How To Free Counsellor Florrick In Baldur’s Gate 3

Florrick is a long-time advisor of the Grand Duke and is instrumental in saving him. This calls for a jailbreak.

Free Counsellor Florrick is a timed side quest that takes place during Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3. Once a faithful employee of the Grand Duke Ravengard, Florrick was imprisoned by Lord Gortash to be hanged in five days. This is a very sad fate for a character that you spent hours saving during Act 1.

During Act 1, you will find a burning home near Waukeen’s Rest. It is on the Risen Road, north of the Goblin Camp. Flaming Fist soldiers will ask you to break down the front door and save the inhabitants. Use the Create Water spell to protect yourself from burning.

Once you reach the second floor, you will find Counsellor Florrick surrounded by flames. Rescue her and escort her out. Upon asking, she will tell you her patron, The Grand Duke, has been abducted. You will next meet her at Last Light Inn during Act 2 before she disappears for good.

Free Counsellor Florrick Quest walkthrough

Once you reach the Lower City during Act 3, interact with the posters in the city. They will say that traitor Florrick is imprisoned and will be executed in 5 days. This will initiate Free Counsellor Florrick’s quest and start a timer in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you long rest for 5 times, she will die failing the quest.

Free Counsellor Florrick from the prison

Go to the Wyrm’s Rock Fortress for Lord Gortash’s coronation. When he offers you a deal, don’t attack him. There is a door (X: -25, Y: 209) in the fortress that leads to the Wyrm’s Rock prison.


You can also infiltrate the prison. Use the Feather Fall spell to land safely to the East of the fortress. Now, find the crack in the wall at (X: 40, Y: 190) to enter the prison.

You will find a guard named Breva Brightmoon guarding the place. Pass the Persuasion or Intimidation check to enter the prison peacefully without raising any alarms. Now go all the way North, and you will find Florrick in the last jail cell to the left.

Upon talking to her, you will realize that Florrick has lost all hope after seeing Grand Duke Ravengard infected. She wants to die now and doesn’t need your help. You need to persuade her to come back to her senses. She will request you to help free her, and you can pick the lock of the cell gate or steal its key from the roaming guard.

Help Florrick escape the prison

The easy part is over, and now comes the tricky part. If any guard notices Florrick outside, the whole prison will turn hostile. There are various ways to keep her and the whole party safe during the escape.

  • Cast an invisibility spell on Counsellor Florrick and leave the prison the same you entered.
  • Make sure to avoid the patrolling guard by using stealth. Once you reach the storage area, you can use the crack in the wall to go outside. This is the same alternate path we discussed above.
  • Fight and kill all the guards in the prison. Doing so won’t affect your status in Wyrm’s Rock Prison.

Once you are out, Florrick will thank you for freeing her and leave the party. You can always summon her as an ally during the Gather Your Allies quest when attacking the Elder Brain.

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