How To Save Counsellor Florrick In Baldur’s Gate 3

Saving Councellor Florrick is crucial if you want to rescue the Grand Duke in Baldur's Gate 3 as the Counsellor can be a useful ally

While traveling through the Wilderness in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will eventually pass through Waukeen’s Rest. If you don’t take too many long rests in its vicinity, you will spot the estate burning down and Flaming Fist soldiers shouting for help. Rushing in to save their leader, Counsellor Florrick in Baldur’s Gate 3 starts one of the longest quests in the game.

So how are you supposed to save Baldur’s Gate 3 Counsellor Florrick so he can task you with rescuing the Grand Duke? Well, continue reading below as we take you through the daring rescue at the burning Waukeen’s Rest to save Counsellor Florrick in BG3.

Where is Waukeen’s Rest in BG3

Waukeen’s Rest in BG3 is on the Risen Road, past the Blighted Village and Goblin Camp. The estate can be found at X:-31 Y:577 coordinates in the northeast section of the map. As you approach, you will see soldiers running around trying to rescue people inside the burning buildings. One of them is shouting about protecting Counsellor Florrick trapped on the upper floor.

How to help the Flaming Fist recruits open the door

You need to assist the Flaming Fist recruits to open the door. You can open the door by utilizing a DC10 strength check. Or you can take the help of Wyll to open the gate. If you fail in your Strength check, you cannot ask Wyll to help you, push the gate with him to open it.

However, if that option fails you can still damage the gate with melee attacks. You need to be very careful while you are hitting the door because if your attacks hit the recruits, they will get aggressive and a fight will break out.

With the door broken down, you can enter the burning villa in BG3.


How to save Counsellor Florrick in Baldur’s Gate 3

The interior is all burning so you need to be careful of fire damage. Either use a caster with Create Water spell or throw the water barrels around this place to clear a path to safely get to the 2nd floor where Counsellor Florrick is trapped in BG3.

As you reach the second floor, you need to find the correct room. Keep in mind to not open every door you see on the second floor. Opening the rooms can lead to blasts that can kill people nearby.

Counsellor Florrick in BG3 is behind the door to your left as soon as you reach the top of the stairs while there is another trapped man you can rescue behind the door to your right. Rescuing this trapped man is part of a side quest.

Since destroying these doors can cause explosions, we would recommend not opening them from here. It can potentially kill Counsellor Florrick. There is an alternate way to reach the Counsellor which is safer.

Baldur's Gate 3 Counsellor Florrick

You can destroy the broken door shown above to reach the balcony or take another path. Exit the main door you came in from and to your left is another house through which you can reach the second floor of Burning Villa. To enter this house, there is a wine barrel behind the door which you need to destroy.

Once you are inside, you will see holes in the roof. You need to climb through this hole to make your way to the left side. From there, continue that path to directly reach the broken door. If you are unable to jump that high, stack some boxes to climb.

Now walk along this exterior balcony till you reach the exterior of the room where Counsellor Florrick is trapped in BG3. Break open the door and she can come out safely. Talk to her for a cutscene where she will tell you about the Grand Duke’s abduction.

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