Where To Get Technique Cranks In Lies of P

Technique Crank in Lies of P alters the technique stat of blade handles so their locations are useful for upgrades.

With a long list of collectibles available in Lies of P, you can find and use them for your own good. Some of them are rare while others can be found easily while progressing through the game. One of those rare upgrade materials in Lies of P is Techniqe Crank, which can improve the handle of your weapon. This guide will take you through different locations where you can find Technique Cranks in Lies of P.

Lies of P Technique Crank locations

Following are all the locations we have discovered where you can find a Technique Crank in the Lies of P. We will update this guide with more information if we find any more technique crank farming spots.

Venigni Works Control Room

While going through the Workshop Union, you will come across the Venigni Works control room. After activating the Stargazer, move out of the room and start exploring the different platforms connected using the huge machine frame preparing the green chemical. Here you will be able to find the Technique Crank resting on the ground beside a puppet.

Estella Opera House

The next Technique Crank is available in the Estella Opera House. Here you will come across a dark room having a multi-stage vertical ladder. Climb down the ladder and you will encounter some of the puppets outside with a couple of Dimensional (Red) butterflies flying around. Slay them to get your hands over the Technique Crank in Lies of P.

Hotel Krat Technique Crank

Well, unlike the other locations, where you can get your hands over the Technique Crank for free, here you need to purchase it for a couple of Ergo. You can buy a Technique Crank from Pulcinella’s shop located in Hotel Krat.

Initially, you will be able to get a single Technique Crank for 800 Ergo which is quite a big amount. However, if you manage to provide Pulcinella with the Functional item known as the Incredible Venigni Collection you will be able to get two of these Technique Cranks for 1000 Ergo. You can find the Incredible Venigni Collection while progressing through the Estella Opera House.


Progressing through the game, you will come across the Grand Exhibition Gallery, here you need to assemble the Stargazer along with fighting a couple of mini-bosses as well. Once you are done dealing with all these enemies present inside the building, use the stairs to move to the upper floor and find a way out to one of the balconies. Once there, just move a couple of steps ahead and a Dimensional butterfly will spawn there.

Slay the butterfly and it will reward you with a Technique Crank in Lies of P.

Relic of Trismegistus entrance

After starting the game at the Relic of Trismegistus Stargazer, you need to follow the path going downhill. Beside a big waterfall, you will find a stone wall leading you inside a tunnel. Take this path and you will reach the Sealed Underground area.

Head down the stairs ahead and a couple of Dimensional Butterflies will spawn in the open area. Go on and kill all of these butterflies one by one. One of the butterflies will reward you with the Technique Crank.

How to use Technique Crank in Lies of P

After collecting the Technique Crank in the game, the next important part is to gain knowledge to use this collectible item properly to have maximum benefit out of it. There are different kinds of Altering Materials you can find throughout the game, but the Technique Crank specializes in altering the Handle.

With the Technique Crank applied, the Technique scaling of the handle increases by 1 Tier. However, it does provide a negative impact as well. While incrementing the Tier of Technique scaling, it simultaneously reduces the Motivity Tier by 1 as well.

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