How To Get Frozen Feast In Lies of P

Frozen Feast is a unique boss weapon that hits hard.

The Frozen Feast is a special Greatsword weapon with B motivity scaling that you can obtain in Lies of P. If this is your first playthrough, we should warn you that you can only obtain Frozen Feast or Arm of God Amulet in a single playthrough of Lies of P. If you chose Amulet, you’ll be stuck till the New Game +. So, if the sword is what you are interested in, make sure you unlock it instead of the amulet.

Lies of P Frozen Feast location

In order to get the Frozen Feast sword, you need to defeat Champion Victor and trade his ergo with Alidoro to get the boss weapon. Champion Victor can be fought in the Grand Exhibition and is a main story boss. You won’t be able to miss him.

Once you’ve defeated the Champion, loot his body to get Reborn Champion’s Ergo, the rare ergo you need in order to get Frozen Feast in Lies of P

Once you have Reborn Champion’s Ergo, find Alidoro in Barren Swamp. Talk to him to open up his shop where you can trade the rare ergo to get a special amulet or weapon

lies of p frozen feast

With the Reborn Champion’s Ergo, you have a choice to make here:

  • Either purchase the Frozen Feast
  • Or purchase the Arm of God Amulet

While the Arm of God Amulet sounds like a great item, we do not recommend purchasing it. Purchasing the Frozen Feast sword not only assists you in damage and battles, but it also helps you to further upgrade your P-Organ, which otherwise, if you purchased the amulet, would not work then – forcing you to be stuck till new game +.


Frozen Feast Moveset and Stats

lies of p frozen feast

Frozen Feast is a special Ergo Crystal weapon made by an alchemist, and it cannot be disassembled. It has B-ranked Motivity and C-ranked Technique. It has a high physical attack damage of 167. It has two physical type Fable Arts:

  • Liberate
  • Single Slash

Liberate instantly releases your weapon and buffs up the attack speed temporarily while Slash is basic and straightforward. You gather up all your energy for a maximum Slash damage. This weapon hits hard and staggers enemies.

Frozen Feast is great against mini-bosses and big enemies; however, it is also slow, which is its drawback. However, if you have only one enemy, then it is easy to just stagger and continue dealing damage. A staggered enemy won’t hit you either, which is also a plus point.

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