Where To Find Electric Coil Stick In Lies of P

Become Thor with this electric damage dealing mace.

One of the earliest new weapons you can find in Lies of P, the Electric Coil Stick is a must-have thanks to its incredible usefulness against robot/puppet enemies throughout the game. As the name suggests, the Electric Coil Stick is a weapon that deals Electric Blitz damage to enemies. After a few consecutive hits, robot enemies are affected by the electric status effect and start taking damage over time, giving you some breathing room to regain stamina.

So, if you are struggling to kill some robots in Lies of P, the electric coil stick is the perfect weapon for you, even in the game’s late stages, and we can help you find it. Despite being the first elemental weapon you can get in Lies of P, the Electric Coil Stick is actually not a drop from an enemy or boss or even looted from the world.

Lies of P Electric Coil Stick location

The only way to get Electric Coil Stick is to purchase it. The Wandering Merchant inside the House on Elysion Boulevard sells the Electric Coil Stick for 1200 Ergo.

If you have already discovered Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard stargazer, fast-travel to it and buy the electric coil stick from the merchant. However, if this is your first time in the area, keep going through the area and you will get to the stargazer once you are on the rooftops of Elysion Boulevard.

The most important part of the Electric Coil Stick is the Electric Coil Stick Head, which acts as the blade part of weapons. It is this head that deals electric damage, and its Fable Art, Generate, gives a boost to Electric Blitz attack.

Although Electric Coil Stick best scales with the Advance stat, if you are running a different build there is still a way to make good use of the weapon.


After you have unlocked the Enigma Assembly Tool, you can dismantle the Electric Coil Stick and use it with any other weapon as well. Just put the Electric Coil Stick Head on whatever weapon you want and that new weapon will do the same electric damage, thus giving you more options. Even if you don’t have an Advance build, this way, you can do a decent amount of damage with it.

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