Starfield Constellation Questline And Rewards

Want help finding the answers about the secrets of the universe? Follow Constellation's Questline in Starfield to find out more.

Humans are born with curiosity in their minds and it is what drives us towards questioning everything and uncovering the secrets of the cosmos. Starfield made sure to bring this idea into the game and make a whole faction out of it, Constellation and we will be experiencing it throughout the questline.

They are a group of enthusiasts, with resources, that are embarked on a journey to find out the truth about everything and the mystery of the artifacts found all across the Settled Systems. Constellation’s Questline is closely tied to Starfield’s main campaign.

Most of it is going to revolve around you traveling from planet to planet, finding every last piece of artifact out there to eventually gather them all and see what happens.

The world isn’t all happy and you will see some resistance so better be prepared and always expect the unknown.

How to join the Constellation in Starfield

The choice of joining every faction in Starfield ultimately falls into the hands of the adventurer – you. However, there is one exception, Constellation. It is the only faction in the entirety of Starfield that you are bound to join if you want to advance in the main storyline.

There is no choice to “not” join Constellation as it is pretty much part of the main quest. You start off your journey as a miner and eventually following the plot takes you to New Atlantis on planet Jemison. Here you will visit Constellation’s HQ and sign up as an official member of the space explorers.

Constellation questline in Starfield

Constellation’s Questline in Starfield is centered around the idea of uncovering the secrets that hide among us. The answer to “everything”.

To get to the bottom of it, you will go through several smaller quests where you will be collecting artifacts which are more like pieces of a bigger puzzle. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Follow along to learn everything.

1. One Small Step

One Small Step is your first interaction with an Artifact. This also happens to be the first mission in Constellation’s questline and also for Starfield’s main storyline.

While working as a Miner, you will come across a strange-looking piece of rock labeled as “???”. The story unfolds as you fight pirates, trying to sell the Artifact to a member of the Constellation, Barret.

He will invite you to join the Constellation and you can follow him to first get rid of the rest of the pirate crew and then head to Constellation HQ to conclude the first quest.

2. The Old Neighborhood

The quest for more artifacts continues as we progress and start The Old Neighbourhood quest. Sarah Morgan will tell you about a lead on another piece of artifact that you need to follow.

A tip says that a mercenary by the name of Moara has the artifact on her person. Through the questline, you will be tracking Moara down.

Following the leads will first take you to Cydonia, then to Venus, Nova Galactic Staryard, and finally to Neptune. Fend off the pirates who hijacked Moara’s ship. Save her and recover the artifact. Bring it back to New Atlantis and

3. The Empty Nest

Another visit to the Constellation HQ in search of answers will trigger The Empty Nest quest after talking to Sam Coe.

He has some clues about another piece of the puzzle, the artifacts. Follow Sam to Akila City with Job Gone Wrong takes place. Finish it and look for the map that leads to the artifact.

Turns out Sam’s Father Jacob has it. Persuade him to give you the map. The artifacts turn out to be in the middle of a settlement where a group of criminals.

Your task is to infiltrate and extract the artifact, from deep inside a cave. Return home and place the artifact with the rest of the bunch.

4. Back to Vectera

A good friend pays his debts. Back when we first started with the adventure, Barret was the one who helped us get into Constellation and gave us the opportunity to explore the universe.

Now it is time to pay him back. You will head Back to Vectera to meet him but only to find out that he has been kidnapped by the Crimson Fleet, along with Heller.

Find out clues from the broken computer inside the facility. Follow the lead and eventually, you will find Heller first.

He will give you your next clue about the whereabouts of Barret. Head straight for Bessel 3, where Barret 3 and free him from a group of Crimson Fleet Pirates.

5. Into the Unknown

Our Journey continues as we set out to find more artifacts this time during Into the Unknown mission. Get your first clue from The Eye, a space station owned by the Constellation. You will be given the coordinates of two different planets. Each of these is going to have an artifact hidden somewhere.

Recover both of these artifacts and take them to HQ. The quest is not done here. Head to Procyon III to investigate an anomaly.

Keep following the direction your scanner points you and you will eventually reach a room with a puzzle. Solve it and you will not have the “Anti-Gravity Field” power. This is where the quest comes to an end.

6. All That Money Can Buy

Constellation is a faction that is governed by their motto of solving the mystery of the artifacts. They can and will go to any extent to get their hands on every last piece of it.

They don’t shy away when it comes to paying a price and are willing to spend every last one of their dime which is exactly what they do during the All The Money Can Buy quest.

You will be asked to accompany Walter to Neon so he can close a business deal with a dealer to obtain another artifact. You will need to make sure that the security is airtight and the deal goes smoothly.

After the deal is closed, it is also your responsibility to bring back both Walter and the Artifact safely while dealing with Stayton Aerospace as well as Emissary.

7. Starborn

The journey to get the artifact safely from Neon to New Atlantis that started in All That Money Can Buy continues in Starborn as well.

The moment you are about to head home, a strange-looking ship will stand in front of you. The ship is called the Helix and is unlike anything you have seen in the Settled Systems before.

You can either attack them, surrender the artifact, or power up the Grav-Drive and escape. Your best bet is to avoid getting attacked and escape.

Once you are back home safely, discuss everything with the rest of the crew and put the artifact in its rightful place.

8. Further Into the Unknown

No matter the difficulties, as a member of the Constellation, the hunt should not come to a halt. Talk to Vladimir which will trigger the Further Into the Unknown quest.

He will name two planets where you need to look for more Artifacts. The names might differ for everyone but the objective remains the same.

Visit both planets and while you are extracting the Artifact, you will be faced with a Starborn. They are humans who entered the Unity.

Both times, you will have to take care of them by any means necessary. Either kill them or Persuade them. Secure the Artifacts and bring them back to The Lodge.

9. Short Sighted

We have been going back and forth, battling enemies, and recovering artifacts, one after another. It is time to slow down and do some of the more mundane tasks. That’s what Short Sighted is all about.

Constellation-Owned Space Station, The Eye needs some repair work. Several people are working and they require your assistance.

Sam Coe with welding, Barret with Software Testing, and Sarah Morgan with some wrenches. Be the saint and assist them in their duties. Report back to Vladimir and be off on your next assignment.

10. No Sudden Moves

The artifacts are spread all over the Settled Systems and have also fallen into the hands of some wrong people. It is your duty to bring all of them back.

Vladimir will tell you about Captain Petrov who is a Ex-Crimson Fleet Pirate. He holds another one of the artifacts in his possession.

During No Sudden Moves, You will travel to Scow and board Petrov’s Ship. Make it to his cabin and let Barret his old companion talk him into showing you the artifact. Make a fool out of him, only to kill him and steal it. Escape the ship and return to HQ.

11. High Price To Pay

Constellation isn’t the only one after the artifacts. Starborns are also eager to get their hands on the artifacts because of reasons unknown at this point.

Collecting all of the artifacts and keeping them from falling into the wrong hands will have a High Price to Pay.

The Starborn-Hunter will first attack the Eye. You can choose to either save everyone there or hold back to secure the Lodge. Either way, Starborn is coming to the Lodge.

Once the enemy is at the gate, you need to make sure you escape with the artifacts and build an Armillary to keep them safe. The purpose of the artifacts is about to become clearer to everyone as the Constellation’s Questline progresses in Starfield.

12. Unity

Every quest brings you one step closer to the Truth. During the invasion, Hunter mentioned something about the Unity and this quest is all about unveiling the truth about it, the Starborn, and the artifacts.

The journey starts at the Sanctum of Universum where you will learn about the Pilgrim. Follow the clues to find the whereabouts of the Pilgrim.

The clues will first take you to Indum II, Pilgrim’s Rest, and then towards Hyla II. Gather all of the information, solve the constellation puzzle and you will find the exact coordinates of the Hunter’s Ship. The story might not end here but the quest surely does.

13. In Their Footsteps

In Their Footsteps is more of a conversation than a quest. During the previous part, we located Hunter’s Ship. It is now time to board it and see what the whole fuss is about. As you approach it, Hunter will contact you and invite you on his ship.

You will find both of the Starborns; Hunter and Emissary on the ship. Both want to get their hands on the Artifacts and want you to form an alliance with either of them.

You will have a conversation with both of them to find out about their motives. You can choose to leave but Emissary will give you a tip about another artifact.

14. Final Glimpses

As we approach the end of the Constellation’s Questline in Starfield, we are about to collect the last two pieces of the artifacts.

Vladimir will give you the location of both of them but you will need a special ship with the ability to make a 21LY Grav Jump. In literal terms, these are the Final Glimpses of Contellation’s questline.

The first artifact should be simple enough to retrieve but before you can get your hands on the second one, you will hear a distress signal.

Before you can finish this quest, the next one, Entangled will start and finish that before this one ends. That is the only way to go about the situation.

15. Entangled

Messing with things beyond the scope of human understanding is bound to cause problems that is what happened in the Entangled Quest in Starfield.

While you are on your way to recover the last artifact in the game you will receive a distress signal from Nishina Research Station.

Head over there and you will find that an experiment went horribly wrong and now the ship keeps alternating between two different realities.

You can fix the problem but doing so will either kill everyone or kill Rafael. That is a choice only you can make but there is a way to fix the situation by saving everyone.

Do note though that there is a third option as well where you can save everyone in Entangled.

You can change the frequencies of the Control Computers found in both realities in a way that they align once again and there is only one reality. No matter the option you pick the outcome remains the same.

Make sure to recover the last artifact from the marked planet so you can finish the previous quest as well.

16. Unearthed

Remember the artifact that Emissary told you about during the In Their Footsteps quest? In Unearthed, that is exactly what we are going to do to complete our collection of artifacts.

The last pieces can be found inside the Old Nasa Headquarters on one of Earth’s moons. Enter the facility and complete a series of objectives to get to the final spot, the Artifact.

As soon as you try to leave with it, Emissary and Hunter will again ambush you. Now you have to make a decision about if you should kill Hunter or kill Emissary. You can also choose to not go with either option and kill them both.

17. Missed Beyond Measure

When you first started off the space exploration mission with the Constellation Faction, you didn’t expect to attend funerals but here we are doing what we least expected.

During High Price to Pay, we lost Sam Coe when the Lodge got ambushed by Hunter and the other Starborns.

Sam Coe will truly be Missed Beyond Measure and it is important to give him a proper send-off. Return to the lodge and say a few words about him and his services to the Constellation. This will conclude not only Sam’s story but also this quest.

18. Revelation

The Constellation’s Questline in Starfield surely goes out with a bang. All of the effort till this point is going to finally bring fruit that you can enjoy.

During the Revelation quest, you will be engaging in a series of combat situations. With whom, depends upon the side you took during the Unearthed quest.

The side you choose will help you take down the other. Discovering anomalies, uncovering final secrets, fighting starborns, and much more action-packed content are waiting for you.

Once the dust settles down, you will be able to return to your ship to complete the Armillary and activate the artifacts to access Unity.

This is where it all ends. Countless hours of effort, Constellation’s Questline, and Starfield’s main Questline. Starfield’s Endings can be a bit confusing but it is technically impossible to make a wrong choice so let everything unfold and enjoy the ride.

Constellation exclusive rewards

Since this is a long questline, you will receive tons of credits and XP along the way. The choices you make will sometimes more or less affect the outcomes but in the end, the rewards stay the same. You can keep exploring other content side-by-side to get your hands on a shiny lot.

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