Best Warframe Fortuna Fish Locations

Our Warframe Fortuna Fish Locations Guide has detailed everything you need to know about finding the best fishing spots in Fortuna update.

Warframe‘s open world of Fortuna offers Tenno more than grinding for resources and battling rogue factions. Among the Solaris settlements and desolate Orb Vallis landscape lies a hidden opportunity—fishing.

You first need to visit the business world and get the Shockprod Fishing Spear for 500 standing, so you can fish without damaging it and sense fish near the hooked fish.

Once you have the spear equipped, aim and shoot it towards the fish. When it latches onto the fish, press the left-click button when the bar indicator is within the WHITE spot.

With diverse species of fish scattered across different locations, finding the best spot can be challenging. Our Warframe Fortuna Fish Locations guide has been crafted to help you find the best spots for fishing so you can cash them in for some extra standing.


Warframe Fortuna Fish

Coolant Reservoir on the northwestern part of the map is one of the best spots to catch fish. While fishing in the warm temperatures, you can find Krillers that give you thermal lasers, a Longwinder that will give lathe coagulant, and an Echowinder that gives anoscopic sensors.

If you fish at a cold temperature, you will get Sapcaddies that will give you Venedo Case.


In the southeast region of the Fortuna map, head to Orokin Dig Site; this is one of the best ponds for fishing and hotspots. While fishing in the warm temperatures, you can find a Brickie that will give you a muon battery.

In cold temperatures, you will find Tinks, which will give you a dissipator coil; Eye-Eye, which will give you a rotor blade; Recaster, which gives neural relay; and Tromyzon, which rewards with ectoplasm. If you’re looking to farm Tromyzon and Recaster fish in Warframe Fortuna, use baits.


Warframe Fortuna Fish

The caves between Ustara Crater and Reflector Control are the best places to fish. The temperature doesn’t matter here, and you will find Scrubber, which will give you an exa brain, Mirewinder, which will give you a parallel biode, Charamote, which will give you a Sagan module, and Synathid, which will reward you with an ecosynth analyzer.

Charamote and Synathid are rare fish and you have a golden chance of catching them here using baits.

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