Lies of P Krat Central Station Plaza Walkthrough

Central Station Plaza and Cerasani alley in Lies of P actually connect Hotel Krat with Krat Central Station. In this guide, we will help you navigate this area safely and defeat the first boss the game has to offer.

Krat Central Station Plaza is the next area after Krat Central Station in Lies of P, and it is also the place where you will encounter your first Stargazer. This area is still a part of the prologue section and leads you to the first boss of the game. 

In this guide, we will swiftly take you through the perils of the derelict streets of Krat Central Station Plaza and Cerasani Alley, and help you survive the onslaught of its mechanical residents. Make sure that you stick with our guide as we will be doing a 100% playthrough of this section including all the collectibles.

How to complete Lies of P Krat Central Station Plaza

As soon as you open the door of Krat Central Station, you will notice a strange blue light in front of you. Simply run towards it ignoring anything around you. Interact with it to restore the first Stargazer in the game (unlocks Stargazer’s Guide trophy/achievement). This also allows you to level up by using your ergo. Rest at the Stargazer to refill your health and Pulse Cell charges. 

There are 6 enemies in the Central Station Plaza to the left of the Stargazer. Make sure to move slowly and keep your guard up to survive the ambush. Once you defeat all the enemies including mechanical canines, interact with the glowing object to obtain Krat Times Issue 183. It is on a box in the Northwest corner of the plaza. Go to the right part of the plaza to find 5 more enemies and a Dim Ergo Fragment

There are 3 more enemies once you climb the stairs to the right. However, the door here is closed. You can skip this area if you want or earn some precious ergo. Turn back and use the stairs on the right (exactly opposite Stargazer) to enter the next area.

Take down 4 puppets here before you move forward. Beware of the ambush from the left past the alley from a mechanical dog.


Keep going straight until you appear in an open area. Turn left to collect the next item from the top of the blocked stairs. Keep going straight until you come across another strong enemy. This enemy uses strong attacks (with red glow) that are impossible to evade or block. The only way to survive this attack is by blocking right before the attack connects (parry).

Cerasani Alley walkthrough

Turn right to enter another alley in the Central Station Plaza region of Lies of P. There are 3 enemies and a Thermite here. Before you go straight, turn right and climb stairs to reach the upper ledge. Interact with the glowing object to obtain Dim Ergo Fragment.

Drop down and go straight to defeat another mechanical dog and 2 puppets. Go forward and turn right to find Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool right beside the locked door.

Go back and turn right to enter a new open area with two branching paths, one leading upward and the other downward. Defeat the mechanical puppets including the headless one and make your way down.

Fight the dog and collect Fable Catalyst but be aware of the ambush in this area. Once you are done here, use the stairs leading to the upper area of Cerasani Alley in Lies of P. Open the shortcut to the right by interacting with the red glowing button on the gate. 

Collect the Vivid Ergo Fragment from the front of a practice dummy. Fix the Stargazer of Cerasani Alley and talk to the Wandering Merchant standing on its left. He sells the following items in the game. 

  • Fable Catalyst 
  • Throwing Cell 
  • Electric Blitz Abrasive 
  • Puppet Saber Blade/Handle 
  • Greatsword of Fate Blade/Handle 
  • Wintry Rapier’s Blade/Handle 

From Cerasani Alley Stargazer, go upstairs to the right to come across your first main boss in Lies of P.

How to defeat Parade Master boss in Lies of P

Parade Master starts the fight with a charge attack. It constantly uses its claw-like arms to slam and slash the players. Make sure to block as soon as his attack animations start. Slam attacks deal a lot of stamina damage, so make sure to dodge them if possible. 

Halfway through the fight, Parade Master removes its head and uses it as a stick to attack you. This is your cue to stagger it and deal a critical attack. Keep blocking and dodging its attacks while chipping away at its health. This fight is a test of endurance and patience. Make sure to refill your health regularly and always keep your weapon sharp. Rewards for defeating it include Parade Leader’s Ergo and Quartz.

Now that the Parade Master is dead, you can walk across the bridge and enter Hotel Krat. Before opening the door, make sure to carefully check both the right and left sides of the entrance. You will find a Hidden Moonstone and other loot.

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