Starfield Overdesigned Mission Walkthrough

You get to keep either the Starfleet Class-C Kepler R or Class B Kepler S.

There are only a few things that come for free, and a fully decked-out spaceship might not be what you had in mind. The Overdesigned side mission will allow you to get your hands on a Class-B or Class-C ship without any cost in Starfield. The Class-C has slight precedence over its counterpart and will require you to make some extra effort for it.


New Game Plus allows you to go through the Overdesigned quest once again if you wish to. Use the console command SetStage 00299E7A 1 if you have skipped the main storyline.

After completing No Sudden Moves, Walter Stroud will approach you for a private discussion. You will find him at The Lodge on Jemison in Alpha Centauri Star System. He will share that his starship manufacturing company, Stroud Eklund Staryard, has been in a creative rut recently.

Having experienced your troubleshooting abilities firsthand, he would like you to direct his newest project to completion. Let’s see how your choices will impact this R&D project in Starfield.

Best Choice: Should you go for Kepler R or Kepler S?

During the Overdesigned mission, you can only choose one of two ships in Starfield: Kepler R and Kepler S. Both of them require different dialogue options and objectives. So you will need to follow a specific path of choices to get the one you desire. If you are unsure which one to pick, below are some pros and cons of both ships.


Class C is the highest rank for the spaceships in Starfield. The higher the rank, the more the ship has to offer, and the more expertise it requires for handling.

Kepler R

Kepler R is the ship in Starfield known for its more storage space, combat capabilities, and excellent performance. Similarly, the Kepler R has better grav drive, shields, double crew, weapons, and fuel capacity than the Kepler S.

With all these fancy gadgets comes a lot of weight. This will hurt the overall handling and maneuverability of the ship. In terms of the overall resell value, the Overdesigned Kepler R comes on top as this is the most expensive among the bunch.

StatKepler R
Cargo Capacity3550
Shielded Capacity0
ClassClass C 24
Jump28 LY
WeaponsBAL 44

Kepler S

Kepler S is the smallest ship among the two and doesn’t require you to invest much in the Piloting Skill. This ship is the most compact option but is packed with good specs like “great engines, tons of cargo capacity, and a powerful grav drive.”

Thanks to the smaller form factor of Kepler S, this ship can handle the best among the two. Using this maneuverability, you can engage in spaceflights, but you have to add weapons since it does not come with any weapons.


Kepler R being a Class C ship requires you to upgrade your piloting skill to level 4 before you can fly it while Kepler S requires only level 3. You can make your decision based on how immediately you need the ship and on your skill level.

StatKepler S
Cargo Capacity3200
Shielded Capacity0
ClassClass B 18
Jump27 LY

How to complete Overdesigned in Starfield

Make your way to Dalvik Star Station orbiting Deepala in the Narion System after accepting Walter’s offer to start the Overdesigned quest.

After you dock your ship at Stroud-Eklund Staryard, take the first left from the hallway, and you will find the door to the meeting room with all members already waiting for you.

Speak to the project lead, Jules Degante, who will discuss the concerns of budgeting and market research. They cannot agree on a single design that keeps the Kepler project from progressing. It will be up to you to put your foot down and make some crucial decisions.

Choice: Which budget to choose in Overdesigned?

The first issue you face in Overdesigned is acquiring a budget for your project from the Board in Starfield. The choice here will set the path to the ship you want at the end.

The smaller budget will lead to the smaller Class B ship Kepler S. You will need to convince Frank to compromise on the luxurious aspect of his designs. Failing to do so will result in you getting stuck with Kepler R ship instead.

For Class-C Kepler R, it is important to push toward a higher budget to accommodate all of the team’s design. Choose the +2 green, orange, and end it with another +2 green dialogue to persuade her to go for the kitchen sink proposal successfully.


If you fail to persuade Jules to the proposal, you can still pay 100,000 Credits to cover the budget costs for Kepler R. You can either farm Credits to achieve this or settle for Kepler S.

Optional: Give feedback to the team

Jules will mention getting to know the team before you head out for Market Research.

Simply go around the table, talk to them, and give them positive feedback on their proposals. It will allow you to build good relations and further solidify your path to Kepler R Ship. You will need to critique the team’s ideas if you are aiming for the smaller Kepler S ship.

Choice: Bounty or passenger missions for market research?

Jules will ask you to take up a mission to perform market research during Overdesigned in Starfield. Head to the Mission Board outside the meeting room, where you will be offered two combat and two transportation jobs.

You must complete one bounty and one escort mission for Kepler R, anything else will lead to the Kepler S. Make sure to check if you have passenger capacity before accepting the related missions. You can view it in the bottom left corner while accepting the mission.


You can get away with only one mission as well to get the ship you desire. Passenger or cargo for Kepler S and bounty missions for Kepler R.  However, it will limit the parts you can later put on the ship, according to Jules.

Choice: Should you choose Teambuilding or Compromise?

The last hurdle you will face will be to bring the team together on one page. It is an old problem that Jules has been frustrated with, so it will be up to you to make the right decision.

Teambuilding will lead you to Kepler R, with all features included and the team happy. Choosing to compromise will make the team drop extra functionality and give you the Kepler S ship, the smaller one out of the two.

After choosing The Lodge on the Jemison planet in the Alpha Centauri System, report to Walter about completing his request. He will thank and reward you for your hard work, thus completing the Overdesigned mission in Starfield.

Completing the Overdesigned quest will reward you with a free ship in Starfield, Starfleet Kepler R, or Kepler S, depending on your choices, with 7500 Credits and 200 XP.


You can find your new ship under the ship tab in the menu. It will be automatically added to your fleet after completing the mission.

Starfield: Overdesigned mission bugs

There are a few bugs that players have encountered during the Overdesigned mission in Starfield. Let’s see how you can counter them.

Incorrect mission marker during market research

There is a rare chance your quest marker can get bugged while accepting different missions during the market research phase in Overdesigned. This will make it so the marker will lead you back to the mission console.

There is no available solution to fix this issue as of yet. You can try working around it by exiting and entering the Narion Star System again, or sleeping for a couple of days and returning to the console. If it doesn’t work reload the game or restart from an old save point.

Quest not progressing after doing several bounty missions

This bug also occurs during the market research phase where doing many bounty missions ends up with the quest not progressing forward. You can fix this by completing the “destroy a fleet” mission instead as it will count towards the bounty missions as well.


If Jules only acknowledges one mission despite you doing multiple ones, it is because of the script and not the game itself. The extra quests are counted and will contribute towards the ship in the end.

Quests not appearing on the mission board

There is a chance no quests appear on the mission board while collecting market data for Jules in Overdesigned. There is no known cause or solution for this specific glitch. It can occur if you have too many incomplete missions which makes it so no new quests show up on your mission HUD.

You can also try standard solutions like sleeping for a few days, coming back to the quest at a later time, restarting the game, or reloading an old checkpoint.

Getting locked in dialogue with Walter

One of the major bugs you can get during Overdesigned is getting locked in dialogue with Walter, even after the conversation ends. If you teleport out, you will not be able to speak with other NPCs, and killing Walter will result in no ship.

There is no official solution for this as of yet and the cause of the glitch also remains unknown. The best and only way to resolve this is to reload an old save and try the mission again.

If you don’t want to do that, you can use console commands to skip the mission entirely. For the Overdesigned quest in Starfield, use SetStage 00299E79 1000. Do note that you will only get Credits and XP without any ship through this.

To get the ship, you can spawn it and then dock with it in Stroud Eklund Staryard to add it to your fleet.

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