How To Get Holy Sword Of The Ark In Lies of P

Defeat the flame miner boss.

The Holy Sword of the Ark is one of the best special weapons that you can get your hands on in Lies of P. This special weapon provides you with the highest number for Damage Reduction rates while guarding. Moreover, the extended move set of Holy Sword of the Ark increases your reach, and you are able to swing this heavy sword quite easily and target your enemies efficiently.

That, paired with the raining attacks, heavy attacks, and the charged paired combo, makes the Holy Sword of the Ark worth getting in Lies of P.

So, if you are looking for a Motivity weapon that delivers significant amounts of physical attack damage, then Holy Sword of the Ark should be among your top picks in Lies of P.

Lies of P Holy Sword of the Ark location

Like all the special weapons in Lies of P, getting the Holy Sword is no easy task, as you will need to fight and kill an enemy boss to get it. That means you will be facing King’s Flame, Fuoco. This boss fight will occur during the events of Chapter (III) in Venigni Works Control Room.

You will be fighting a fully mechanized boss who will attack you relentlessly. Keep in mind that the King’s Flame Fuoco boss fight will have two phases, and during the first phase, you will need to watch out for those smash (Fury) attacks. Make sure to block those, as they can prove to be quite fatal for your health.

In short, you will need to dodge the incoming attacks and wait for the right time to strike back efficiently at the King’s Flame Fuoco. You can take your time and stick with this strategy, and surely, you will be able to win this boss fight with relative ease in Lies of P. 


Once you have defeated King’s Flame Fuoco, you can collect the King’s Flame Ergo. This is going to be vital if you want to get that special weapon called the Holy Sword of the Ark.

How To Get Holy Sword Of The Ark In Lies of P

Proceed with the game till you meet Alidoro in St. Frangelico Cathedral. Talk to him and send him to Hotel Krat or Venigni Works. After you have defeated Fallen Archbishop Andreus, go to the location where you sent Alidoro. At this point, Alidoro will act as a special boss weapons merchant.

Now, you can trade the King’s Flame Ergo with him to receive either the Holy Sword of the Ark or the Conquering Amulet in Lies of P.

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