Lies Of P Arche Abbey Walkthrough

Arche Abbey is the penultimate area in Lies of P which itself consists of three major sections of the game. In this guide, we will let you glide through this area and help defeat one of the craziest bosses ever.

Arche Abbey in Lies of P is one of the longest and most difficult end-game areas. Once you complete Black Seaside during the chapter IX of Lies of P, you gain access to Arche Abbey which spans a whole deadly castle full of strong enemies and bosses

In this guide, we will take you through Arche Abbey area in Lies of P to successfully reach the final area known as Ascension Bridge. This area is full of mutated carcasses, so we strongly recommend that you carry either a fire weapon or fire abrasives. A fire abrasive modification on Legion arm is another good option too.

Arche Abbey is a massive area in Lies of P that covers most of chapter IX of the game. For your convenience, we have divided this area into multiple sections and will be covering all of them in detail.

How to complete Lies of P Arche Abbey Entrance

From the Arche Abbey Entrance Stargazer in Lies of P, go straight to enter a large moat. As soon as you enter the Moat, you will be attacked by massive arrows from a ballista. Turn right and make your way up to the safety. There are two small and one big carcass on this path. Once you manage to defeat them all, step on the switch and use High Level Alchemist badge to create new bridges.  

Now return to the beginning of the Moat and use the small stone bridge to get to the other side. Keep going until you come across a ladder. Kill the spitter and go further up. Make sure to stay inside cover while you take down the next two carcass enemies. Collect Star Fragment and Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool before using the next ladder. 

Go up to kill another enemy and collect Strong Resistance Ampoule from the ground. Kill both mutated dogs and turn right to find the ballista and its operator. Destroy them both to finally have a moment of piece in this godforsaken place.


Instead of going up the stairs, go back and down to find more enemies to and loot. There is a Star Fragment and a shortcut ladder that you can unlock.

Return to the ballista’s location and go up the stone stairs. Collect Cluster Grenade from the floor. There are two very strong enemies on the bridge ahead. Kill them both one by one and open the treasure chest to obtain Veteran’s Amulet. Use the ladder at the end of the bridge to go up. Activate the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer in Lies of P.

Lies of P Arche Abbey Outer Wall walkthrough

From the Arche Abbey outer wall stargazer go right and keep going up until you reach the outside ledges. Turn right and collect Dark Moon Moonstone from the farthest end. Beware of the ambush in this area.

Once done, drop down from there until you reach the platform below with corrosive gas and multiple enemies. Destroy the mutated plants that are producing this gas and take down the enemies. One of them is particularly strong, so be very careful. 

Collect Acid Abrasive from the ledge and move forward. Destroy the next set of plants and kill the enemy to obtain Legion Magazine from the floor. There is a ladder to the left. Use it to reach a small room to the right. Collect Bundle of Letters from the pile of books. Move to the next hallway through the only door.

Unlocking the shortcut to Arche Abbey Outer Wall stargazer

There is a red butterfly in the area that drops Full Moonstone. However, there are two acid spitting dogs in the same area. Make sure to kill them before making further progress. While you are on the looting spree, also collect Dim Ergo Crystal and Half Moonstone from the dead bodies near the altar.

Enter the small library to the left and collect Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool which is in front of a lit brazier. The whole area is full of explosive barrels that you can use to your advantage.

Go back into the main hall and climb the stairs. Turn right near the ledge to discover a new area. Destroy three armless enemies and unlock the shortcut. Beware of the arrows in the open area. This will directly lead you to the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer in Lies of P. 

From the shortcut door, turn back and enter the hall with a Dimensional butterfly once more. Climb the stairs again and this time go straight and take a left. Kill both dogs and collect Shot Put item. Go outside and kill the enemy who was shooting arrows at you. Enter the door to the left and once more enter a small quarter to the left to obtain Special Purification Ampoule. Beware of the ambush by a dog in this area.

Don’t drop down to the left from the openings in the wall. Keep going straight until you find First Discovery, Camille diary. From there, take the stairs on the left to go up. Pass through the door to reach a hall with another strong enemy (scorpion dog hybrid).

Take down the enemy while being mindful of your surroundings. There is a small room to the right with a treasure chest. Open it to obtain Acidic Great Curved Sword Blade/Handle.

Outer wall bridge of Arche Abbey

Go outside and climb the stairs once more. After the first step of the stairs, turn left to find a platform with some collectibles. You need to make a jump for it.

Once you reach the platform (near the shortcut door), interact with the glowing items to obtain Special Resistance Ampoule and Full Moonstone of the Covenant (required to upgrade boss weapons). 

Now return to the stairs by making the same long tiring journey once more. Beware of the ballista in the area. Turn right to enter another room with some stairs. There are some traps and enemies on the stairs. Make sure to move slowly and keep looking at the walls for strange marks. Once you reach the top, step on the stone and use High-level Alchemist badge to unlock the next stone bridge. 

Go all the way back down and return to the open area with ballista. There will be a new bridge there now. Cross it carefully and defeat the next strong enemy. Don’t attempt to collect the treasure chest or it will be a death sentence for you.

You need to come back here after destroying the ballista. Go into the next room, defeat two more enemies and use the stairs to the right to go down and unlock the shortcut. Now go back up to reach the roof with ballista. Take it down alongside its operator. Now return and open the treasure chest to obtain LADA F350 Frame.

Path to Black Cat’s location

There is a small beam near the shortcut ladder that you can use to reach the next ledge. From there you can obtain Acid Canister. Now return to the roof with ballista and use the ladder on the left. There is a Balance Crank on the outside ledge, and we recommend that you don’t miss it. Go all the way up and follow the left path first to obtain Full Moonstone.

Now return to the entrance and go to the right. Follow the stairs down until you reach a plank. Beware of an enemy standing on the rafter to the left. Cross the plank and take down the second enemy too. They fire three volleys of arrows each containing three arrows (a total of nine). Don’t use the ladder to go down yet as there is a Fable Catalyst in the area.

Now take the ladder down and turn left to find Gemini’s Iron Protection near an enemy. The plank to the right is a trap. It will break and you need to face a very strong enemy there. Use the columns to your advantage. There is a trinity room in the area. Open it with a trinity key to find the King of Riddles, Arlecchino. This unlocks the End of Riddles trophy/achievement in Lies of P. Talk to the King of Riddles and reply with a lie, Human, to obtain Alchemist’s Cape and a Quartz

There is a lift on the left side of the area. Go up and drop through the opening halfway to obtain Resplendent Ergo Chunk. Drop down from the right to find the treasure chest and open it to get a Legion Caliber (to upgrade the Legion arm at Hotel Krat).

Use the lift again to go all the way up. Defeat a strong enemy in this area and kill the golden butterfly to obtain Full Moonstone. Lower the shortcut ladder and go up the stairs on the opposite side to obtain Electric Blitz Canister. This path leads to the main boss of Arche Abbey outer wall in Lies of P, Black Cat.

How to defeat Black Cat boss in Lies of P

Black Cat is extremely agile, and he uses a spear for the fight. Most of his attacks come in a combination of two. Just keep your distance and use weapon break as much as possible to stagger him. Black Cat will go down in no time. Defeat him to obtain the Black Cat Mask. Arche Abbey outer wall boss in Lies of P is a joke when compared to the rest. Make your way through the arena to find a lift on the left. Go up and unlock the next Stargazer for Arche Abbey Broken Rift in Lies of P.

Lies of P Arche Abbey Broken Rift walkthrough

From the Stargazer go straight and then turn left inside the hallway to find Dark Moon Moonstone. Beware of the ambush from another strong enemy. Take this tentacle monster down to obtain a Star Fragment. Now go through the door to find mutated crawling enemies.

Defeat them to obtain a Dim Ergo Fragment from the pile of corpses. Go down the stairs and turn right to find Fire Abrasive.

Through the jail cells

There is a massive ambush waiting for you. You will be attacked by 5 enemies at once including a strong one. Run back and kite them to survive the onslaught. Once you kill all the enemies, obtain another Fire Abrasive and Attribute Resistance Ampoule from the area. Now return and go to the left side to obtain Half Moonstone

Go through the front door and you will come across three more enemies in this area. Make sure to collect Fable Catalyst. There is a ladder on the right corner of the room. Use it to go up and turn left to collect Electric Blitz Canister. From the item location, turn left to find and lower the shortcut ladder.

Now return and follow the only path left. There is a strong Jester enemy in the area that can pull you towards it with the weapon. It is one of the most difficult fights in the game and I recommend that you let the carcasses take care of the problem. Once you are done here, climb the stairs (from where the jester appeared) and reach the next floor.

Take down another strong enemy and pull the river to the right. This will unlock a gate in the lower section of Arche Abbey broken rift area in Lies of P. Return to the ambush area to find the now unlocked door. A mini boss of the area will attack you.

Watch out for his diving head attack and arm swings. It drops a Quartz that you need to upgrade your P-core at Hotel Krat. Climb the stairs and turn right to find a Dimensional butterfly. Kill it to obtain a Balance Crank.

Finding the shortcut for Arche Abbey Broken Rift

Go through the huts until you reach the very top. There is another ambush by Carcasses waiting for you here. This area contains a very difficult strong enemy with an electric cane.

Kill it and proceed forward by climbing the ladder at the end. Go up the stairs to obtain Half Moonstone. Make sure to run away after killing an enemy as they explode and deal corrosive damage. 

Once you reach the stone hallway, go down to lower the shortcut ladder. It is right next to the Arche Abbey broke rift Stargazer in Lies of P. Go back and kill the enemy to the right to gain access to the treasure box. Now use the stairs going upward.

This will take you to the roof with a lot of wooden beams. Defeat all the enemies here and kill the red butterfly to obtain Half Moonstone. Follow the beams to reach the other side safely.

From there drop down and collect Half Moonstone. Use the diving attack to kill enemies below and open the treasure chest to get Red Fox’s Amulet. Continue your journey but remember every enemy ahead is the strong one that uses a lot of red attacks. Once you defeat the enemies, drop down the stairs to obtain Full Moonstone. Go through the hut to come across a falling spikes trap.

Path to Laxasia the Complete

Carefully make your way across the bridge to collect a Quartz from the treasure chest. Make sure that you turn off the trap by using the lever. Return and continue your journey forward. Another strong enemy will attack you through the wall. Take it down to obtain a Legion Caliber and use the ladder on the side to go up. 

Keep going up until you notice a lift to the right. Use it to leave the Arche Abbey broken rift area in Lies of P. Repair the next Stargazer and get ready for the next boss fight against Laxasia which allows you to access Ascension Bridge in Lies of P.

How to defeat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P

Laxasia the Complete is blocking your path to leave Arche Abbey in Lies of P and reach Ascension Bridge. During the first phase of the boss fight, Laxasia uses a lot of powerful attacks with her current imbued sword. Make sure to keep your distance and take advantage of her slow speed to deliver some hits in between. 

Once you manage to take her down, a cutscene starts followed by her next phase. She removes her heavy armor and becomes extremely agile. Laxasia starts the fight by throwing electricity bolts at you followed by a diving attack at your location. The only saving grace is her lack of direction while attacking due to her immense speed.

Once you kill Laxasia, the path to Ascension Bridge opens and you are free to leave Arche Abbey in Lies of P.

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