Baldur’s Gate 3 Wyll Approval Guide

While raising Wyll's Approval Rating in Baldur's Gate 3, you need to make certain choices he likes and avoid the ones he abhors.

Wyll in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a Tiefling companion that you will come across during Act 1 of the game. Like the rest of the companions, Wyll has a unique personality of his own, and performing acts that he likes will end up increasing Wyll’s approval for you in Baldur’s Gate 3. Wyll, being a hero during the Blade of Frontiers companion quest, is accompanied by a devil who grants Wyll his magical powers. 

Despite his appearance, Wyll is quite friendly in Baldur’s Gate 3, and you can even romance Wyll with a good approval rating. In BG3, the approval rating for a companion will go up or down depending on your actions and which companion’s approval rating you are looking at.

How to gain Wyll’s approval in BG3

Wyll, despite drawing his powers from an evil deity, is friendly and humble. His approval choices are very much like Gale’s, so having them both in your active party helps make the choices a hell of a lot easier. Wyll likes heroic activities, saving lives, and fighting evil. 

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Wyll’s approval will go up if you select the following choices.

Act 1 Wyll approval choices

  • Save Lae’zel from her captors by using persuasion or intimidation. Avoid violence at all costs.
  • Convince Zevolr to stop Kagha from performing the ritual. 
  • Save Arabella from Kagha by using diplomacy. If you fail and she kills Arabella, say: “Only a monster can attack children.” Attack and kill Kagha. 
  • Reassure Zevlor that you will kill all three goblin leaders inside Goblin Camp
  • Deceive Minthara by not opening Emerald Grove’s gate for her and her goblin army. 
  • Kill Fezzerk and goblins inside Blighted Village to save Barcus Wroot
  • Don’t hurt Owlbear cub, and let it go. 
  • Recruiting Karlach will give you massive approval from Wyll in Baldur’s Gate 3. 
  • Accept counselor Florrick’s request to save Duke Ravenguard
  • Save Thulla by giving her an antidote. 
  • Free Baelen Bonecloak from the field of bibberbang mushrooms. 
  • Free the trapped gnomes in the Grymforge cave-in. Tell True Soul Nere to stop hurting them. If he refuses, attack and kill him. 
  • Inquire about Wyll’s past and his association with Blades of Frontier. Appreciate him after learning his story. 
  • When Lae’zel talks to you, reply with: “No one is dying tonight.” 
  • Take care of animals at your camp and pet them. 
  • Talk to Wyll and ask him: “Are you worried about your father?” 
  • Refuse the deal from Raphael and tell him: “You are mad if you think I will make a deal with the devil.” 
  • Stop Mizora from attacking Karlach and then talk to Wyll about being a demon himself. 
  • Reassure Wyll that you will help him get rid of the pact he has made with Mizora to earn his approval in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Act 2 Wyll approval choices

  • Protect the portal opened by Halsin in Last Light Inn and select the following dialogue choice: “You can trust me.” 
  • Select the smile option from dialogue choices when Wyll asks you to dance with him in camp. 
  • Bid Wyll goodnight or invite him to spend the night with you. Make it spicier by inviting Halsin also. 
  • Use persuasion to force Mizora to let Wyll go of her pact inside Moonrise Towers
  • Play Hide and Seek with Oliver. 
  • Promise to help Arabella and then ask her to join your camp. 
  • Wake Up Art Cullagh by playing the flute.

What not to do if you want Wyll approval

Despite his scary appearance, Wyll has a heart of gold. He is the embodiment of heroism and stands against everything that is evil. Wyll absolutely hates cowards, aggressors, and murderers. He has an inherent dislike for people who are unkind to animals and children in any way. 

The following acts will make you lose Wyll’s approval in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

  • Be a coward and run away from fights. 
  • Be selfish or deceive Wyll instead of helping him. 
  • Siding with Astarion or trying to earn his approval
  • Being cruel and unjust will also decrease Wyll’s approval rating. 
  • Force Madeline to stab herself multiple times during Punish the Wicked quest.
  • Accept Raphael’s offer inside Sharess’ Caress. 
  • Lick the dead spider multiple times inside Gauntlet of Shar
  • Attack Zevlor while he was arguing with Aradin. 
  • Kick Timber, the squirrel, and tell your party members that it was her fault. 
  • Instead of getting angry at Kagha for killing Arabella, encourage her and tell her that she did the right thing. This will massively decrease your approval from Wyll in Baldur’s Gate 3. 
  • Blow the war horn and allow Minthara and goblin forces to invade Emerald Grove. 
  • Try to extort Barcus Wroot after saving him inside Blighted Village. 
  • Tell Wyll that you don’t care, even if he is from a noble lineage and son of Duke Ravenguard.

Impact of Approval on Wyll’s Romance

Just like the rest of the companions, you need a specific amount of approval to be able to romance Wyll. This is achievable as early as Act 1 of the game if you are being heroic and save everyone in Emerald Grove. 

Once the relationship with Wyll begins, trivial approval down choices won’t hurt it. However, doing evil acts will make Wyll leave you and your party once his approval meter hits dark red in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you are experiencing a bug where you are unable to see Wyll’s approval bar and it’s missing, there is no need to panic as it’s a known bug, and it won’t reset your progress. It should appear on its own after some time or a save reload.

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