How To Defeat All Code Vein Successors?

This guide will focus on helping you find and defeat the Successors, the final 3 bosses of Code Vein which can be quite a task.

To unlock the ending of Code Vein, you must overcome strong enemies, the Successors. These unique bosses are key to progression, but their whereabouts are a mystery.

First, we’ll reveal the telltale signs of Successor Crypts – hidden doorways marked by wing-like symbols. These cryptic portals will lead you to the battles against Successors. However, the game offers minimal guidance on finding these entrances.

This guide will help you locate the Crypt Doors and take down the Success in Code Vein.

Successor of the Ribcage

How to Find the Successor: Find the pit in Ridge of the Frozen Souls to access the fast travel point. Simply go through the underground winding path and head down the ladders you come across. They’ll take you down to the door’s location. This door will lead you to the Crown of Sand.

Successor Attacks: This successor uses AoE attacks, but luckily, there are many columns in the rooms that you can use to avoid incoming attacks. Her purple AoE attack goes throughout the room from left to right for the starter. You will notice a glittering aura around her when you land a few successful hits. Move back as she will teleport to the other side of the room, but this will give you damage if you’re near. You must keep a keen eye on two other attacks: her ice and poison attacks. Don’t attack her continuously, as she will draw blood AoE. Run away from the red patches.

She will use laser, fire, and lightning attacks in the second phase. Her attacks will be faster, but don’t run away from her lightning attack; simply dodge sideways. When you see a red glowing aura around her, run and hide behind the pillars; she will immediately hit you with ice, blood, and lightning attacks. You must know her poison attacks will follow you for some time, so keep moving.

How to Defeat: During this Successor boss fight in Code Vein, you’ll need to use the columns for cover while it’s attacking and then sprint over to land a few hits in. Avoid the AoE attacks by running to the opposite end of the room.

If you can, try staying on top of this boss at all times, aside from when you’re avoiding the blood AoE that gets cast under you. You’ll eventually win the fight and see the writing “Greater Lost Dispersed” on the screen.

Successor of the Claw

How to Find the Successor: Ask Eva for directions to the Cathedral area at Home Base. Fast travel to the Crypt Sphire; use the stairs to proceed to higher floors, leading you to the City of Falling Flame. Be sure to kill the tough enemies you encounter on the way. Use the elevator to the Crypt of Juzo Mido, where you will find the next successor.

Successor Attacks: This successor will use fire projectile attacks that can be blocked. This will be close-range combat, so stand on your guards to dodge attacks immediately, as she will be attacking with her claw and sword.

For the second half, she will be faster, and her sword will have a longer range. If you try to get away from her, she will dash at you with an unblockable attack, so stay close to take her down.

How to Defeat: This successor wears a mask with red claws and two tails. She will focus on dodging her projectile attacks. Wait for her to charge at you, and then take that opportunity to land some hits. Land her hits from behind her to prevent being attacked by her claws.

In the second phase of the fight, she also uses a sword and telegraphs her attacks by stomping on the ground, so when you see it, be ready to strafe and dodge. You need to hit her whenever she stops moving, and you’ll get the Blazing Claw as a reward for winning.

Successor of the Breath

How to Find the Successor: Head to the first Crypt Door by the fast travel point in the Inner Tower of the Cathedral of Sacred Blood. It will take you to the Ridge of the Frozen Souls. Here, find the narrow area leading you to an ice cave, and move to the surface where you will get to the Ice Crypt. This is where you will encounter the Successor.

Successor Attacks: When you see him charging at you with a jump, this is when he will try to hit you with his shield; simply roll out of the way before he lands on the ground to dodge this attack, but make sure to stay not close to him as he will immediately turn to hit you with the shield. The next attack includes his head bump; for this, he will stand still, slightly move his leg up, and try to hit you.

He will also try to punch you, causing significant damage. It’s hard to track this punch, so I’m trying to stay behind him. Another attack you need to watch is his dash attack, where he hits the shield on the ground and dashes forward. When you see his hand glowing, he will try to aim you with an icicle.

How to Defeat: This enemy is large and keeps himself shielded. Try to maintain distance by hitting him with ranged Dark Gifts and baiting him into coming at you. When he takes the bait and pulls an icicle out of the ground to hit you, start attacking him with regular melee attacks.

Once you remove half of his HP, he will drop the shield, and his attacks will intensify. This time, you need to stay close to him because he will be using more of his dash and charging attacks. In both phases, you need to attack him from behind to finish off the second last of the successors in Code Vein.

Successor of Throat

How to Find the Successor: From the mistle in the Crown of Sand area, defeat the enemies and make your way to the sand cave. Exit the cave to the edge of the cliff toward a tilted broken building, where you will find the elevator to the next mistle, which will eventually lead you to the last of the successors in Code Vein.

Successor Attacks: During the fight in the first phase, the successor will put one of her hands on the ground facing toward you; as soon as her hand goes into the ground, roll away to dodge the attack. However, when she puts both hands on the ground, this is a long-range attack, followed by a combo of ground attacks and a twirl attack. All these attacks are blockable, so you need to manage your stamina.

At the beginning of phase 2, she will make a giant tornado AoE attack; you need to dodge it. After this, she will cast a series of attacks, including small ground AoE attacks when you approach her.

How to Defeat: During the first phase, wait for her moveset to finish; once it does, go behind her and attack. When the successor puts her hands on the ground, you can track the movement of the attack by looking at the colour of the sand; when the sand near you gets dark, it’s time to dodge away.

Note that this boss is relatively slow compared to her predecessors. Just make sure you’re not going in circles, as that allows her to predict your movement and initiate the next attack. Another thing you need to keep in check is to stay in the opposite direction of your partner.

Her attacks will get rougher during the second half, but the sequence will remain the same. The successor will have two new AoE attacks added to her movement. Don’t stay too close to her for a long time, as she will use the slap attack that will cause you significant damage. When you see the successor put her hands in the air, block first and then dodge, as this attack can cause massive damage.

How To Get All Endings In Code Vein?

Code Vein has three endings, each with a trophy, which you can get by completing the game three times. Once you get all three trophies, you can unlock the Determiner of Fate trophy. You need to save all four successors in the game to get the trophies. To save the successors, you need to collect vestiges; you will find these relics in the exact location where you will find the successor. Make sure you collect all vestiges before heading to the successor.

Once you find the relics, restore the memory, and you will be given the option to save it or walk away. If you decide to save them, you will get the true ending, Dweller in the Dark, but if you decide to walk away, you will get the bad ending, Heir. Saving and restoring the memories of at least one, but not all, successors in Code Vein unlocks the To Eternity ending, which is the standard ending.

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