Lies of P: What Does The Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance Speech Bubble Mean?

Find and talk to Subject 826.

After defeating Laxasia the Complete in the Arch Abbey, you might have noticed a speech bubble appear in Lies of P next to Rosa Isabelle Street in the stargazer menu. If you have been wondering what that speech bubble is for, wonder no more. That speech bubble actually indicates progress in the Subject 826 questline.

You would have already met Subject 826 by now and should remember that he expressed his desire to leave Arche Abbey and move to Rosa Isabelle Street. Well, once you defeat Laxasia, that is exactly what he does, and then you can go to his new location in Rosa Isabelle Street and talk to Subject 826 to get rid of this speech bubble.

Where to find Subject 826 in Rosa Isabelle Street

Note: Even if you killed Laxasia before meeting with him, don’t worry, as he will still be at the bottom of the Arch Abbey Outer Wall, and you can talk to him for the whole scenario to play out the same way.

In any case, if you see the speech bubble next to Rosa Isabelle Street in Lies of P, it means the NPC has moved there, and now you need to find him. Subject 826 will be on the bridge that overlooks the long street where you fought the Mad Clown Puppet Boss.

To get here, you can take the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance Stargazer, or to save a bit of time, take the Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert Stargazer.

If you choose to go from the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance Stargazer, proceed forward till you reach the burning gate at the end, then turn left to the shortcut you opened the first time you went through this area.


From there, follow the path and simply move straight ahead, up the staircase directly in front of you. A Rifle Puppet will be standing there, but you can get around him without aggroing him by sticking to the right side. In any event, a right turn here will lead you to Test Subject 826 right ahead.

In case you choose the Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert Stargazer, turn left from the Stargazer, past the shortcut you opened here on the first run through the area. Go straight and ascend the stairways past the maid puppets.

You’ll reach an open area with a Rifle Puppet on the elevated area ahead and a staircase to the left corner that leads up above. An Exploding Jester Puppet will be present here. Once you kill it, turn right after ascending the stairs, and you will find Test Subject 826 right ahead.

Lies of P: Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance Speech Bubble

Talk to Test Subject 826 to clear the Rosa Isabelle Street speech bubble in Lies of P

Once there, you can talk to him for some new dialogue about himself, the place, and its history. He will comment about his favorite singer Patricia, aka the White Lady Stalker boss from Chapter 6, and how she lost her voice, the details of which elude him. Of course, if you met Adrianna in the Estella Opera House and followed her quest, you will know the truth of the matter already.

Subject 826 also mentions reading memories about a Maid Puppet who professed her love to a human. This, too, is a callback to an early quest in the area when you first came here, regarding Julian the Gentleman and his Puppet Wife and the wedding ring you found next to her body.

Now, however, you can get a clear answer to the dilemma. Test Subject 826 will direct you to see the markings behind her body as proof, and when you return there this time, you will see a note next to her in which the Puppet makes clear that she did love Julian, thus tying up the mystery of that particular side story.

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