Lies of P Throwing Cell Farming Locations

Stock up on electric grenades.

Throwing Cell is a special throwable item in Lies of P that deals high Electric Blitz damage against all enemies. However, Throwing Cell is particularly useful against puppet enemies, including bosses, as they are weak to electric damage. Thus, it is important to have ample stock of Throwing Cells in your inventory, and to do that, you need to know the best locations to farm for Throwing Cell drops in Lies of P.

How to get Throwing Cells in Lies of P

It is important to note the drop for Throwing Cells isn’t guaranteed, so even at these farming spots, it can take you some time to get a decent amount of the item. You may need several runs of the farming routes before you feel that you have enough throwing cells.

The following is the list of locations we believe would be best to farm a lot of Throwing Cells.

Elysion Boulevard

Elysion Boulevard is the best location to get Throwing Cells in Lies of P. We would be using the Stargazer Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard. From the stargazer, just head outside on the platform. From there, take a right and continue killing the enemies there. These enemies have the best drop rate in the entire game for Throwing Cells.

Krat City Hall

Begin by spawning at the Krat City Hall stargazer. Your route is from Krat City Hall stargazer to the Krat City Hall Courtyard. The enemies there also are capable of dropping the Throwing Cells; however, unlike Elysion Boulevard, this throwing cell farming route seems that have a lower drop rate. While you make your way to Krat City Hall Courtyard, there is a large enemy there that not only drops Throwing Cells but gives you a good amount of Ergo as well. It’s possible to farm more from this enemy.

This is the same enemy that you need to kill for the baby puppet questline, so if you have been here before, you already know the route.

Malum District

This is not really a Throwing Cell farming location, but you can get an unlimited amount of throwing cells from Malum District in Lies of P. However, to do that, you need to spend ergo, so make sure you have farmed enough Ergo if you wish to buy throwing cells.

In Malum District, make your way to the Red Lobster Inn. Climb the ladder inside, and you will reach the Black Market Vendor. You can purchase an unlimited amount of Throwing Cells from Black Market Vendor in Lies of P. Each throwing cell costs 400 ergo, so mid to late game, you shouldn’t have any trouble buying as many as you need.

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