Baldur’s Gate 3 Oliver Hide And Seek Guide

Oliver has been infected by the Shadow Cursed Lands, he requests to play hide and seek with the outcome depending upon your answer

The Shadow Cursed Lands of Baldur’s Gate 3 are infested with a peculiar curse. A young child, namely Oliver seems to be involved in the matter as he is one of the factors for this curse. If you choose to side with the Druid Grove in Act 1, then Druid Halsin will be involved. He will tell you that Oliver is the other half of a child named Thaniel.

Halsin will be looking for Thaniel, which you can find in the Wake Art Cullagh questline. After finding Thaniel, your next task will be to find Oliver and reunite them in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, Oliver will be less than thrilled to go back and instead will want to play hide and seek with you.

Oliver location in BG3

After saving Halsin from the Goblins, you must scout the Shadow Cursed Lands. Doing so will complete the area with him. A cutscene will play as the party reaches House in Deep Shadows (X:65, Y:23) and explores its whereabouts.

Oliver location baldur's gate 3

It shows a cursed child appearing out of nowhere to scare the party. Halsin immediately recognizes the boy as being Oliver. He utters that we need to save him to stop the Shadow Curse.

Oliver Hide And Seek Walkthrough in Baldur’s Gate 3

As Oliver appears at the scene, he demands to play hide-and-seek with him. The quest happens in two phases. The first is relatively easy to pass, while the second poses a challenge to players.

In the first phase, you will have the role of the seeker, and the child will hide. However, the roles will go in opposite directions in the second round. We recommend choosing a character with high stealth and perception stats so that you have a high chance of winning this rather adventurous game.


Hide and Seek Phase 1

The first phase will pass like a breeze for the most part without facing any difficulties. Oliver will turn invisible and try to hide behind the wooden cart near the house. You can approach the cart and pass a perception check to locate him. The boy will get angry at being discovered so easily. However, he will offer another round to avenge his first defeat.

Hide and Seek Phase 2

In the second phase of this hide-and-seek play, Oliver drastically changes the game’s rules to his benefit. You not only have to spot the boy using perception checks but also need to avoid facing his parents at all costs. If you encounter the parents before finding the child, they will immediately attack, even without provocation.

Another catch to the story is that Oliver will not rest in one place after hiding. Instead, he will keep changing position throughout the game, making it harder for you to spot him in the area.
To win this phase, you need to ungroup your party such that three of the members stay at the house while one starts searching for Oliver.

It will make it easier to avoid being spotted by the parents if you are less in number at a time. You will automatically be put into the turn-based mode, in which Oliver will run back and forth in the house to perplex your senses.

Watch for small orbs, which will help you reveal the boy’s location. He will roam around different areas of the house, including the middle part, the leftmost corner, and the place where you first met him. Eventually, you will spot Oliver inside the house.

You will have to wait for him to stop running and then ask one of the closest party members to talk with him. This will allow him to realize that you have found him. After you find him again, Oliver appreciates by saying you’re good at his favorite game.

Oliver’s Family Fight in Baldur’s Gate 3

Things can get serious if you refuse to play with the child or get caught by the family. This will cause an eventual fight between the party and Oliver’s parents. The family members include

  • Mummy
  • Daddy
  • Doggy

Both the parents are Wraith’s enemies, having an aura around their bodies. Ensure this aura does not touch you, as its shadow curse abilities will deal Necrotic damage to your character. They can also teleport to the house’s roof and attack your companions from different positions.

The dog is a lesser shadow creature with no aura around its body. Its hobby is running into its targets, turning invisible, and repeating the cycle. Its disappearing can be stopped easily by using a simple light source.

Try to utilize your ranged attacks without getting in the radius of the shadow aura of your enemies. In this way, you will easily deplete their health without receiving any damage from them.

Oliver Hide and Seek Rewards

Although Oliver seems shocked at his defeat in his favorite play, he will show appreciation by rewarding you with Ring of Shadows. It is an uncommon ring that allows you to cast the level 2 Abjuration spell Pass Without Trace. As you cast this spell, you and all your nearby companions will get an additional +10 bonus in Stealth Checks.

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