Lies Of P Abandoned Apartment Walkthrough

Abandoned Apartment in Lies of P is a desolate place full of monstrosities and petrification spreading crystals. In this guide, we will help you to traverse this dangerous safely and reach the next checkpoint.

Lies Of P Malum District Walkthrough

District Malum in Lies of P is a grim reminder of what greed and hatred can do to people. In this guide, we will help you defeat the notorious gang who has ruined this once prosperous city.

Lies of P Hotel Krat Walkthrough

Hotel Krat is a hub area in Lies of P that provides temporary respite to the players in addition to some unique NPCs that allow you to upgrade your stats and weapons.

Lies of P Krat Central Station Plaza Walkthrough

Central Station Plaza and Cerasani alley in Lies of P actually connect Hotel Krat with Krat Central Station. In this guide, we will help you navigate this area safely and defeat the first boss the game has to offer.

Lies Of P Krat Central Station Walkthrough

Krat Central Station is the tutorial section in Lies of P that tries to acquaint players with the classes and their playstyle. In this guide, we will thoroughly look at everything you can learn and obtain from this prologue area.