How To Get Trident Of The Covenant In Lies of P

No seas in Krat but you can still rule with Trident of the Covenant.

A blunt special boss weapon, the Trident of the Covenant in Lies of P is one of the best Technique scaling weapons in the game. Since it is a special weapon, Trident of the Covenant can’t be disassembled, but it already comes with a great moveset that you won’t feel the need to switch it up.

Lies of P Trident of the Covenant location

As Trident of the Covenant is a special boss weapon, you can only get it by trading a specific rare ergo with the boss weapon merchant, Alidoro. You can find Alidoro in Hotel Krat or other locations, based on where you are in the story.

However, before you can get Trident of the Covenant from Alidoro, you need Twisted Angel’s Ergo. Twisted Angel’s Ergo is dropped after you kill Fallen Archbishop Andreus in St. Frangelico Cathedral.

Take the ergo to Alidoro, and at his shop, you can exchange it to get either the Trident of the Covenant or Nameless One’s Amulet.

Should you choose Trident of the Covenant or Nameless One’s Amulet?

I would recommend getting the Trident of the Covenant as it comes with 115 physical attack damage and a 30-critical rate, making it quite deadly even without any weapon upgrades. You can upgrade this weapon to make it more deadly. Trident of the Covenant hits like a truck.

On the other hand, while on paper, the Nameless One’s Amulet does sound nice since it is supposed to not consume a pulse cell when you heal yourself. Unfortunately, the chance of that effect triggering is extremely low, so you are better off not wasting your ergo on it.


Trident of the Covenant moveset

lies of p trident of the covenant

Trident of the Covenant’s fable arts includes Link Rush Stab, which allows you to stab the enemy by charging forward. Consuming another fable charge allows you to perform a second attack, a jump followed by a downward slam.

The second fable art on Trident of the Covenant is the Guard Parry. This enables you to dodge enemy attacks and, in response, deliver a deadly attack on the enemy. Guard Parry is a defensive moveset and uses only one Fable charge.

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