How To Get Proof Of Humanity In Lies of P

Show your humanity with a weapon.

Proof of Humanity is a unique boss weapon in Lies of P, that can only be unlocked after finishing the game. Having B-grade scaling with both Motivity and Technique, Proof of Humanity can be a great weapon for NG+ if you are making a Quality build in Lies of P.

Being a sword, Proof of Humanity deals 100 Physical Attack damage and comes with two fable arts like every other weapon. Unfortunately, since it is a special boss weapon it can’t be disassembled to craft its blade and handle into new weapon combos.

Lies of P Proof of Humanity location

In order to acquire the Proof of Humanity weapon in Lies of P, you will need to finish the game with two specific endings

Lies of P Proof of Humanity

Both of these outcomes will require you to choose the option to reject Geppetto. Once you do that, you will face Nameless Puppet as the final boss, which is the key to unlocking Proof of Humanity.

Defeat the Nameless Puppet

Since Nameless Puppet is the last boss of the game, it is not going to be an easy fight. Watch out for his devastating melee attacks and don’t be greedy. Only attack when you see an opening after his attack chain ends.

You can take your chances by guarding against the the incoming attacks, either with your weapon or Aegis legion arm but it’s best to maintain your distance and let Nameless Puppet’s attack chain play out.


Once Nameless Puppet is dead, you will get his special boss ergo. Make sure you don’t consume it.

Exchange Nameless Puppet’s Ergo for Proof of Humanity

Now that you have the boss ergo, wait for the credits to roll, and once you get the option to start New Game Plus, cancel that. This will spawn you back in Attacked Hotel Krat. Find Alidoro or Explorer Hugo in the hotel and talk to them. This way you will be able to give them the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo and in exchange purchase the Proof of Humanity boss weapon in Lies of P.

Lies of P Proof of Humanity

Don’t worry if you killed Alidoro at Relic of Trismegistus. You can still go to the same spot in Hotel Krat and Hugo will be there, selling the same items as Alidoro. This way you don’t miss out on the boss weapon regardless of the path you took in the story.

Best Proof of Humanity build

If you are aiming to make the Best Proof of Humanity build, then you can go with the following item options. So by pairing any of the following item options in this specific build, you will be able to make it even more formidable in Lies of P.

Legion Arm: Aegis or Fulminis Legion Arm

Amulets: Arm of God, Extreme Modification, Ghost Walk, Patience, Iron Wall

Grindstone: Satisfaction Grindstone

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