Warframe Fortuna Fish Locations Guide – Best Fishing Spots

In our Warframe Fortuna Fish Locations Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding the best fishing spots in Fortuna update.

Okay, Tenno, you have found Orb Vallis and helped the poor Solaris get their rights from Anyo. I’m guessing you want to get something in return, huh? Well, not for free!

You have to grind yourself for days just to get that special K-Drive skin that will make you look cool. On the other hand, maybe you want the clothes that the Solaris wear? I have bad news for you, my friend. Nothing is free.

Our Warframe Fortuna Fish Locations guide has been crafted to help you find the best spots for fishing so you can cash them in for some extra standing.

Warframe Fortuna Fish Locations

The Fortuna update is great, and all, but the grinding in this map is real. Sure, it is not as bad as how bad Cetus was at launch, but still. One of the good things about Fortuna is that it has changed how fishing works.

Yes, you still have to use that ninja spike to shoot towards the fish, but at least it won’t take you a dozen clean hits just to catch a single fish, right?

You will need a new spear if you do not wish to harm the fish. Head to meet The Business and he will sell the ‘Shockprod spear’ for 500 standing, and no level requirement. Plus no blueprint!


You buy it and it is ready to use! (After you put it in your now-enormous items pocket, of course!)

In our fish locations guide, we will highlight the best locations on Orb Vallis for fishing and the day/night cycle they can be found in!

Best Locations
The best locations in Warframe Fortuna for fishing are highlighted on this map:

Types of Fishes

The fishes farm is simple. You will find these fishes in these areas of the map:

The Eye-Eye is a common fish that might give you Muon Battery when dismantled.

Recasters are found in places where Eye-Eyes are abundant. These fishes must provide Sagan Modules upon dismantle.

Sapcaddy are rare fishes usually found in Lakes. They might drop Neural Relay when broken apart.

The Tink are a very common fish found in open waters, or, Ponds. They may drop a Dissipator Coil when cutting apart.

The Tromyzons are creatures that inhabit the same waters as the Eye-Eye or the Recasters. They might drop an Entroplasma when given to the fisherman for supplies.

The Brickie are a rare creature that can be found only in Ponds. They should drop a Muon Battery when dismantled.

The Scrubbers are common fishes found in caves that may drop Exa Brain when cutting into pieces.

The Mirewinder is also a fish that can be found in underwater caves. It should drop Parallel Blode when sacrificed to the Lotus.

Another fish that can be found in the caves is the Charamote. It is abundant in the Warm atmosphere but rather difficult to find in the Cold temperatures. It should drop a Sagan Module when killed.

The Synathid is an underwater cave’s fish that should drop an Ecosynth Analyzer when killed. It is rare in Cold temperatures.

How to Fish

To fish in the Fortuna, you need to time your shot. Aim your spear and shoot it towards the fish. When it latches onto the fish, press the left click button when the bar indicator is within the WHITE spot.

Yep, that’s how you fish.

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