Lies of P Lorenzini Arcade Walkthrough

Lorenzini Arcade is the entryway to Grand Exhibition in Lies of P and you must go through it to complete Geppetto's request.

After defeating the King of puppets, make your past the Estella Opera House Stage. Eventually, you will reach the open city and trigger a short cutscene with Geppetto who will comment on how though the puppets may no longer be a major threat, the Petrification Disease is still a lingering issue. He will instruct you to find the Alchemists at The Grand Exhibition.

Before you can get to the actual Grand Exhibition area, you need to pass through the Lorenzini Arcade in Lies of P and that is what we are here to help you with.

How to complete Lies of P Lorenzini Arcade

After Geppetto finishes talking, move on past him and take the right at the end of the alley. Down a short flight of stairs, there will be two Worker Puppets and a dormant puppet body with loot nearby. Kill the puppets and pick up the Vivid Ergo Fragment from the body. Take the stairs down and you will see a resting Sawblade Dog near a Worker Puppet.

Be warned as the other 2 puppet bodies are also alive and will join the battle if you get too close to them. After clearing out the enemies, two items of note here: Pick up the Cluster Grenade near the lamppost, then go into the alley opposite to the lamppost to pick up Gemini’s Emergency Protection.

Move on down the path and eventually, Gemini will comment on how strange the puppets are acting. As you move ahead, you will see an open cellar with a Worker Puppet slamming the wall. Kill him inside and pick up the Radiant Ergo Fragment. Get back out and kill the puppet near the lamppost in front of you. After that, take the metal stairs up and at the end, you will find an Attribute Petrification Ampoule.

Go down and this time take the stairs that lead downward, and Gemini will comment how the Puppets seem like they’re mourning their king. Once down the stairs, take a U-turn to the right and kill the Puppet ahead so you can pick up the Crescent Moonstone.


Turn around and follow the path to the stairs leading downward. Kill the puppet in front of you and pick up the Thermite next to the cart. Go down the alleyway now and kill the puppet at the end. Then take a right and you’ll end up in a tiny market. Go into the stall with a hanging puppet to acquire a Dim Ergo Chunk.

Don’t go in from the front just yet, first take the nearby ladder up and go to the end of the path. You’ll have to kill one puppet at first, then at the end of the path there will be a resting puppet next to a Treasure Chest and another Worker Puppet will be coming to ambush you from behind. Kill them both and open the Treasure Chest to obtain the Clock Sword Blade and Clock Sword Handle.

Go down the gap in the railing back into the tiny market and this time go straight. Beware of the elite headless puppet enemy ahead. After you kill it, move on ahead until you enter an open plaza. Turn left immediately and keep going. Look for the item lying on the ground next to some boxes. Pick it up to acquire Gemini’s Emergency Protection.

Near the plaza center, you must contend with 4 Workers and 2 Sawblade Dog Puppets. One of the Worker Puppets standing behind a carriage can be picked off alone. After you kill them, two Carcass bodies near where they were gathered can be looted. Loot the left one to obtain a Radiant Ergo Fragment and the right one to get a Saw Blade.

Entering the Lorenzini Arcade

After that, walk up to the Metal Door with a half-white painted X on it and interact to open and enter Lorenzini Arcade. Inside, you will find many Carcass mobs. As you move ahead, a lone Carcass will be shambling, but beware of the Store Windows as a Carcass will burst out from one on the right. Kill it and the other Carcass you saw standing but beware a third Carcass playing dead amongst bodies will also wake up and attack.

After killing all of them, backtrack a bit to where the first Carcass burst through the store window and go into the store opposite to it with the blood trail at the entrance. You will see an item lying in the right corner of the room, but first, go to the left corner and kill the Tentacle Carcass that was lying in ambush. Once dead, go pick up the Vivid Ergo Fragment from the ground. Go back out and now walk straight ahead till you reach the Lorenzini Arcade Stargazer

After that, walk straight ahead and be ready since an Elite Slasher Carcass will break through the roof and drop down. This enemy has quite a long reach so try to just stay close to it and spam heavy attacks while he is in recovery from his attacks so you can quickly rack up a Stagger into Fatal Attack. Upon death, the Elite will drop a Star Fragment.

How to find Lorenzini Arcade 1st Floor Key

From the point where the Elite dropped down, turn left to see an open door with two carcasses inside the store. Kill them and pick up the Thermite from the counter. Leave the store and go down the path you were originally on. To the right, you will see a Theatre Clemence sign and under it will be the Lorenzini Arcade 1st Floor Key. Pick it up and backtrack to the Stargazer.

While facing the Stargazer after backtracking, take the left path now. As you move on, two Carcasses will break through the Left and Right Store Windows at the end. Kill them, then in the room ahead you will find an Armless Carcass and a regular Carcass hanging on a pillar who will drop down shortly after. Kill them both and use the Lorenzini Arcade 1st Floor key in Lies of P to open the gate.

Going through the gate, keep moving until you see a big hole in the wall to the left. Beware since a Tentacle Carcass is right here, as well as a regular Carcass at the edge just before the broken floor. Kill them both and continue into the hole in the wall, down the stairs. Here again, you will find a Tentacle Carcass at the end as well as two Exploding Carcasses that will trigger a Decay Explosion upon death.

After killing them, go through the door at the end and take a left. Don’t go down, instead, hang onto the floor side near the wall, kill the Decay Thrower Carcass, and take the door to the left. A Mannequin Puppet will be crouched in front of the pillar, kill it, and move further into the room.

Use a ranged attack or item to bring the puppet closer to you. Another Mannequin Puppet will also drop down from above. As the red glow around you indicates, going further in will spawn a Golden Dimensional Butterfly so you want to kill the puppets before causing it to spawn. This Golden Dimensional Butterfly Variant has a very high health pool and will also use a small shockwave attack in self-defense. Kill it to obtain a Half Moonstone, as well as help progress the ‘From Across the Rift’ Achievement.

After this, follow the stairs above and out into the open. An Elite Headless Puppet will attack you. Kill it and then move to the edge of the broken path to pick up a Star Fragment.

Once done, go back down the stairs and backtrack to where you killed the Decay Thrower Carcass. This time, take the path below to the compromised wine storage. Be careful since an Elite Dual Hammer Arm Carcass will be waiting here. This enemy hits very hard and chains multi-hit combos plenty.

If your Perfect Guard game is on point, it shouldn’t be too hard. Otherwise, apply hit-and-run tactics and build up your Fable and Stagger Guage to burst the opponent as soon as possible. Killing this enemy will drop the LADA F250 Frame. After that, go to the Left corner of the basement next to the stairs to pick up a Fable Catalyst. Then take the right path and follow it out of the wine storage area.

Once out, there will be a staircase to the right. Follow this into a dark room and take a left as soon as you enter the room, behind the screen you can pick up the Monad Charity House Concert item.

Exit this room and take the right path. Kill the Armless Carcass and pick up Gemini’s Iron Protection from the box on the right. Now, back to the path, go straight ahead and follow the stairs. Be careful as there will be a Giant Carcass enemy in Lies of P roaming past the doorway at the end.

These enemies are slow and telegraphed but their attacks deal a lot of damage. If you are running low on health or would rather avoid a battle for now, simply wait till the mob passes the doorway then run out behind it. You’ll need to take the path the Giant Carcass takes so follow a little distance behind it.

Pick up the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant lying on the ground to the left but move away quick as an Exploding Carcass will drop from the strange goo on the roof. Now just run ahead to the end of the path and take a left from where the Giant Carcass makes a U-turn. This will lead to another path and there is a roaming Giant Carcass here too.

Avoid it as well as the Carcasses dropping from the Roof Goo. At the end, you will see a Carcass banging on a corrupted gate and just before it, an open shop to the left. You want to go through this door but a Carcass will attempt to attack you from inside. Just kill it and move on.

Move straight ahead until you reach a little hall with two rows of seats facing each other and a door in between them. Open this door to unlock a shortcut to the Lorenzini Arcade Stargazer in Lies of P. Take the chance to rest up if you need to or visit Hotel Krat to level up.

After this, backtrack to where you came from, and kill all the Carcasses in your path, as well as the Giant Carcass that roams this pathway. Killing it will grant you a Star Fragment. Go back and into the open room which connects this path to the path with the other roaming Giant Carcass.

In this circular room, you will find a Vivid Ergo Fragment lying on the ground behind some boxes. After picking that up, backtrack to Stargazer to rest up again if need be.

Now, enter the room once again, only this time go straight ahead past the two rows of chairs facing each other. You will find a Wandering Merchant in this area of Lies of P. Whether you buy something from him is up to you. In any event, move past him, avoid the Giant Carcass roaming ahead, and go straight down the stairs.

Once down, go straight ahead and kill the Armless Carcass. After that, keep going straight and kill the Decay Thrower Carcass. Once killed, take the right path into the room with a lingering decay mist. Some stationary mobs will be responsible for producing this mist, so you target and kill them with a Saw Blade or any ranged tool to dispel the mist.

Two Armless Carcasses will be roaming ahead so kill them. After that, the room ahead will have 2 Tentacle Carcasses lying in wait and the Poison-producing Carcass will be in the right hall from this room. Kill the Carcasses and the poison producer to progress further.

The room ahead warrants caution. A lone Armless Carcass stands in the middle, but to the right is an open doorway through which a Tentacle Carcass and an Elite Slasher Carcass will attempt to ambush you as soon as you attack the Armless Carcass.

Rather than attack the Armless Carcass, stick to the right as you enter the open area and the poison producing Carcass will be right next to you. Kill it and be ready to engage the enemy. A Dimensional Butterfly will spawn in this area of Lies of P as well though it may be hard and risky to try and kill it in one go here.

You could focus on the enemy and get the other loot and unlock the shortcut to the Stargazer first, then respawn afterward to get the dimensional butterfly later. It will drop the Alchemical Booster upon death.

After clearing the enemies, the Elite mob will drop a Star Fragment, an Attribute Resistance Ampoule, and a Radiant Ergo Fragment. There is also a Safe in this room of Lorenzini Arcade in Lies of P which you can open to obtain the Spear of Honor Blade and Spear of Honor Handle.

Take the right path now, use a throwing tool to get rid of the poison-producing Carcass, and then kill the Armless Carcass. Open the gate and take the left path back to the stargazer if you want to heal or the right path to progress onward.

On the right path, keep going straight, killing the Armless Carcass and Poison Throwing Carcass on the way and take a left turn in the room with the Poison Throwing Carcass.

Down this hall, a Carcass will be visible up ahead but be wary as a Carcass will also leap forward from the left near the lamp. Kill them both then go up the path behind the Carcass that leaped from the left side to unlock a door that leads back to the Stargazer.

Finding Hunter’s Amulet

Go back down and take the path forward. Avoid the misty area and just go through the room nearby. Take a right past the open doorway and then another right when you find the next open door here. Follow the path down into an open Wine Cellar with Carcasses locked behind bars. As you move further ahead, an Elite Jester Puppet will leap through a pile of barrels.

The Jester Puppet in Lies of P has a rather erratic attack pattern and likes to delay its attacks. As you fight it though, some Carcasses will break out of their cells and join the fight. You don’t need to focus on them since the Jester Puppet’s attacks harm them as well. They can draw the Jester Puppet’s attention, allowing you to get some solid hits in. Ideally, if you have the Fulminis Legion Arm, this battle becomes quite easier. In any event upon killing the Jester Puppet, you will acquire the Hunter’s Amulet.

How to get Wine for Old Lady at the Window

From where the Jester Puppet attacked you, look to the first busted open cell to the right, and inside you will find a Special Resistance Ampoule. Go through the gate that was behind the Jester Puppet. Turn right and you will find an open area with two items lying on the ground. To the right, near the barrels, you can pick up a Balance Crank. To the left, in the Wine Cupboard, you will find La Bleiwies Wine a quest item for the Old Lady at the Window.

With the wine in hand, you can go back to the Rosa Isabelle Streets stargazer and give it to her to complete the Old Lady at the Window side quest. She will give you a Venigni Commemorative Coin which can be traded with Pulcinella in Hotel Krat. However, the wine situation comes later. Back to the task at hand which is clearing out Lies of P Lorenzini Arcade.

Move on up the stairs and you will eventually find two Carcasses blocking the doorway. As you get closer, a third Carcass will burst out of the Box to the left. Kill all 3 and move on straight. As you move up the stairs, someone will broadcast an announcement through the Stargazers in the city.

Once out of the staircase, take a right and pick up the Vivid Ergo Fragment near the gate. Now open the gate to unlock a shortcut to the Stargazer. Follow the long pathway behind you to exit the Lorenzini Arcade area in Lies of P and continue your journey to the Grand Exhibition Gallery.

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