Starfield A Break At Dawn Walkthrough

In "A Break at Dawn", you serve as a relationship counselor to settle the matter between Hugo and his ex in Starfield.

Working for the UC Vanguard has its benefits as you’re the one guarding New Atlantis but sometimes it can be a bit more demanding such as working as a relationship counsellor for Hugo in the “Break at Dawn” side mission in Starfield.

The quest is merely easy but you’re required to consider the outcomes from the choice you make at the end. It won’t affect the quest but mark a lasting impression of your integrity on Hugo.

How to unlock the “Break at Dawn” mission

You need to first complete the Keeping the Peace mission for Sergeant Yumi in New Atlantis. Then wait for him to contact you again for more work. The next time he does, you will unlock “A Break at Dawn” in Starfield.

How to complete A Break at Dawn in Starfield

After receiving the prompt, head to the UC Security Building in New Atlantis and speak with Yumi. He will ask you to inspect the recent rowdy breakdown of Hugo with his ex and figure out a way to resolve the dispute and return the ring he stole from his ex.

Sergeant Yumi will then proceed to tell you the last known location for Hugo.

Head to Dawn’s Roost

Follow your quest marker and head to Dawn’s Roost by taking a train located in the Commercial District of New Atlantis.

Dawn’s Roost is a high-end restaurant where the real big shots go for dining and was also the last known location of Hugo after his dispute happened.

You need to speak with Royce here to find out where Hugo is.

Track down Hugo in the Athena Tower

Royce will tell you that Hugo is located in the lobby of the Athena Tower, an apartment complex near Dawn’s Roost.

Head over there and confront Hugo. Ask him to return the ring and he will start defending himself by explaining why he had the breakdown.

Hugo claims that his now ex was having an affair with a waiter and the ring was just a gift. This will open up two options for you to deal with Hugo.

Should you persuade or let Hugo keep the ring?

Whatever decision you make, it will not affect the end results of the A Break at Dawn side quest in Starfield. However, letting Hugo keep the ring will be the best choice in our opinion because a cheater doesn’t deserve a ring in the first place.

If you decide to persuade Hugo to hand the ring over, you can either bring it back to Yumi or pocket yourself 675 Credits by lying to Yumi and selling it off to a vendor in Starfield.

Starfield – A Break at Dawn mission rewards

Return to Sergeant Yumi after dealing with Hugo to get your rewards:

  • 2000 Credits
  • 100 EXP
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