How To Get Uroboros’s Eye In Lies of P

A spinning disc for a sword.

Shaped like a disc (it does have Uroboros in the name, after all), Uroboros’s Eye in Lies of P is a unique boss weapon that Giangio himself made. With a B rank in Technique scaling, Uroboros’s Eye is one of the best Technique weapons in Lies of P, which is only slightly hampered by the fact that it can’t be disassembled.

However, the lack of disassembly options isn’t a big issue since the Fable Arts that Uroboros’s Eye comes with are more than enough to entice anyone to find the weapon for themselves.

Lies of P Uroboros’s Eye location

As mentioned before, Uroboro’s Eye is a boss weapon. This means it can only be acquired by killing a boss and trading the boss Ergo with Alidoro or Rookie Explorer Hugo.

To get Uroboros’s Eye in Lies of P, you must defeat Laxasia the Complete in Arche Abbey’s Ascension Bridge. This is a great place to use your Bone-Cutting Sawblade to deal with the boss. Once Laxasia has been defeated, you will get Sad Zealot’s Ergo as a reward.

Return to Alidoro (or Rookie Explorer Hugo in the same place if you killed Alidoro) and trade with him. Exchanging Sad Zealot’s Ergo with Alidoro will allow you to buy Uroboros’s Eye or Impregnable Fortress Amulet. Ignore the amulet in this playthrough since we are interested in the weapon.

Uroboros’s Eye Fable Arts

Lies of P Uroboros’s Eye location

Since you can’t disassemble Uroboros’ Eye in Lies of P, you have to use the Fable Arts moveset that it comes with. Thankfully, those are pretty decent.


Wandering Moon: Throw the weapon forward, where it stays for a short while, dealing damage to enemies around it before returning to you.

Storm Notice: The circular disc of Uroboros’s Eye stops spinning, and hitting enemies deals bonus damage while the disc is stopped.


As a boss weapon, Uroboros’s Eye only has five levels of upgrades instead of the usual 10.

+1+27 Physical Attack200 Ergo + 1x Dark Moon Moonstone
+2+29 Physical Attack230 Ergo + 2x Dark Moon Moonstone
+3+30 Physical Attack260 Ergo + 4x Dark Moon Moonstone
+4+30 Physical Attack320 Ergo + 1x Full Moonstone
+5+31 Physical Attack430 Ergo + 2x Full Moonstone

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