your path. Obtain Vivid Ergo Fragment from the opened cage to the left. Climb the ladder to the right (opposite the building) to obtain a Crescent Moonstone.

Once you enter a building to the left, you will come across a strong enemy. This carcass hits like a truck and takes little to no damage. Defeat this enemy to obtain a Star Fragment.

Instead of going up the stairs, turn right to enter the room and turn right once more. You will be dropped down through a gap in the floor. This is a wine cellar, and it contains Arch Break Cartilage inside a treasure chest. Obtain the “Have a La Bleiwies, the greatest wine in the world” poster before making your way up. Now collect Sharp Pipe and Vivid Ergo Fragment from the upper floor. 


To proceed further in the Malum District in Lies of P, go up the stairs and reach the streets. This is where both siblings will ditch you and leave you on your own. Go into the next room and obtain Motivity Crank before dropping down. Collect a Chain from the opposite side of the room.

Reaching the Malum District pub

As soon as you reach the central plaza of Malum District in Lies of P, you will be attacked by a mini-boss. This enemy has hands of stone with iron thorns. Beware of two spitters on the wooden planks above. This is an extremely difficult fight to go through. If you want to avoid this fight, you can find a ladder to the right of the house nearby. It will take you to the top, from where you can snipe this enemy easily. 

However, in case of defeating this enemy, you will get Patience Amulet as a reward. Go into the front house and open the treasure chest to obtain a Quartz. Travel through the streets to find a Radiant Ergo Fragment and Resplendent Ergo Fragment. Now climb the stairs to reach the rooftops. There is a red butterfly here that drops a Balance Crank. However, you need to deal with 4 carcasses to be safe. 

Defeat the first spitter and obtain Bone Cutting Sawblade/Handle from a treasure chest behind her. Go back into the alley behind the front house and defeat some carcass dogs here. First, go right and collect Gemini’s Iron Protection. Now turn left and enter a flooded house. Climb the stairs and answer the riddle by saying “Candle” to obtain a trinity key.

Use the stairs on the right to drop down and open the shortcut gate to the central plaza of Malum District in Lies of P. Collect everything from the central plaza and now make your way to the next area (stairs to the left of shortcut door).

Turn right into an alley to collect Radiant Ergo Fragment but beware of the ambush from above. Keep going up the streets of Malum District. This is where you will meet the first Black Rabbit member.

How to unlock the shortcut to Malum District Stargazer

Collect all the items in your path (they are not hidden and are present in the open) and proceed forward. Follow a carcass into the pub. However, there are two collectibles including a Crescent Moonstone before this area. Make sure to pick them up. The pub has another mini-boss that can easily kill you. I personally recommend avoiding it before you unlock the shortcut to the Stargazer you saw earlier.

From the stairs, go right and down. There is a room for wine to the right. Go into the room and turn right again to find the shortcut door. Open this door and rest at the Stargazer to refill your health. Come back to the room and break some barrels to see a ladder on the far corner.

Climb the ladder to meet a merchant who will refuse to sell you anything because of the fear of Black Rabbit Brotherhood. Howey, you can bribe him with Ergo Fragments. 

Open the treasure chest near him to obtain a Legion Caliber. Now go down and defeat all the enemies including in the mini boss. There is a lot of loot in the pub that you can obtain with careful exploration. Go out of pub and follow the black rabbit banners to reach their stronghold.

How to defeat Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Malum District offers a one-of-a-kind fight with its current leaders. You start the fight with the eldest brother, who uses a massive butcher axe to slaughter his enemies. Once his health goes down to 75%, his sister joins the battle. She uses Rapier and moves at lightning speed. The next brother joins the fight at 50% health and the last one at 25% health. 

This is one of the most difficult boss fights in the whole game. The eldest brother of black rabbit brotherhood has infinite stamina and can hit you from an unbelievable distance. The rest of the siblings are extremely frantic and keep attacking you non-stop.

The only way to survive the Eldest of the Black Rabbit boss fight is to kill the other siblings first to take them out of the equation. Once you defeat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, the rest will retreat and leave you alone.

Now enter the Black Rabbit Brotherhood hideout in Malum District and obtain a portrait of your younger self from the room to the left. Find a Quartz from behind the counter in the main hall. Now go through the hallway to the right and use the lift.

Talk to Giangio and he will tell you about the tree that bears gold coin fruit. Go out into the garden and collect some gold coins. You can exchange these coins for some Wishstones. You can collect more coins after a short wait or can find the accelerator to obtain gold coins instantly. 

Once you are done here, use the secret path in the garden (which will become available as soon as you enter the corridor) to reach Hotel Krat. Apparently, the Black Rabbit Brotherhood found a way to infiltrate Hotel Krat from the back door and have been stealing from them since.

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