How To Get The Technician Armor Set In Remnant 2

Finding the Technician armor set is not easy in Remnant 2. You need to reach the edge of the map and find a hidden pathway into a toxic mist.

The Technician Set in Remnant 2 is a solid and heavy armor gear you can find in the Eon Vault located in the world of N’Erud. This massive armor is super durable and provides heavy defensive stats to keep your character safe during combat. Moreover, it has a fierce design making your character look like an intergalactic warrior.

Finding the Technician Set isn’t a walk in the park; you’ll need lots of luck and expertise to find this piece. As this armor is so difficult to find, players may need assistance in getting their hands on this gear.

This guide will describe the entire process of finding the Technician Armor in Remnant 2. Without further to do, let’s get started.   

The Technician armor set location in Remnant 2

You can lay your hands on the Technician armor set in two ways in Remnant 2. One way is to equip the Engineer archetype, as this is part of the starting gear for this class.

The other way to find the Technician Set is quite complicated, and you’ll have to go through an entire process to get it. Your luck and skills will come into play as you quest for this brilliant armor.

To get the Technician Set in Remnant 2, you must reroll your campaign to the Eon Vault area inside the realm of N’Erud. As the maps in Remnant 2 are procedurally generated, the exact location of the armor in this area may vary. As you travel through the Eon Vault, you’ll encounter enemies you must defeat.


What you need to do is make your way to the edge of the map and keep following it until you see a hidden pathway sandwiched between two landmarks as shown below. Following the path to the right of this structure, labeled with the yellow arrow in the image below, will lead you into a deadly and toxic mist.

As you enter this mist, your player will start to vomit, and your health will deteriorate. Keep moving forward until you find a place where you’ll have to jump to the other side. After making the jump, you’ll find a corpse containing the Technician Armor. Go ahead and equip this armor.

If you keep moving forward, you’ll see another item glowing called the Alien Device. You can use This Alien Device to unlock the Engineer Archetype.

You’ll likely die at this point due to the toxic mist. If you’ve equipped these items before dying, you’ll still have them after returning to life. However, if your character dies before getting to these items, you’ll have to repeat the same steps.

And that’s all you have to do to get the Technician Set in Remnant 2.

Technician Set stats and bonuses

The Technician Set is an Armor in Remnant 2, normally equipped with the Engineer Archetype. This is a heavy armor set and boasts the following stats:

  • Armor: 106
  • Weight: 58
  • Bleed Resistance: 0
  • Fire resistance: 5
  • Shock Resistance: 13
  • Blight Resistance: 0
  • Toxin Resistance: 7
  • 50% Penalty on Stamina Cost

As you can figure from the stats, the Technician Set does pretty well when focusing on the defensive aspect. Moreover, it offers great shock and toxin resistance that can prove very vital during specific battles. The Bleed and Blight resistances are disappointing, but the rest of the stats compensate for them.

The Technician Gear comes with no set bonuses. As this is a heavy armor, it reduces your character’s mobility, meaning less fluidity of movements and slower dodges.

On top of that, a slow dodge will have a 50% penalty on Stamina Cost. In conclusion, this armor focuses more on defense while sidelining your character’s agility.

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