Starfield All New Atlantis Side Missions Guide

There are several people in New Atlantis that require your help.

You will gain access to all New Atlantis side missions in Starfield after completing the tutorial in One Small Step. You will arrive in the city with Vasco to meet the other members of the Constellation. Afterward, it is your choice to either explore the city, meet the people, or start with miscellaneous missions.

New Atlantis serves as one of your main player hubs in Starfield. You are going to be spending most of your time in this city. It houses more than half of your main campaign missions alongside a ton of side missions.

You will be doing all sorts of side activities ranging from building a better ship to sharing news scoops to conducting surveys to delivering messages to fetching parcels to escorting people home.

If you are looking to do a 100 percent completion run, you can go through our list of all New Atlantis side missions for you to complete in Starfield.

How to get to New Atlantis in Starfield

The New Atlantis City is the beautiful and lush capital of the United Colonies in Starfield. The city is located on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System and is split into four separate districts.

The New Atlantis side missions will take you through every accessible location, or you can explore the city for yourself in your spare time. That is also how you unlock your fast travel points in New Atlantis to allow you to save traveling time.


All New Atlantis side missions in Starfield and how to start them

There are well over two dozen side missions that you can find and start in New Atlantis. The following list compiles all of them, but not necessarily in the order they can be started.

A Light in the Darkness

A Light in the Dark is a very unusual side quest in Starfield that doesn’t involve much space or hand warfare but instead focuses on your journalism and reporting skills.

The quest essentially involves your character conducting interviews as an SSNN reporter and getting paid for it.

A Parting Gift

A Parting Gift involves your character helping an old woman by delivering some of her sentiments across galaxies to an old friend of hers.

This is a short and miscellaneous quest that can be found in the New Atlantis City and reflects on how even during the modern age of technology some people like to stick to the old ways of conversating.

A Tree Grows in New Atlantis

The trees of New Atlantis are at stake and it is your responsibility to track down why that is happening in the A Tree Grows side quest in New Atlantis side quest in Starfield.

The side quest requires you to see why the trees are decaying and find a solution for it.

Out on a Limb

You’ll be tasked to further investigate the strange behavior of the trees in New Atlantis to aid the scientists in finding a solution for the decline in Greenery in the Out on a Limb side mission in Starfield

Out on a Limb side quest continues the questline of finding a solution for the trees and is the next quest that can be played after you’ve completed the A Tree Grows in New Atlantis.

Late Bloomer

The Late Bloomer is the final side quest in the series of the A Tree Grows in New Atlantis where you’re tasked to find a mate for the trees to reproduce in Starfield.

A Shipment for Salinas

A local weapons dealer in New Atlantis City wants your help to find his package in the A Shipment for Salinas side quest in Starfield.

Help Vincent Salina get his package and get paid for your troubles

Alternating Current

Alternating Current is the continuation of the side quest, Tapping the Grid, in the New Atlantis City which requires you to make a choice in handing evidence regarding the junction boxes between the two NPCs for completion in Starfield.

Beautiful Secrets

A clinical surgeon in New Atlantis City has lost his slate that contained all the confidential data regarding his patients. It is your job to locate the slate and bring it back to him in the Beautiful Secrets side quest in Starfield.

Distilling Confidence

A local bartender in the New Atlantis City requires your assistance in getting back her ingredients from the Customs warehouse in the Distilling Confidence side quest in Starfield.

Unlike all the New Atlantis side missions in Starfield, Distilling Confidences takes the cake for being the shortest and most rewarding quest.

Dream Home

The Dream Home is a trait that your character equips in Starfield and allows your character to live in a nice and luxurious house of their own.

The only downside to owning the house is that you’ll be required to take a loan from the GalBank in New Atlantis and the weekly mortgage payments will surely cause damage to your pockets.

Due in Full

In this side mission, you’re required to help GalBank by tracking down its customers who still haven’t deactivated their bank accounts in Starfield

Due in Full side mission can be given the title of the lengthiest mission in Starfield because of the traveling you’ll encounter during the side mission.

Gem Jealousy

Two friends who consider each other brothers are not getting along. One of them will ask you to retrieve something for them that they lost in a bet to their friend, It is up to you to sort things between them and complete the Gem Jealousy side quest in Starfield.

Left Behind

You’re tasked by a Colonist in the Jemison planet to find their partner who’s gone missing in a cave in the Left Behind side quest in Starfield.

The side quest is quite straightforward and can reward you with a bunch of XP and Credits for your detective skills.

Oliver Branch

A citizen of the New Atlantis City wants your help to inspire the people to never lose hope by planting olive Trees all around the City in the Olive Branch side quest in Starfield.

The quest doesn’t require any sort of violence to occur, unlike the other New Atlantis missions in Starfield. Just plant the trees and spread hope between the people and get paid in the process.


Walter Stroud, a member of the Lodge wants you to check up on his ship manufacturing company to see if everything’s running smoothly in the Overdesigned side quest in Starfield

The quest requires your persuasion skills to be amped up which can result in you getting a fully amped-up ship for your space crusade.

Preventative Action

Preventative Action is the continuation of the UC Faction questline missions where you work for Vae Victis by becoming a hitman for him and taking out the targets assigned by him in the galaxies of Starfield.

To play this side mission you must choose to spare Vae Victis during the A Legacy Forged mission for the UC Vanguard questline.

Primary Sources

The Government of New Atlantis wants you to check up on the workers in the abandoned areas of the City and see how they’re doing in the Primary Sources side mission in Starfield.

The quest essentially reflects how selfless the people of New Atlantis are and how the government bodies want to do right by them.

Reliable Care

After completing the Primary Sources side quest, you’ll stumble upon nurse O’Shea who wants to help the children in her clinic by finding a cure in the Reliable Care side quest in Starfield.

This quest requires you to put your guns away and look for relevant materials that can assist O’Shea in creating a cure.

Search and Seizure

Smuggling contraband is illegal in New Atlantis; however, some smugglers think it’s their right to do so.

You’re required to visit Yumi at the UC Security Office and speak with her to activate the Search and Seizure side quest in Starfield and put the smugglers behind bars.

Suspicious activity

Theresa Mason, a local shop owner hosted in the Well spotted a few suspicious individuals lurking around her shop. Visit her shop after completing the Primary Sources side quest and help her get rid of them in the Suspicious Activity side quest in Starfield.

Tapping the Grid

In this quest, you’re supposed to help Louisa an NPC in figuring out why the power that’s generated is getting drained. Tapping the Grid is a short quest that can reward you with an enormous amount of Credits and XP.

Terror Brew

Terror Brew is a unique mission that separates itself from all Starfield New Atlantis missions which instructs you to brew the world’s best coffee by retrieving the coffee beans from a dangerous entity.

The Art Dealer

An artist can be found admiring the painting in the Jemison Mercantile shop in New Atlantis. Speak with him to activate The Art Dealer side quest learn more about art and help him get his art piece.

Two Tales, Two Cities

Bring out your detective skills and investigate a series of Vandalism acts that have recently happened in the New Atlantis City.

Two Tales, Two Cities can be unlocked after you’ve completed the Search and Seizure while working for the UC.

UC: A Break at Dawn

Hugo, a member of the United Colonies had a breakdown after finding that his ex-fiancé cheated on him, you’re tasked by Yumi to sort this matter out by becoming a relationship counselor in A Break at Dawn side quest.

UC: Keeping the Peace

Keeping the Peace is one of the first side missions that you will encounter after you’ve joined the United Colonies faction. The quest essentially instructs you to retrieve a package for one of the members of the factions.

The Boot

Antonio is in dire need of help regarding a cursed pair of boots that can keep coming back to him and bring bad luck with them. Help Antonio get rid of the boots in The Boot side mission in Starfield.

The Kindness of Strangers

A fellow injured companion needs assistance in getting back home from the clinic in The Kindness of Strangers’ side mission in Starfield. This is a wholesome and feel-good mission where you escort the injured NPC home and even feed him along the way while being compensated for your effort.

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