Lies of P Bosses In Order

Lies of P has a total of 25 bosses, meaning 2500 rounds of frustration and anger. But worry not, we will guide you on how to tackle these monstrosities easily and in order.

As with all Souls-like games, the bosses in Lies of P are important and play a huge role in world-building and player immersion. While the boss list in Lies of P is impressive, not all of them are compulsory fights. In this guide, we will go over which bosses are optional and which you absolutely have to defeat in order to progress.

All bosses in Lies of P

We will be listing all the bosses in Lies of P in the order in which they appear and providing brief info about the main story bosses of the game as well. Before we start, here is the list for every main story boss in Lies of P:

Following is the list of optional bosses in Lies of P:

Parade Master

The first boss of the game, Parade Master acts as the tutorial boss with his telegraphed attacks and easy-to-spot movements. This boss also helps players learn how death works in Lies of P and may even force players to change out their arsenal and pick a playstyle that resonates with the player, rather than the playstyle players think is good for them.

Parade Master’s second phase where he rips off his own head is a moment of learning; your enemies in Lies of P have different phases and you need to adapt if you wish to prevail.

Mad Donkey

The second boss on the list and the first human boss of Lies of P. Mad Donkey has players facing off against a boss who is faster than the player and parrying his attacks is not as easy. This is where players learn to backstab humanoid bosses rather than taking them head-on.


Mad Donkey has a smaller arena where players also learn that spatial awareness is a key factor in winning any fight.

Scrapped Watchman

Scrapped Watchman is, I would say, a challenge to test all that you have learned up until now. It has a vast moveset forcing you to learn it and decide whether to block, dodge or parry, with the added danger of electric attacks that can and will deal Electric ailment.

This is also the first boss fight in Lies of P where you can summon a specter to help you, although the AI partner is rarely helpful. Scrapped Watchman is where I believe players truly end their tutorial period as they now have an idea of all that the game may throw at them.

King’s Flame, Fuoco

King’s Flame Fuoco is a juggernaut of a boss in Lies of P. The puppet, or the walking furnace, has heavy-hitting attacks that knock you back even if you parry them and deal Overheat ailment with almost every attack.

Multiple AoE attacks and the ability to dash long distances make even the big arena unsafe. The best way to approach King’s Flame Fuoco is to let the specter companion take the heat, literally, while you attack from behind. Use as many heavy attacks as you can to try and break the boss’s guard and stun it.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss

The first monster-like grotesque boss. It is basically the Archbishop of the Cathedral who turned into an Ergo Monster due to his greed. Fallen Archbishop Andreus is the first boss in Lies of P to have two distinct phases, each with its own health bar.

Although Fallen Archbishop Andreus’s attacks are easy to predict and read, the boss is so huge that even moving around staggers you in your attacks. Its large leaps, tongue attacks, and spear attacks later in the second phase have immense range. This is the first time the Legion Arm proves to be extremely useful as the Fire legion arm deals insane damage to the boss.

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

The final boss of the Malum District, Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood is the first group fight of the game. Along with the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, other members of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood will also join the fight from time to time, with their own set of attacks and individual health bars.

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood is a battle of endurance. Managing stamina, and resources and making sure you keep the members of Black Rabbit Brotherhood apart from each other, so you don’t get ganked. Your specter can help, but you truly need to utilize every move in your arsenal to prevail.

Romeo, King of Puppets

The biggest boss of the game, King of Puppets is a giant puppet, and as a giant mostly relies on AoE attacks. In the first phase, King of Puppets uses basic punches that shake the ground dealing AoE damage. As the fight progresses, King of Puppets starts using a variety of attacks, including but not limited to swipes, grabs, and even slams.

After you defeat the King of Puppets, another puppet rises from its now shattered corpse, Romeo. Romeo is the true king of puppets and in direct contrast to the 1st phase, is almost your character’s size. he is fast and nimble and wields a scythe. Romeo is like other humanoid enemies, dashing in for quick attacks and long combos. Either your parry needs to be on point, or you should keep your stamina up to block and dodge.

Champion Victor boss

Champion Victor is the final boss of the Grand Exhibition Gallery. The abomination is an old circus freak brought back to life by the Alchemists. Champion Victor is a hulking brute with powerful punches and slams.

Champion Victor starts out slow. He is armored and takes less damage. His combos are small, and punches can be easily predicted and parried. As the fight progresses, particularly after Champion Victor’s health is at 60%, his armor starts to fall off, and his speed increases. At half health, all the armor falls off and Champion Victor gets a massive boost in his attack speed at the expense of his armor. Combos get longer and it becomes difficult to parry. Again, the best way to avoid getting bulldozed is to always keep an eye on your stamina.

Green Monster of the Swamp

Green Monster of the Swamp is the final boss of the Barren Swamp area in Lies of P. A monster who came into being by devouring the Ergo of fallen puppets, the boss is like a tentacle monster. The beginning of the fight is easy.

The Green Monster of the Swamp mostly attacks using its tentacles and will also burrow under the ground and dig towards you. You can’t block or parry the next attack. All you can do is dodge the attack.

Green Monster of the Swamp gets more and more aggressive as you progress through the fight. It starts using more and more dash attacks and starts attacking more violently. You need to be on constant guard, but fortunately, all these attacks in the second phase of the fight are relatively simple to parry, once you get the hang of it.

Corrupted Parade Master

Corrupted Parade Master, found in the Cersani Alley, is essentially the first boss of the game but corrupted. The boss retains most of its old moves, along with a few new moves. If you mastered Parade Master’s move set, your fight with the Corrupted Parade Master will be a breeze.

In this interaction, the Corrupted Parade Master will be weaker to overheat, as compared to electric attacks. Unfortunately, you cannot summon a Specter for this fight, same as before. Also, the Corrupted Parade Master will deal Decay ailment on every hit it lands.

Black Rabbit Brotherhood

If you remember, after you defeated the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, one of them swore revenge. They come back for this revenge in Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field. Here, unlike the last time, the three surviving members of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood fight you together.

After you defeat two out of the three Black Rabbit Brotherhood, the last surviving member fights you and is joined by a somehow revived Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. All their moves are the same as they were in the first fight, so you don’t have to readapt to their moves.

Laxasia the Complete

Laxasia the Complete is Simon Manus’s guard, the one with the big spiky armor. She was someone who loved Sir Manus and underwent the procedure to become a whole being as Simon perceived.

Laxasia is a powerful boss in Lies of P, with a wide variety of attacks and immense electric buildup. She can close distances in an instant and get to you as fast as you can blink. Parrying her will be a challenge, but since she is a humanoid, you can backstab her freely.

Simon Manus, Awakened God boss in Lies of P

As the leader of Alchemists, the cause of petrification disease in Krat and the root of all your trouble, Simon Manus is a true danger. The once normal human turns into a giant hulking brute wielding a powerful mace.

For his size, Simon is a fast fellow and will close distances like a pro. The mace attacks from Simon are so powerful that they will knock you back even if you parry them. All hits from Simon deal massive damage, so you need to be extra careful.

Nameless Puppet boss in Lies of P

The final boss in Lies of P, controlled by Geppetto himself who wishes to kill you to bring life to this nameless puppet. One can argue that Nameless Puppet is also an optional boss, but we consider it as a main boss since you do need to defeat it to get one of the endings of Lies of P.

The Nameless Puppet boss fight in Lies of P can be considered as fighting another human. Nameless Puppet doesn’t have any ridiculous over-the-top moves. Most of Nameless Puppet’s attacks are quite simple. All of them are somewhat easy to parry and block against, but the attack pattern almost never appears. This makes it difficult to predict what attack is going to come next, so you must always stay on your feet.

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