Starfield Overdesigned Walkthrough

You get to keep either the Starfleet Class-C Kepler R or Class B Kepler S in the Overdesigned mission of Starfield.

Overdesigned is an important side mission in the sense that you manage to get a free ship depending on your choices in Starfield.

Remember Walter Stroud who you met after joining the Constellation faction? He is a highly influential man who owns his own Starship manufacturing company.

Overdesigned is an interesting and fruitful mission that will help you get your hands on a fully decked-out ship for free.

It will not cost you any Credits but don’t be fooled as you will have to pay the price with your hard work.

Let’s look into what ships and hidden treasures Overdesigned Mission has to offer in Starfield.

How to unlock the Overdesigned mission

To unlock the Overdesigned mission, you need to complete the main quest mission A High Price To Pay in Starfield.


After Walter Stroud delivers his speech at The Lodge on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System, he may suggest that he requires your expertise elsewhere.

Speak to him after the mission is over and inquire if he has any work you can assist him with. He will then mention that his staff is in a bit of a pickle regarding their newest project so you can help out by directing it in the right direction.

After taking up Walter Stroud on his offer, your Mission HUD in Starfield will be automatically updated with Overdesigned under the MISC Tab.

How to complete Overdesigned in Starfield

Overdesigned focuses on your knowledge regarding ships where you will be aiding Walter’s R&D Team as a consultant on their designs.

There will be two ships to choose from and depending on your choices, the ship you receive at the end will differ.

The first one is Class-B Kepler S which has average capabilities to get the job done. The other one is one of the best and biggest ships in Starfield, the Class-C Kepler R.

Head to Stroud-Eklund Staryard

The first step is to head over to Walter’s Staryard, the Stroud-Eklund Staryard on Dalvik Star Station, orbiting the moon of Deepala in the Narion Star System.

After docking in take the first left from the hallway and you will find the door to the meeting room with all members already waiting for you.

Speak to the project lead Jules Degante who will mention the budgeting and market research concerns. They are unable to agree on a single design which is holding the Kepler project from progressing.

It will be up to you to put your foot down and make some important decisions while keeping the team on board with you.

Select the project budget

The first issue you will be dealing with in Overdesigned is acquiring a budget for your project from the Board in Starfield.

Jules will put forward two proposals where one will lead to the best ship on the market while the other one is within a more realistic budget range without compromising too much on quality.

For Class-C Kepler R it is important to push toward a higher budget, so you can accommodate all of the team’s design.

The smaller budget will lead to the Class B Kepler S ship for which you will have to make some compromises. Frank will be the one taking the blow as you will have to negotiate with him to give up on the luxurious aspects of his designs.

Persuade Jules (for Kepler R Ship)

If you move forward with the bigger budget or “Kitchen Sink” proposal as she likes to call it, you will need to persuade Jules why that is a better option. It will help her put forward a more convincing argument in front of the Board.

For Persuading Jules, we chose the Green option of Walter not caring much for the costs with his money. Then we went with Orange or the medium-difficulty option of completing her being a great leader.

Lastly, we went with the Green option of her being willing to see things from our point of view. It got the job done and she agreed to take on the challenge of getting the budget approved.

You will be able to skip out on the persuasion checks if you choose the more realistic, smaller budget. That is something important to consider because if you fail to persuade Jules, you will have to pay 100,000 Credits.

Persuade Frank (for Kepler S Ship)

If you manage to persuade Frank to go with a smaller budget, you are going to get the Kepler S Ship in the end. Failure here just means that you have to go with Jules and lose your chance to get the Kepler S Ship.

Give feedback to the team (optional objective)

Jules will mention getting to know the team before you head out to do Market Research.

Simply go around the table, talk to them, and give them positive feedback on their proposals. It will allow you to build good relations and further solidify your path to Class-C Kepler R Ship.

You can choose to go with any route if you are aiming for the smaller Class-B Kepler S ship.

Do market research

To do Market Research, Jules will share that the ship can be either a single-purpose or multi-focused one depending on the missions you will take.

Head to the Mission Board outside the meeting room where you will be offered two combat and two transportation jobs.

For Class-C Kepler R, you must complete 2 bounty missions and anything else will lead to Class-B Kepler S.

After completing the missions, report back to Jules who will mention that there is still some discord among the members.

Should you choose Teambuilding or Compromise?

The last hurdle you will face will be to bring the team together on one page. It is an old problem that Jules has been frustrated with so it will be up to you to make the right decision.

Teambuilding will lead you to Class-C Kepler R, with all features included and the team being happy.

Choosing to compromise will make the team drop extra functionality and will give you the Class-B Kepler S ship, the smaller one out of the two.

Report back to Walter after choosing The Lodge on the Jemison planet in the Alpha Centauri System about the completion of his request.

He will thank and reward you for your hard work, thus completing the Overdesigned mission in Starfield.

Should you choose Kepler R or Kepler S?

If you are struggling with which ship to go with we strongly suggest Class-C Kepler R for its more storage space, combat capabilities, and excellent performance. It has everything that Kepler S offers and more. Not to mention it is among the free ships you get in Starfield.

However, Kepler R requires you to at least have heavily invested in Piloting Skill. Since it is the biggest ship in the game, it’s fair you need to be skilled to steer it.

If that is not your forte and the compromises on storage don’t affect you that much Kepler S can be the right choice for you thanks to its smaller form factor.

Starfield – Overdesigned mission rewards

Completing the Overdesigned Side Mission will reward you with the Starfleet Class-C Kepler R or Class B Kepler S depending on your choices with 7500 Credits and 200 XP in Starfield.

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