Code Vein Successors Locations and Battle Tips Guide

This guide will focus on helping you find and defeat the Successors, the final 3 bosses of Code Vein which can be quite a task.

You can’t beat Code Vein until you take down the Successors. Successors in Code Vein are three bosses that you must find and defeat. You can find them by searching for doors with wings markings on them. These are known as Crypt Doors but sadly the game doesn’t give you clear instructions for finding them. This Successors Locations Guide explains how to find these Crypt Doors and beat the Successors in Code Vein.

Code Vein Successors Locations

Below we have listed details for all three Successors including their locations and fighting strategies.

1. Successor of the Breath
The first Crypt Door is by the fast travel point in the Inner Tower of the Cathedral of Sacred Blood. It’s in the circular dead-end from the spawn so interact with it.

This will cause a purple Mistle to appear and then take you to the Ridge of the Frozen Souls. After arriving, make your way through this narrow area until you come across an ice cave.

Enter it, clear it of enemies and then return to the surface via the ladder. From there you can spot the Ice Crypt so enter it to fight the first Successor.

This enemy is large and keeps himself shielded. Try to maintain some distance by hitting him with ranged Dark Gifts and try baiting him into coming at you.


When he takes the bait and pulls an icicle out of the ground to hit you, start punishing him with regular melee attacks.

Keep an eye out for his shield charge and jumping AoE attack. Rolling is a great way to dodge it. Keep repeating until you beat the boss and you see “Greater Lost Dispersed” on the screen.

2. Successor of the Claw
Head back to the Home Base and talk to Eva. She’ll point out the second successor’s location under the Cathedral area. You’ll come across the door by the Mistle fast travel point so head down the elevator. You need to find the crypt of Juzo Mido.

This successor wears a mask and has red claws as well as two tails. Throughout this fight, you need to be careful since she is very agile and fires multiple projectiles.

This means that dodging out of the way is going to be something you’ll have to focus on a lot. Wait for her to charge at you and then take that opportunity to land some hits in.

If she’s near you, she’ll do sweeping attacks that do a lot of continuous damage so block until you see your next window of opportunity. If she’s standing next to you for too long and you see flames forming around her, get out of the way!

She also uses a sword in the second phase of the fight and telegraphs her attacks by stomping on the ground so when you see it, be ready to strafe and dodge.

You need to hit her whenever she stops moving and you’ll get the Blazing Claw as a reward for winning.

3. Successor of the Ribcage
There is a pit in the Ridge of Frozen Souls that holds this door. The path to this pit is close to the Iceless Falls fast travel point.

Simply make your way through the winding path underground and head down the ladders you come across. They’ll take you down to the door’s location. This door will lead you to the Crown of Sand.

During this Successor boss fight in Code Vein, you’ll need to use the columns for cover while it’s attacking and then sprint over to land a few hits in. Avoid the AoE attacks at all times by running to the opposite end of the room.

Try staying on top of this boss at all times if you can, aside from when you’re avoiding the blood AoE that gets cast under you. You’ll eventually win the fight and see the writing “Greater Lost Dispersed” upon the screen.

These are all the locations where you’ll be able to find Successors in Code Vein. If you’ve got anything else to add, let us know!