Lies of P St. Frangelico Cathedral Walkthrough

St. Frangelico Cathedral in Lies of P is home to a monstrosity of incalculable proportions and hides one of the best NPCs of the game.

St. Frangelico Cathedral appears during the fourth chapter of Lies of P once you make your way through Path of Misery after Moonlight Town. This is where the game takes a scary turn in its story and introduces new flesh-bound enemies in addition to their mechanical counterparts. 

In this guide, we will take you through both the Chapel and Library sections of St. Frangelico Cathedral in Lies of P. This is a late-game area with a lot of difficult enemies and mini-bosses. We recommend that you upgrade your stats at Hotel Krat and craft some more legion arms before venturing into this area.

How to complete Lies of P St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel

As St. Frangelico Cathedral is made up of two distinct sections in Lies of P, with their corresponding Stargazers, we will be covering both sections separately and completely.

From the Stargazer, turn right and go past the NPC. Follow the trail on the floor to reach a hall with the destroyed floor. Interact with the glowing item on a piano chair to obtain Stained Choir Sheet Music. Go down and enter the area with the broken floor. There is a path leading to the bottom of St. Frangelico Cathedral chapel in Lies of P. 

Instead of dropping down here, turn back and go past the broken wall. There is a Vivid Ergo Fragment present in the area to the left. Use the stairs to drop down. There is a huge pool of acid right in front of you. Interacting with it causes decay (another name for poisoning in the game). Force your way through the poison and collect Cat Dust from near a pillar. Make sure to avoid enemies at this point.

Solving the rafters’ puzzle 

Climb the platform on the right and use the stairs to reach the upper floor. There are four zombie enemies on the rafters. Take them down and use the stairs to go up. Ignore the items for now. As soon as you reach the next floor, break the boxes in front of you and drop down the hole. Turn back to obtain Radiant Ergo Fragment. Once more drop down from the opposite side of the plank to obtain Hidden Moonstone.


Go back and defeat the remaining zombies in the St. Frangelico cathedral chapel in Lies of P. Go past two big pinwheels to achieve this feat. After defeating the last spitter zombie, turn back and walk on the beams carefully to obtain Star Fragment. Go back to the last spitter zombie location and use the stairs to drop down. Go straight through the tunnel and turn left. Beware of the falling electrified boulders and sprint your way up the slope to safety. 

Climb the stairs to the right and turn left. Avoid the boulders to reach the locked door. Use the trinity key on the lock and obtain some rare loot from the area. Now go to the left side of the pinwheel to reach a room with three more zombies. Keep going up and turn right at the end to obtain Dim Ergo Fragment. Turn back and keep going straight until you reach an area with a lot of pinwheels.

Unlocking the shortcut

There you need to time your jump precisely to avoid imminent death. Once you reach the next platform, interact with the brazier to throw it down and burn the acid pool. Now make the next jump to reach the other end. Turn right to find a lever down a short set of stairs. However, there is a Legion Magazine right next to the stairs.

Pull the lever to reverse the lift mechanism in the area and unlock the shortcut to return here instantly from the Stargazer. We recommend that you die here and go back down to find a secret entrance treasure where the acid pool once was. You will find Crafted Cryptic Vessel inside a treasure chest. This item is required to open House 221b on Elysion Boulevard. While making your way back up, drop down on the ledge with lighting to obtain legion arm crank, required to craft a new Legion arm in Hotel Krat.

Go back and climb the stairs on the opposite side to reach a platform. There is a Crescent Moonstone present in this area. Beware of the ambush though. Now go back and open the door you have been avoiding so far. Obtain Cat Dust from a dead body and prepare for the next big battle.

Defeating the bloater

There is a massive bloater-shaped zombie in the area. It uses its scaly right arm to block your attacks and use the same arm to slam at you. Look out for the sweep and slash attacks too. It also charges at you with its hand covering the face. Use dodge to get behind the enemy and deal as much damage as possible. This is a very lengthy and difficult fight.

Just make sure to dodge timely and avoid blocking as much as possible. Defeating this enemy will reward you with Quartz (currency to upgrade your P-core with the help of Geppetto at Hotel Krat). 

Climb the stairs to obtain Vivid Ergo Fragment and pass through the door in the room to find Krat Supply box from a treasure chest in the right cell. Use the lift at the end to reach St. Frangelico Cathedral library in Lies of P.

St. Frangelico Cathedral library walkthrough

From St. Frangelico Cathedral Library Stargazer, go straight and interact with the glowing object to obtain Thermite. Go to the room at the back with blood stains on the floor. There is a nurse NPC named Cecile. She will reveal her identity and look perplexed to see a living person (well puppet technically). She will give you a side quest to find a Holy Mark from the Archbishop’s quarter. 

Near the poison pool to the left, there is a small door leading to a room. Keep going through it until you reach a corridor with some zombies facing away from you come into sight. Beware of the trap here and keep your guard up to avoid incoming arrows.

There area has 3 zombie enemies and a lot of falling acid bombs. Make your way to the end of the hall and interact with the glowing object to obtain an Attribute Resistance Ampule.

Poison pool puzzle solution

Climb the stairs and defeat the next two zombies in the area. Cross the small bridge to obtain Fable Catalyst. Go down the stairs on the opposite side until you come across an Altar. Obtain Crescent Moonstone from the ground and turn right to enter the poison pool.

There are two more zombies here that you can defeat easily. There is a door to the left in the pool. Enter the area and climb the shelves to the left for temporary respite from decay. 

Don’t be hasty towards the item at the end of the pool. It is an ambush from above. Try to hit the enemy above with a projectile before making your way to obtain Vivid Ergo Fragment. There are stairs to the left of the pool. Use them to get upstairs and come across one of the most difficult enemies so far. This carcass with a thorny head is resistant to stagger and deals poison (decay) damage upon hitting you.

Once you defeat this enemy, it will drop Thermite and Star Fragment (not worth the hassle honestly if not for massive 500+ ergo). Proceed through the door and use the lift to go to the upper floor.

Alidoro the hound choices in Lies of P

As you reach the upper floor, you will see an NPC near the balcony with a dog mask. He will introduce himself as Alidoro, the hound. Alidoro is a treasure hunter and looking for the survivors in St. Frangelico Cathedral Library in Lies of P. He will ask for a place to take refuge. Make sure you tell the truth and send him to Hotel Krat. This is extremely important to earn weapons and other bonuses from Alidoro. 

Alidoro also exchanges rare ergo that you obtain from killing main bosses and offers boss weapons in return. This makes him the most invaluable NPC in Lies of P. At this point, he has the following weapons/amulets to offer. 

  • Seven-Coil Spring Sword (Parade Leader’s Ergo) 
  • Etiquette (Broken Hero’s Ergo) 
  • Holy Sword of the Ark (King’s Flame Ergo) 
  • Conjuring Amulet (King’s Flame Ergo) 
  • Dancing One’s Amulet (Parade Leader’s Ergo) 
  • Extreme Modification Amulet (Broken Hero’s Ergo) 

Next time, he will be available in Hotel Krat.

Opening the path to Archbishop boss battle

Go back and climb the stairs to the left. Beware of the enemy ready for ambush to the right. Collect Vivid Ergo Fragment from the left side of the stairs. Go up the stairs and destroy some boxes on the right. Drop down and collect Gemini’s Emergency Protection from the balcony. Drop down and make your way back up again. This time use the stairs to the right and reach the sarcophagus to obtain Archbishop’s Diary and Holy Mark

Enter the next room and open the safe to obtain the Workshop Union Strengthening Frame from St. Frangelico Cathedral in Lies of P. Make sure to avoid falling acid bombs from the roof.

Go back and turn right in the center of the ramp to enter a new area. Turn right to find Special Resistance Ampule. Go back and keep going forward until you come across an opening in the wall, barred with boxes. Break the boxes to access the hidden area and obtain Fable Catalyst from the edge. 

Now return to the previous room and throw down the brazier to neutralize the acid. Drop down and open the gate by using the mechanism to its right. Return to Cecile and hand over the Holy Mark to her. She will give you an Attribute Resistance Ampule as a reward. Now return to the Stargazer and go to the very first room with ambush. This time drop down from the floor. 

There is a Dimensional butterfly in the area. Kill it to obtain Advance Crank to upgrade your handles with the help of Eugenie. Open the treasure box to obtain a Legion Caliber spring module to upgrade your Legion arm. Climb the stairs and you will come across the shortcut door. In the meantime, collect Radiant Ergo Fragment from the stone table.

How to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Once again go through the area with corruption and turn right to find the entrance to the boss arena. The boss of St. Frangelico Cathedral in Lies of P is known as Fallen Archbishop Andreus. This is one of the more difficult boss fights in the game as he has turned into a fly-centipede-fog creature. Andreus starts the fight by charging at you with sweeps of his massive arms. 

Look out for his tongue attack usually followed by a slam or sweep attack. There is no shame in using a specter for this fight. His next phase is even more difficult where he stands on his hind legs and his tongue turns into the centipede creature. He will now attack you with both his arms, legs, and tongue simultaneously.

Once you defeat Archbishop Andreus, he will drop Twisted Angel’s Ergo. This will complete St. Frangelico Cathedral in Lies of P and you can now make your way to Path of the Pilgrim.

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