Starfield Reliable Care Walkthrough

Help out O'Shea in the Reliable Care mission by finding a way to treat the sick children of the Well in Starfield.

Reliable Care is a short side mission that aims to resolve a medical emergency among children in Starfield.

While working as a reporter during the Primary Sources mission, you come across an extremely understaffed medical center. With the nurse. O’Shea acting as a doctor, there is so much she can do for the people, and with the new infection spreading rapidly, she needs assistance.

You will be helping children of The Well by helping O’Shea find relevant materials for developing a cure. It is a short and sweet mission involving no combat and game mechanics, so let’s look into how you can complete this fairly simple quest.

How to unlock the Reliable Care mission

To unlock the Reliable Care side mission, you need to extend out to help Talia O’Shea during the Primary Sources quest in Starfield.

She shares during the mission that her concerns involve the recent infection plaguing the children of The Well.

After you agree to help her, your Mission HUD will be automatically updated with Reliable Care under the MISC Tab.


How to complete Reliable Care in Starfield

To complete Reliable Care, head out to the Commercial District of New Atlantis on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System of Starfield. Head to the right of the Viewport building right up front and use the elevator to head to The Well.

From the elevator, head down the stairs, you will find Kay’s Place on your right which you may remember from the Suspicious Activities side mission. Head into the Exit corridor beside the stairs on the right and you will find the Medbay first thing on your left.

Head inside and talk to Talia O’Shea, who mentioned during your conversation in the Primary Sources mission about children suffering from an infection.

She further explains that she isn’t a pediatrician so she is having trouble diagnosing the stomach bug from normal illness.

Since she can’t leave Medbay unattended, O’Shea requests you to fetch her colleague’s, Dr. Lebedev’s, research notes so she can devise a treatment plan.

The Medbay in the Well of Starfield.

Visit Dr. Lebedev at Reliant Medical

Take a right from the Medbay and head straight to find the elevator leading to MAST Tram Station.

Then take another right from there and you will find the Residential District signboard and from across the street is the Reliant Medical between the MAST Building and Orion Tower.

It is near the Freestar Collective Embassy that you visited during the Friends Like These mission quest in Starfield.

Head inside and enter through the Doctor’s Office/Diagnosis Room door to find Dr. Alexi Lebedev on the other side.

He and Talia go way back so once you explain the situation to him, he is happy to provide any help he can. He hands you over a slate with his notes and additional pointers to help her out in dealing with these patients.

Report back to O’Shea

With Dr. Lebedev’s notes in your possession, head back to O’Shea at Medbay and hand over the notes. She is delighted with the results and with this concludes the Reliable Care mission for you in Starfield.

Starfield – Reliable Care mission rewards

Completing the Reliable Care miscellaneous mission successfully rewards you with 2500 Credits and 50 XP in Starfield.

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