How To Wake Up Art Cullagh in Baldur’s Gate 3

Helping Art Cullagh is a vital part of your progression through your adventure, so we will look at how to wake him up in BG3.

People in Baldur’s Gate 3 are suffering from a lot of different problems, and one of them is the Shadow Curse. Even those who took refuge in sanctuaries to save themselves are inflicted to some extent, and one of these people is Art Cullagh. Helping Art Cullagh is a vital part of your progression through your adventure, so we will look at how to wake up Art Cullagh in BG3.

How to wake up Art Cullagh in Baldur’s Gate 3

To find Art Cullagh in BG3, you first need to travel to the Last Light Inn location. People have fled to this sanctuary to save themselves from the terrible curse, but it offers little protection. When you get to the Sanctuary, you can meet a patient in the sanctuary, named Art Cullagh.

Art Cullagh is in a coma due to the effects of the curse. Now, he just lies comatose in his bed and sings a song about Thaniel and him climbing a tree. You need to heal him to get his help in rescuing the Grand Duke.

Talk to Art Cullagh’s caretaker in BG3 and she tells you that a note was found in his pocket. You learn after reading the note that Art Cullagh was sent to investigate House of Healing. It was done to learn more about the activities taking place in Moonrise Tower on the orders of Grand Duke Eltan.

On further investigation, you suspect that there might be some part of Art left behind after his travels through the Shadow realm and this might help you lift Art’s curse. You learn that he has callouses on his fingers and this indicates that he was either a miner or a musician.

Where to find Art Cullagh in BG3

Art Cullagh, in his sickened state, can be found in the Last Light Inn. Last Light Inn is found in the underground area of Shadow-cursed Lands. The easiest path to Last Light Inn is through the Mountain Pass.


From the Goblin Camp, players need to head west and this path leads you to the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Use a torch and continue into the Shadow-cursed Lands. From the first fork in the road on your journey, turn north and this takes you to the Last Light Inn, where Art Cullagh can be found in BG3.

If not, you can also reach the Shadow-Cursed Lands through an elevator in Grymforge. This elevator takes you to the straight road that leads to the Inn. Furthermore, even though you first need to get to Grymforge, this path is shorter and arguably safer than the path from the Mountain Pass.

How to get to House of Healing

Since Art Cullagh was sent to investigate the House of Healing in BG3, you might find something there that might help remove his curse. It’s time to visit the House of Healing.

House of Healing is southwest to Last Light Inn, just south to the Grand Mausoleum. Exit from the Last Light Inn and stick to the path to the west. Follow the path and cross the Masons Guild to get to the House of Healing.

The head of House of Healing is Malus Thorm, who is busy with surgery when you visit the House of Healing. You want to defeat Malus Thorm to complete the area to finish Wake up Art Cullagh quest and get the item you need to help him in BG3.

How to defeat Malus Thorm

Now, if you want to avoid a direct confrontation, you can pose as Malus’s student and outwit him. For this, you need a character with high Charisma and Persuasion stats.

As you approach Malus, he welcomes you as students. When Malus decided to “Finish the Cure”, examine the sister’s implements. Malus agrees with you that the sisters are not well versed with surgery and wonders how to help them get better.

Here, you have three options. Persuade Malus to give up gaining mastery through sacrifice. Persuade Malus to let the sisters practice surgery on each other. Or initiate the final lesson where Malus himself becomes the patient for the sisters.

Select the intimidation option, and Malus presents himself to be practiced upon by the sisters. The sisters will kill Malus, and you can loot his corpse.

If this seems somewhat boring, you can always fight Malus Thorm directly. Malus’s four nurses will also aid him in the battle. For fighting Malus, you need to know that he has high resistance to Slashing, Piercing and Fire based damage. Malus also gets an advantage on saving throws against magic.

Malus’s Nurses are also powerful enemies. They help Malus by providing him with different weapons and healing items during the fight. Malus can also bestow the Surgeon’s Chosen Buff on one of the nurses at any point. This makes that nurse stronger and even revive them if they fall in battle.

After you defeat Malus, you can find the Battered Lute on Malus’s corpse. This is the item players need to wake up Art Cullagh. With the lute, head back to the Last Light Inn and play the lute near Art Cullagh to wake him in BG3.

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