How To Get Noblesse Oblige In Lies of P

Trade Simon's ergo for a great weapon.

Noblesse Oblige is an A-grade Motivity weapon in Lies of P that deals great damage with a Fable Art, which is excellent for defense. Noblesse Oblige is one of the best weapons you can get for high-level boss fights, as it can deal a lot of damage in each attack.

However, finding Noblesse Oblige in Lies of P isn’t an easy task. You will pretty much only be able to get this weapon near the end of the game, so it is only useful for NG+ run of Lies of P.

Lies of P Noblesse Oblige location

Noblesse Oblige is a special boss weapon, which means you’ll get it after defeating a specific boss and trading its Ergo with Alidoro or Rookie Explorer Hugo. To get Noblesse Oblige, you need to defeat Simon Manus, the Awakened God.

During chapter 11, you’ll find Simon in Arche Abbey, Cradle of the Gods, where you have to fight him. Make sure you are equipped with the necessary gear to defeat him.

The easiest and most effective way to defeat Simon Manus is to run around and avoid his attacks until he starts to rest or recharge. Then, use this opening to attack as much as you can. This is slow, but without any fancy gear, it’s the best way to go about this fight.

Once Simon is defeated, you’ll get Fallen One’s Ergo. The item can be used to either get the Noblesse Oblige or Awakened God’s Amulet. So, if you are interested in the weapon, you will have to defeat Simon again in New Game Plus to get the amulet.


Personally, I would recommend selecting Noblesse Oblige instead of Awakened God’s Amulet. With Motivity cranks, it can go up to S-scaling, making it insanely deadly. However, the biggest advantage it provides is that with kills, the amount of Ergo you earn per kill increases. This makes Noblesse Oblige a great weapon for Ergo farming.

For either of those, you’ll need to find Alidoro (or Explorer Hugo if you have killed Alidoro), who is in Hotel Krat. Go to the hotel and turn left from the main staircase. In this corridor, turn right, and you’ll find Hugo in the small area. Trade the Fallen One’s Ergo for the Noblesse Oblige weapon

Noblesse Oblige Fable Arts

Although Noblesse Oblige is a heavy weapon with a lot of damage, it balances out its Fable Arts by having one attack and one defense. This makes fighting easier, and the defensive fable art can be used in dire situations without paying a heavy price.

Ergo Release: A heavy blow that affects the surrounding foes. A specific amount of Ergo is used for heavier damage.

Endure: A healing art that allows players to endure an upcoming attack.


Similar to many other weapons in Lies of P, Noblesse Oblige also upgrades till level 5. The number of Ergo and Moonstones required are mentioned along with the level upgrade.

+1200 Ergo + 1x Dark Moon Moonstone
+2230 Ergo + 2x Dark Moon Moonstone
+3260 Ergo + 4x Dark Moon Moonstone
+4320 Ergo + 1x Full Moonstone
+5430 Ergo + 2x Full Moonstone

If you like to play with heavy attack weapons, Noblesse Oblige is the best choice for the players of Lies of P. Make sure to understand how this weapon works so you can incorporate its use into your gameplay.

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