Starfield UC Vanguard Questline And Rewards

In order to achieve the highest military honor in Starfield and thwart Terrormorph threat, you need to join and complete UC Vanguard faction quest line.

Being the biggest faction in Starfield, UC Vanguard controls all the military power in the universe. They are in cohorts with Constellation and they both serve as a universal leadership for all mankind. UC Vanguard faction’s main headquarters is in New Atlantis city, the home of Constellation, and they serve as military advisors to the government. After decades of animosity with the Freestar Collective, UC Vanguard threw down its arms to reach a peace treaty where both factions would survive independently. 

UC Vanguard has multiple divisions including MAST and UCSEC. The trio of leaders that run the UC Vanguard faction in Starfield include Pascual Logan, Kibwe Ikande and John Tuala. In this guide, we will tell you how you can join the UC Vanguard faction in Starfield and become a United Colonies pilot while reaping some sweet rewards.

How to join UC Vanguard in Starfield

Joining the UC Vanguard faction is the easiest thing to do in Starfield. It is the vanguard rank that requires you to complete a couple of quests before you can earn it. Once you reach New Atlantis City, you can simply walk into UC Vanguard headquarters inside MAST and recruit as a candidate.

Don’t worry as you can still join the rest of the factions in the game too. The real test begins after that. To become a vanguard of the United Colonies faction, you need to complete at least 2 faction quests out of 9.

Starfield UC Vanguard questline

To become a certified UC Vanguard in Starfield, the first thing you need to do is complete the faction’s exam. In this section, we will look at all the quests you can obtain from UC Vanguard and complete them to gain the highest military rank available in the game.

1. Supra Et Ultra

The first mission that you will receive from the UC Vanguard faction in Starfield is Supra Et Ultra. This mission involves agreeing to the terms and conditions before signing the form. Then you need to do a visit to the history museum before you need to undergo several exams. This includes a combat exam and a UC Vanguard piloting exam.

Once you manage to complete both exams, you will officially become a part of UC Vanguard. Rewards include 250 XP and variable credits depending on your rank during the simulations.

2. Grunt Work

Now the more serious work starts with Grunt Work faction quest. UC Vanguard wants you to survey and deliver a few items to its base on Tau Ceti II planet on Tau Ceti star system. Once you reach there, you will find Hadrian. She will tell you that everyone on the base is killed by a Terrormorph and she is the lone survivor. The next thing you need to do is to defeat the Terrormorph to obtain its tissue sample for further evaluation.

Return to MAST headquarters and tell Tuala about your encounter. You will be awarded Vanguard rank for defeating one of the most difficult enemies in the universe of Starfield. Other rewards include 250 XP and 4800 credits.

3. Delivering Devils

During the Delivering Devils quest, you need to track and talk to Doctor Percival. He is on planet Mars in Sol star system. Percival will only help you if you help him with his debt of 21000 credits. At this point, you can simply pay the amount to the Trade Authority or persuade them to lower the amount.

The final option is to kill their leader to get rid of Percival’s debt with zero credits. Rewards for completing this quest involve more knowledge on Terrormorphs, 250 XP and 9300 credits.

4. Eyewitness

Staying true to its name, during the Eyewitness quest for UC Vanguard, you will eyewitness a mayhem of epic proportions. Make your way to MAST headquarters and try to persuade its leaders about Terrormorph threat. As you start making progress, the city will be attacked by Terrormorphs. Use your trusty weapons and go to the battlefield. This is your chance to prove your point by defeating those menaces.

Once you are done, return to UC Vanguard faction headquarters in Starfield and finish your speech like a boss. Rewards for completing this quest include 350 XP and 12000 credits.

5. Friends Like These

With the ever-growing threat of Terrormorphs, UC Vanguard needs more information on them. Friends Like These involve infiltrating House Va’ruun and Freestar collective to obtain the codes to archives. Travel to Va’ruun embassy and blast your way through to the ambassador.

He will have no problem handing over the codes to you. For the Freestar Collective, either join them and rise in their ranks or simply use stealth to steal the codes. Once you obtain the codes, you will also earn 350 XP and 12000 credits for your service to mankind.

6. The Devils You Know

To gain more knowledge on Terrormorphs, you will come across a person Vae Victis. They will ask you to kill Doctor Reginald and bring his proof of death as part of The Devils You Know quest. Reginald is in a spaceship named Warlock. You can either destroy the whole ship or board it to just kill Reginald. Once you are done, return to Vae and collect the information. You will also obtain 150 XP and 3800 credits in addition to improving your flying combat skills.

7. War Relics

During the War Relics main faction quest, the UC Vanguard faction will ask you to restore Kaiser in Starfield. Travel to Mars and Narion system to gather information on Kaiser. Once you locate Kaiser, use it to clear the base full of Ecliptic enemies. Rewards for this quest include 9000 credits only.

8. Hostile Intelligence

Hostile Intelligence is the penultimate faction quest of UC Vanguard in Starfield. Back to killing more terrormorphs are we? Meet with Hadrian once more and travel to Toliman planet II inside Toliman star system. Defeat Terrormorphs to collect Aceles sample which will prove as the ultimate weapon to destroy Terrormorph threat once and for all. You will also receive 350 XP and 12000 credit for completing the Hostile Intelligence quest.

9. A Legacy Forged

A Legacy Forged faction quest involves you going with your gut and deciding for the betterment of all humankind. Once you reach MAST headquarters again on New Atlantis, Vae Victis will try to lure you with his lies.

I personally recommend siding with Doctor Orlasse and telling the United Council of Vae’s foul plan. Now everything rests in the hands of the supreme council, and you will earn 350 XP and 12000 credits for completing A Legacy Forged.

UC Vanguard exclusive rewards in Starfield

Most of the rewards that you earn during UC Vanguard faction quest line in Starfield involve XP or credits. However, there are two missions that provide you with unique rewards in the game. 

These two missions with unique Rewards are Grunt Work and Friends Like These. Completing Grunt work rewards you with Vanguard equipment that includes the following items

  • Space Helmet 
  • Spacesuit 
  • Pilot Pack 

You will earn a UC Citizen ID after completing Friends like These main quest in the game.

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