How To Travel To New Atlantis In Starfield

New Atlantis in Starfield is one of the biggest cities and where you will go to start your main journey with the Constellation faction.

Among the major cities across all the star systems that you will visit in Starfield, New Atlantis is the most important one. It is also the earliest city that you will have to visit in the game. Serving as the home of the Constellation faction, New Atlantis gives a pristine modern look and serves as a seat of power for the UC Vanguard. While Starfield will automatically guide you to New Atlantis, we thought we would still help you find the city and travel to it.

Starfield New Atlantis location

New Atlantis is located on the planet Jemison within the Alpha Centauri system. After completing the tutorial in One Small Step, you will head to New Atlantis with Vasco to meet the other members of Constellation.

Starfield New Atlantis location

New Atlantis City was founded in 2160 about 200 years ago in the game time. Since then the city also serves as the Capital for one of the two interstellar governments, the United Colonies. Since this is the first city you visit, most of the game’s systems like vendors, designing your own ship, bounties, and joining factions are explained while you are on New Atlantis.

That doesn’t mean that New Atlantis is just a tutorial hub. There are also plenty of quests you can accept and complete while in New Atlantis. New Atlantis also has a Trade Authority outpost in it which you will visit as part of the Tapping the Grid and Alternating Currents quests.

Being a highly modern city, New Atlantis has a hyperspeed rail system called the NAT which can allow you to travel between different districts of the city; Spaceport, Commercial, MAST, and Residential. The last area, The Well is an underdeveloped and low-income neighborhood only accessible through an elevator.

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