Baldur’s Gate 3: Wake Up Art Cullagh Quest Guide

Wake Up, Mr Art. It is about time to do the right thing.

Wake Up Art Cullagh is a side quest that takes place during Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3. While seemingly of minor importance, this quest plays a major role in saving Thaniel and partially removing the Shadow Curse. This quest also progresses Halsin’s story and allows you to finally recruit him in an official capacity. 

Before proceeding, we would like to remind you to Save Isobel at all costs in the Last Light Inn. If she dies, so does Art Cullagh, ending Halsin’s story prematurely.

Art Cullagh Location

Art Cullagh is an NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3 who is struck by the Shadow Curse while he is making his way to the Last Light Inn. Once you reach the inn through the Underdark, go to the Sanctuary in the north to find Art (X: -60, Y: 160) in a coma. He is singing a song about a boy named Thaniel.

Talk to his attendant, who will point a worn letter inside Art’s pocket. Pick up the letter and read it. Both the letter and his attendant will point to the House of Healing, where Art was last seen conscious. Go back to your camp and talk to Halsin. He will come to visit Art and join your party.

Find and Enter the House of Healing

The House of Healing location will be marked on your map. It is southwest of Last Light Inn, just south of the Thorm Mausoleum. Exit from the Last Light Inn and stick to the path to the south to reach Reithwin Town. Follow the path and cross the Masons Guild to the House of Healing.

You will most probably end up entering the house from its top floor with the help of a massive tree branch. Once you enter the house, you will find Malus Thorm, a mad quack, performing surgery on a patient alongside his nurses.

Defeat Malus Thorm to get the Battered Lute

If you want to avoid a confrontation, you can pose as Malus’s student and outwit him. For this, you need a character with high Charisma and Persuasion stats.

As you approach Malus, he welcomes you as a student. When Malus decided to “Finish the Cure”, examine the sister’s implements. Malus agrees with you that the sisters are not well versed with surgery and wonders how to help them get better.

Here, you have three options. Persuade Malus to give up gaining mastery through sacrifice (DC21). Persuade Malus to let the sisters practice surgery on each other (DC16). Or initiate the final lesson where Malus becomes the sisters’ patient (DC21).

Select the intimidation option, and Malus presents himself to be practiced upon by the sisters. The sisters will kill Malus, and you can loot his corpse to find the Battered Lute. It is essential to wake up Art at the Last Light Inn.

If this seems somewhat dull, you can always fight Malus Thorm directly. Malus’s four nurses will also aid him in the battle. To fight Malus, you need to know he has high resistance to Slashing, Piercing, and Fire-based damage. Malus also gets an advantage on saving throws against magic.

Malus’s Nurses are also powerful enemies. They help Malus by providing him with different weapons and healing items during the fight. Malus can also bestow the Surgeon’s Chosen Buff on one of the nurses at any point. This strengthens that nurse and even revives them if they fall in battle.

Wake Up Art Cullagh

Fast travel back to the Last Light Inn and play the Battered Lute near Art Cullagh. This will break his curse and he will wake up from his coma. He will ask you to bring Halsin to tell him about Thaniel. If Halsin is with you, Art will disclose Thaniel’s location and request Halsin to bring him back. He will also explain the origin of Oliver and what you need to do.

This will end Wake Up Art Cullagh’s side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, and now you can go on a much grander adventure to join Oliver with his other half, Thaniel.

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